25 Fun Frugal Date Ideas For Couples To Save Money

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fun frugal date ideas

Going on dates occasionally with your partner is a brilliant way to rekindle the spark of love between you two. However, sometimes, couples may be discouraged to go on fun and exciting dates due to the expenses they would incur in the process. But surprisingly, there are so many frugal date ideas that are romantic, cute, and creative.

This post will help you explore the numerous date ideas that won’t consume a ton of money. If you intend to go on a lot of dates with your partner, and you can’t afford to splurge too much money, you will certainly find this piece of information pretty helpful.


What Are Some Cute Frugal Date Ideas?

Some cute frugal date ideas for couples include camping in your backyard, stargazing, and going on picnics. These are beautiful ways to connect with your partner and won’t cost you a lot of money. They are actually very cheap.


What Can Couples Do Together For Free?

Couples can decide to play board games, see a movie, or go fishing. Although these things don’t seem like traditional date experiences for couples, they are worth trying. But more importantly, they are absolutely affordable.

frugal date ideas


25 Fun Frugal Date Ideas You Have To Try

Your next date may cost you only a few bucks if you make the right decision. Here’s a compiled list of 25 date ideas that are amazingly cheap. Whether you are a married couple or you are simply getting to know each other, you should try exploring these date ideas.


Fun Frugal Date Ideas

Aside from spending quality time with your partner, going on dates should be an opportunity for you to have some fun. Here are fun frugal date ideas for couples:


1. Go For A Hike Somewhere New

Going on a hike obviously seem like a regular activity, but you could make it unique by visiting somewhere new. This can be done on a warm Saturday morning.

You and your partner should take a long walk to somewhere you haven’t been to. But of course, it should be within your town or neighborhood. During this walk, you can talk about a lot of things within and outside your relationship.


2. Pack A Picnic

creative frugal date ideas

This is one of the most popular frugal date ideas for couples. Pack a picnic and spend a few hours eating and having a nice conversation in an open space. You can do this at your local park. Mind you; the food doesn’t have to be exquisite. You can prepare sandwiches and arrange chilled sodas for a picnic. You would have a good time regardless.


3. Attend Free Local Festivals

Occasionally, there would be local festivals and other kinds of public events in your town. You can seize this opportunity to have a date with your partner. Since it’s a free event, you won’t have to spend any money.


4. Visit A Cheap Movie Theatre On Discount Nights

romantic frugal date ideas

If you are a fan of movies, you should see a film with your partner sometimes. You don’t have to visit a fancy mall and cinema where you’d spend tens of dollars to watch a single film. If there’s a cheap movie theatre within your town, you can visit there on discount nights. This means you would see the movie of your choice without spending a lot of cash.


5. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Spending time with animals is just adorable. If your date is a lover of animals, you two can volunteer to work at an animal shelter for a few hours (maybe on the weekend). You can build a healthy bond by looking after beautiful animals.

The best part is that you aren’t even spending money to do this. You are actually volunteering to work for free. Your help will be much appreciated.


6. Go Camping In Your Backyard

As kids, camping is something we often look forward to enjoying with our friends or even family members. As a couple, you can go on camping as well. You don’t have to travel anywhere. If you have a spacious backyard where you can set up a tent and prepare a bonfire, you are good to go. This isn’t supposed to cost you any money. It’s one of the best frugal date ideas for couples.


7. Try Stargazing

cheap frugal date ideas

Stargazing is one of the cheap frugal date ideas to explore, especially if you are a young couple. Staring up and counting the stars is such a beautiful activity.

You are simply appreciating the wonders of the universe, and this can create the perfect atmosphere for you and your partner to connect with each other. You can stare at the stars in your backyard. You don’t have to spend money going on a trip to do it.


8. Play Board Games

If you are a fan of board games, you should express your skills by playing some games with your date during the weekend. You can make this more fun by spurring interesting conversations while you two enjoy the game. Mind you, ensure your partner is also interested in playing board games, otherwise, you would be boring them.


9. Have A Movie Night At Home

If you don’t fancy going to the movies, you can arrange a movie night at your home. This can even be more fun since you will feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own space. You should prepare some snacks and get drinks before inviting your date over. Moreover, you can ask your date to pick the movie you both want to see on that fateful evening.


Cute Frugal Date Ideas

If you need some of the best cute frugal date ideas for couples, you should explore the ones below:


10. Visit A Waterfall

The waterfall is such a beautiful sight. Imagine holding hands with your date and watching the massive rush of water pour down. It’s also an incredible way to enjoy one of nature’s wonders.

Remember, you won’t have to spend so much money to go on a date like this. As long as you can afford the fare that would take you to the destination, that’s almost all the cost you need to worry about.


11. Tour A Museum

Every museum contains several relics and incredibly-rare items that share historical stories one should learn of. Taking your date to a local museum would be cute and exciting as well. This is an affordable date idea and could be a very memorable experience for you both.


