31 Cheap Date Ideas For Teens That Are Fun-Packed

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date ideas for teens

Love is a beautiful thing when you don’t have to spend a ton of money to impress your partner. As a teenager, you can’t afford to go on expensive dates. Even if you have a job, you are probably not earning enough money to spend over a grand on a single date. Hence, you need to explore many cheap date ideas for teens.

Teenagers who are creative and frugal enough can always have romantic and exciting dates without spending money unnecessarily. Since you are interested in learning about these cheap date ideas for teens, this post will inform you of some of the best things you can do on a date to avoid breaking the bank.


What Are Some Cute Cheap Date Ideas For Teens?

Some cute cheap date ideas for teens include having a movie night in your sitting room and hosting a dance party at home. These are exciting things for teenage couples who can’t afford expensive dates. For example, organizing a movie night will require you to spend only a little, and all you need to do is spend some bucks on drinks and snacks.


What Can Teenage Couples Do On A Date With No Money?

Teenage couples without money can have stay-at-home dates if they want to spend some quality time together. Stay-at-home dates are usually inexpensive, simple, and less stressful. For example, you can decide to play video games with your date or spend a night stargazing in your backyard.

cheap date ideas for teens


31 Cheap Date Ideas For Teenage Couples

There are so many affordable date ideas for teens you can try today. However, remember that this doesn’t mean you won’t spend any money. You’d still spend a few bucks, but you will save more than other teenagers who go on expensive dates.


Romantic Cheap Date Ideas For Teens

If you are looking forward to spending a romantic moment with your date, here are some amazing ideas you can start exploring:


1. Go On A Restaurant Date

Going on a restaurant date might seem like an expensive activity. But surprisingly, you can visit many inexpensive restaurants and spend a little money to have a good time with your partner.

For example, if you go to Google and search “cheap restaurants close to me”, you will find numerous options. Although some of these cheap restaurants may not be exquisite, they are still presentable.


2. Go On A Picnic

Going on picnics can be an opportunity to bond with your date and get to know each other better. But more importantly, it’s one of the cheap date ideas for teens. If you know how to cook, this could be fun.

You can prepare a nice meal, get drinks, and head to a beach with your date. If you can’t cook, you can order takeout. But ensure you keep your budget.


3. Drive To See The Autumn Leaves

Sometimes, admiring nature with a loved one can be the most beautiful experience. During autumn, gigantic deciduous trees lose their leaves, and this can be an interesting sight to behold with your date. All you need to do is get some drinks and snacks and order a ride to your preferred destination where you can see autumn leaves falling off the gigantic trees.


4. Feed Ducks At A Pond

This is one of the cheap teen date ideas for young people who love animals. Feeding ducks at a pond can be an exciting activity for you and your date. You are not actually going to spend a lot of money on this type of date. You would only pay a small fee for the tickets allowing you into the game reserve. Aside from feeding the ducks, you can also check out other animals.


5. Eat Takeout By Candlelight

You don’t have to be a foodie to have this kind of date. Just order takeout (it could be snacks), get drinks, and sit beside a candlelight with your date. This can be romantic and puts you in the right mood to interact with your partner and have a good time.

You can also spice up the date by including calm songs. After creating a nice playlist with some of your favorite songs, get a Bluetooth speaker to play music while eating.


6. Make Beverages At Home

This may not be one of the conventional cheap date ideas for teens, but it’s such an enjoyable experience for teenage couples. You probably have some favorite beverages you like consuming. I’m not talking about sodas. Cocktails, hot chocolate, and milkshake are some of the common drinks you can prepare at home with your date.

If this is your first time doing this, you can start planning toward it.


7. Sing Karaoke

Music is a universal language. Almost everyone loves music even though some people prefer certain genres. You can sing Karaoke with your date while enjoying a romantic time.

You don’t have to go to a club to sing Karaoke. Your sitting room is comfortable enough to have this activity. However, this might only be convenient if your parents approve of it so that you and your date can have a splendid musical experience from the comfort of your home.


8. Binge-Watch A New Show

Sometimes, it’s exciting to catch the first episodes of the latest shows on TV. If there’s a show you are looking forward to watching, you can have a nice time with your date during the show’s premiere. Remember that you don’t have to visit the cinema to binge-watch a new show. Platforms like Netflix, Apple TV+, and HBO Max host hundreds of new shows occasionally.


9. Go On A Beach Date

Beach date is one of the cheap teenage date ideas that will save you some money. Moreover, visiting the beach with your date is quite romantic.

You can go with some food or decide to buy a nice treat when you get to the beach. However, if you do not have a beach in your city, you should explore other cheap date ideas. It’s always better to go on a date without having to travel a lot of distance.


