15 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Right Now

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ideas to make extra money

Making some extra cash could be difficult sometimes, yet it’s very feasible. As someone who is not generating enough income, you need to learn how to make extra money while continuing with your main income stream.

To make extra money and boost your income, you must engage in one or two profitable occupations aside from your main job or business. Once you start making extra money, you will be able to save and plan for the future without fear.

This post will delve into numerous ways to make extra money. With the strategies discussed here, you don’t need to be too intelligent, tech-savvy, or invest any cash to make extra money.


How Can I Make Extra Money?

You can make money by working multiple jobs, starting a small business, or venturing into freelancing. When it comes to freelancing, you could even make more money than your paycheck.

Although it’s not always easy to increase your cash flow, it’s something you can pull off when you make the right decisions in doubling your stream of income.


How Can I Earn Extra Money On The Side?

You can make extra money on the side by selling stuff online. You could make beautiful crafts and sell them, or you can sell simple services online such as article writing and proofreading. Signing up on freelance platforms like Fiverr will help you achieve this.

If you don’t have anything to sell, you can become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate markers help other individuals or companies to sell their products online and earn commissions for every successful sale.


Why Is It Important To Make Extra Money?

Making extra money makes you financially stable and independent. If your job is not bringing in enough money, you need to develop ideas to make extra money. With the extra money you generate, you can achieve certain money goals, save, and also plan for your retirement.

More importantly, you would live a happier life because you’re not lacking money. You should know by now that lack of money or poverty is the common cause of unhappiness. So if you want to stay happy and have peace of mind, do everything within your power to master how to make extra money.


What Happens When You Don’t Make Extra Money?

When you don’t make extra money, there’s a chance that you will run into debt. People incur debt when they don’t have enough money to cover their expenses and financial goals.

On the other hand, if you don’t make extra money, you may end up living paycheck to paycheck, especially when your salary is not much.

Living paycheck to paycheck is a terrible way to live life, and you won’t be able to grow your income or achieve anything significant. Hence, you must avoid living paycheck to paycheck by generating extra income.

ways to make extra money


15 Ways To Make Extra Money

Making an extra $300 – $500 could be a game-changer for you. In fact, it’s possible to make extra thousands of dollars when you devote your spare time to the right job or business.

If you want to learn how to make extra money as soon as possible, here are 15 feasible ways to make it happen.


1. Start A Blog Or YouTube Channel

Millions of people worldwide make thousands of dollars monthly as YouTubers or Bloggers. If you have a YouTube channel with at least 50,000 loyal subscribers, you will generate a minimum of $5000 in a month.

This is possible because you can make extra money by selling affiliated products via your channel, aside from your YouTube Ad Revenue. There’s no denying that this is one of the reliable ways to make extra money online.

When it comes to blogging, you could make a lot of money as well. You just need to make sure your blog reaches a large number of frequent visitors so that you can make money from your Ad revenue.


2. Become A Dog Sitter

Becoming a dog sitter might seem like a boring job; however, you can make a significant amount of money monthly by doing this. The key is to work for as many clients as possible.

Depending on the client, you can earn as much as $10 per hour of dog sitting. For a side hustle, this is not bad at all.


3. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Selling unused gift cards is one of the common ways people make quick cash in the United States. You don’t need to know many people or be tech-savvy to succeed while doing this.

All you need to worry about is how you can locate the right target audience for your market; that is, the people that are willing and ready to buy your gift cards.

You can find clients on social media or leverage digital marketing to make it easier for you. If your knowledge of trading gift cards is limited, make sure you speak with a couple of experts in the field so you can learn.

Trading unused gift cards remain one of the best ways to make extra money easily.


4. List Your Spare Bedroom On Airbnb

If you live in a large apartment and have a spare room, you can easily list your spare room on Airbnb and rent it out. Depending on how comfortable the room is, you could be making a few hundred dollars or more every month, and this is one of the common ways to make extra money.

But when renting out your room, make sure your tenant or flatmate is a responsible individual. You wouldn’t want to bring someone who’d cause trouble in your home.


5. Sell Your Fairly Used Clothes

ways to make extra money online

Have you decluttered your closet and found clothes you don’t like wearing anymore? This could bring in some extra cash for you. As long as the clothes are not worn out, you can sell them.

Some people can’t afford brand new clothes because their income is very little. Hence, they won’t mind buying fairly used clothes from a pawn shop or from individuals.

If you can’t find anyone to buy your fairly used clothes, you can take them to a pawn shop where they can be bought.


6. Become A Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the simplest ways people earn money from the comfort of their homes, regardless of the country they are in.