12. Go Swimming

You may not have fantastic swimming skills, but you can definitely go on swimming dates. This should be a lot of fun, especially if your date enjoys swimming. Swimming dates can help you two free your minds and enjoy each other’s company.


13. Visit A Local Vineyard

Although this is not something that happens every day, it’s one of the romantic frugal date ideas you should try. It’s important you know the origin of your favorite bottles of wine.

If there’s a grape plantation (vineyard) within your neighborhood or town, you can pay a visit with your date. You would be spending quality time with your partner and also learning certain things about wine production.


14. Decorate Your House

If you are a married couple, one of the best frugal date ideas you should try is decorating your home. Of course, this seems like “work” rather than a fun or cute activity. However, you two can make it fun by focusing on the outcome of your house by the time you must have completed the decoration. Besides, this is an opportunity to learn teamwork and understand each other better.


15. Create A Bucket List

Creating a bucket list of things you would like to do together as a couple is an amazing idea. It’s one of the frugal at home ideas for married couples.

Before your retirement, there are certain things you would want to do with your partner. You two should sit down, talk about these things, and create a bucket list of them. You won’t even spend a cent to do this. You can create a bucket list in your living room with a pen and paper.


16. Try A New Cooking Recipe

Cooking as a hobby doesn’t really mean you have to be a good cook. You can be a lousy cook and still want to jump into the kitchen at every given opportunity. This also means you don’t need to be a good cook before you can try new cooking recipes with your partner.

In fact, it can be more enjoyable when you aren’t an amazing cook. You two would be a little bit anxious about the outcome of your cooking experiment in the kitchen.


17. Go Fishing

Although the traditional American family believes fishing is often between a father and a son, couples can also go fishing. It’s one of the frugal outdoor date ideas for couples. Imagine spending hours with your partner waiting to see whose hook picks the first fish. It’s actually fun.

But more importantly, there’s plenty of time to talk about a lot of things concerning your relationship while you two sit at the edge of the river for hours.


Creative Frugal Date Ideas

Sometimes, you might be able to impress your partner when you are being creative with the kind of dates you go on. Here are some creative frugal date ideas you should be acquainted with:


18. Create A Music Playlist And Listen Together

Music is a universal language, which simply means that music appeals to everyone even if they don’t understand the wording of the song they are listening to. You can create a playlist together with your date and listen afterward. This will help you know the kind of songs your partner likes. To make it more fun, do this over food and drinks.


19. Make Homemade Cookies Together

This is one of the frugal indoor date ideas you should know. Try preparing cookies at home. But this time, don’t do it all by yourself. Invite your date over to your house. You two can learn the recipe and bake the cookies from start to finish. The snack doesn’t have to come out perfect. What matters is that you have spent time together as a couple.


20. Sing Karaoke

Just as you might enjoy hosting movie nights, you can also organize a karaoke night at your house, just between you and your date. Prepare a list of some of your favorite songs and sing along with them. This is definitely a creative and fun way to spend time with your partner.


21. Attend A Sporting Event

Attending sporting events as a couple is one of the reliable frugal date ideas to save money. This makes more sense when your date is even more interested in the game than you are. It means you two will have a good time watching the game together without anyone getting bored or tired.


22. Test-Drive Your Dream Car

Test-driving is certainly not one of the conventional frugal date ideas you are expecting to learn of. However, this is something that should even be written on your bucket list.

Test-driving your dream car is actually an exciting way to give your date a free ride in an exquisite vehicle for free. After all, you are simply testing the car, not purchasing it.


23. Go To An Open Mic Night

An open mic night is one of the frugal date ideas for couples. You may not have to pay for any gate fee as long as you’d buy drinks (if it’s hosted in a bar).

Apart from the fact that this is a cheap date idea, it’s also a creative way to see how musically talented your partner is. Ensure they are called upon to the stage to sing one of their favorite songs. They might be shy at first, but don’t forget you two are simply having fun.


24. Visit A Public Garden

Volunteering at an animal shelter or going to see the waterfall aren’t the only ways to admire nature with your date. You can also visit a public garden.

Enjoy the beautiful sightings and remember to take pictures of yourselves to immortalize the experience. Since you aren’t spending much money to do this, it’s one of the frugal date ideas you should know.


25. Enjoy A Concert In The Park

Aside from attending an open mic night or having karaoke at home, another fantastic way to enjoy a musical experience with your partner is by attending a concert in the park. Usually, this concert might be free or attract a small gate fee. But the bottom line is that you won’t be spending much money. You can watch talented upcoming artists showcase their musical prowess.


Final Thoughts On Frugal Date Ideas For Couples

These frugal date ideas briefly discussed above are some of the best ways to have a nice time with your partner without breaking the bank. In fact, some of these cheap dates are actually more enjoyable than the expensive dinner nights you’d like to have at fancy restaurants.

Notwithstanding, before asking your partner to any of these frugal dates, ensure they would love the idea. For example, you shouldn’t take your date to a sporting event when you know they never liked sports.


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