As a freelancer, you must have a skill you offer to clients (individuals or companies) online. It could be writing, video editing, graphic design, website design, voice-over, proofreading, and whatnot.

You could make thousands of dollars every month if you meet with the right clients who are ready to pay well. This is why freelancing is considered one of the best ways to make extra money from home. Amazingly, some people have made freelancing a full-time hustle.


7. Sell Your Old Phones And Electronics

If you have old electronics or cell phones that you don’t need anymore, you don’t need to worry about how to make extra money. You could sell these items as valuable commodities to people who need them.

To pull this off successfully, you may need to refurbish the items to look presentable and have perceived value. But sometimes, you may not need to refurbish or repair anything. The new owner might want to take that responsibility and purchase the items for a lesser price.


8. Become A Virtual Assistant

If you have been wondering how to make extra money from home without doing anything strenuous, you should consider becoming a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you would work for someone remotely, performing simple tasks under less supervision. To be successful in this role, you must be very organized, smart, and deliver your tasks timely. This job could become a full-time hustle if your employer pays well.


9. Trade Cryptocurrency

Trading cryptocurrencies is one of the best ways to make extra money online at the moment. The crypto industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

If you are a professional crypto trader, you can earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly. But if you want to make it a side hustle, you may not need to direct all your energy and time towards it just like the full-time practitioners.

To get started trading cryptocurrencies, you need to learn how it’s done. It would be best to look out for training and webinars, whether they are paid or free. Also, you can take advantage of numerous free courses online on how to trade crypto.


10. Online Tutoring

Still on how to make extra money, we have online tutoring on the list. The good thing about this is that it’s straightforward to venture into online tutoring. You just need to have a degree in a specific academic field to be a qualified candidate.

Websites like Tutor Me and Skooli can help you get started. You can make this a full-time job or just a side hustle. It all depends on how much time you are ready to devote to it.


11. Social Media Management

Becoming a social media manager is one of the creative ways to make extra money, especially when you are very conversant with the social media space.

As a social media manager, your primary role is to handle social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform your client uses. You’d post content, reply to comments, and apply simple strategies to grow the social media pages.

To be qualified for this job, you need to undergo a little training to learn how everything works. You can earn as much as $1500 – $2000 monthly as a social media manager.


12. Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about affiliate marketing. It’s a straightforward online business model that involves selling other people’s products virtually.

To become an affiliate marketer, you need to undergo some training and acquire a few skills like Facebook ads and copywriting. This would help you succeed because it’s a very competitive industry.

But as soon as you understand how affiliate marketing works, you will make a lot of money. It’s one of the reliable ways to make extra money from home since everything you would be doing is strictly online.


13. Create And Sell Online Courses

If you are still pondering how to make extra money online, you need to learn about creating and selling online courses. The exciting thing about having an online course is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy or super talented.

You can create a course on literally anything. If you know how to cook, sing, manage a home, take care of kids, or make beautiful crafts, you can create an online course and sell it to thousands of interested learners.

With a good online course to sell, you wouldn’t have to worry about how to make extra money. You will make passive income while you sleep.


14. Sell Stuff Online

how to make extra money online

Another tip on how to make extra money is selling things online. It is a common money-making strategy that can help you make extra dollars every month.

To make this easy, you need to sign with a leading e-commerce site like eBay where you can list your products for online customers.

If you don’t know the perfect product to sell, conduct a little market research to determine the hot-selling products that will enable you to make lots of money quickly. Once you have eyes on the right products to sell, you can get started with your e-commerce business.

To boost sales, it’s advisable to leverage digital marketing; using Facebook ads, SEO, and Google ads.


15. Build A Side Hustle Business

Sometimes, all you need to do to make extra money is think of a creative side hustle business idea.

Aside from the various ideas that have been explored in this post, you can think of a venture that can bring in some extra dollars without doing anything extreme. If you have to consult with some of your intelligent friends to develop an idea, you should do that.

Many people don’t know how to make extra money because they are obvious to the right business idea. It’s high time you started thinking about the ideal side hustle business that would transform your finances.


Final Notes On Ways To Make Extra Money

To make extra money most of the time, you must be creative and ready to try something different from what you are already used to. Besides, you would need to be hardworking as well; otherwise, you won’t thrive. Remember, you are trying to juggle multiple jobs, which requires a lot of effort and commitment.

Lastly, in trying to make extra money, it is advisable to do what you know is feasible for you; that is, doing a job or business that is in line with your strength, passion, and interest. This is the only way to stay encouraged when the hustle gets tough.


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