10. Try Berry Or Apple Picking

This looks like some old-fashioned way of spending time with your date. But if you care about nature and want to save money, you will consider this a fantastic cheap date idea for teenagers.

Picking berries or apples doesn’t mean you are less privileged or poor. Instead, it shows how much you care about nature, and it also suggests that you’re a humble individual.

Besides, you don’t have to eat the fruits you’ve picked. You can donate them somewhere. The most important thing here is spending some quality time with your partner while picking beautiful fruits.


Exciting Cheap Date Ideas For Teens

You can still have an exciting experience with your date without spending a ton of money. Here are some exciting cheap date ideas that you should be acquainted with:


11. Go Bowling

This might not seem like a perfect date idea for you, but you need to explore the classic sometimes. Going bowling with your date is an amazing way to have fun while spending less money.

Remember that you don’t need to know how to play the game skillfully. Even as an amateur, you can indulge in some friendly competition with your partner. After the game, you can round it off with some burgers and fries at the cafe.


12. Visit An Animal Shelter

Spending time with your favorite animals is one of the exciting cheap dates for teens. For example, taking your date to spend time with some cute puppies is a creative way to express love and have fun together. In fact, if you notice your partner is an animal lover, you should make this a date.

On the other hand, this visit will also make the animals happy too. Most times, rabbits, dogs, cats, or cattle love human company.


13. Go To An Arcade

Regardless of your age as a teenager, you can’t stop liking arcades. You can express your great humor by taking your date to an arcade. Spend time playing your favorite games such as hockey and skeeball. Having a brief competition with your date while playing any of the games makes the romantic experience even more enjoyable.


14. Have Some Carnival Fun

Visiting carnivals or a fair is another exciting option when considering going on a date. They don’t cost much and are usually filled with lots of fun. Most carnivals or festivals have a variety of food stalls, street performers, music, and many more exciting things to make you have a good time.


15. Visit The Mall

Although the mall seems like a regular place anyone can visit, you can take your date there if you want to cut down on costs. Besides, there are so many exciting things to see at a mall. You could play games, see a movie, or try some nice food you haven’t eaten in a long time.

Going to a mall is completely free. You only get to spend money when buying anything from the vendors within the mall.


16. Go To A Concert

If you are a music lover, this is one of the best cheap date ideas for teens. From time to time, different artists, including your favorite musicians, hold concerts. If there happens to be a concert in your city, you can seize the opportunity for a date.

As long as you can conveniently purchase the tickets, it would be a fun-filled experience. You would get to see famous celebrities and listen to live music.


17. Go Ice Skating

When it comes to cheap date ideas for teenage couples, this is one of the most common and exciting activities many teenagers love. Your partner could like it too if you introduce the idea. You don’t even have to be great at skating. Each time you fall, you can help each other up. This can build a bond and help you enjoy a romantic time as a teenage couple.


18. Try Biking

Biking is an exciting activity for most teenagers. You can try biking with your date on a Saturday morning, especially during summer. While riding your bikes slowly, you can discuss and get to know each other better. The good thing about this idea is that you won’t have to spend a cent on the date. It’s completely free.


19. Go On A Coffee Shop Date

Coffee dates might seem like what’s meant for grown adults, but it’s also cool for teenagers. If you love consuming coffee, you can spend some time with your date in a fancy coffee shop. You don’t have to visit Starbucks. We all know that’s the most expensive coffee maker in the United States. Look for somewhere cheaper yet convenient. It will save you a lot of money.


20. Enjoy Live Comedy

If you think attending music concerts is not a good idea, you should consider attending a comedy club. Everyone loves comedy. Everyone loves to laugh and stay happy. You can have a nice time with your date by taking them to a live comedy event. It could be a comedy club where several stand-up comedians are called upon to perform.


Stay At Home Cheap Date Ideas For Teens

You don’t always have to leave your home to have a date. In fact, staying at home obviously saves you money. Here are some fantastic stay-at-home cheap date ideas for teens:


21. Play Video Games

Although not everyone enjoys playing video games, this can be an exciting date idea for your next date. If you have a PlayStation or Xbox at home, you can invite your date over to your house to play some games.

You can order takeout or get some drinks to make it more interesting. Besides, while playing video games, you can still have romantic conversations.


22. Make Sushi Together

This is another superb option to consider when exploring different stay at home cheap date ideas for teens.

Instead of bugging your mind about a nice place to go with your date, You can make sushi together at home. All you need to do is get the ingredients ready and master the recipe. After preparing your sushi, you can have a good time by pouncing on the food.


23. Have A Pajama Party

You have probably had a pajama party with your friends while in middle school. But have you thought about having a pajama party with your date?

Actually, this sounds a little bit awkward, yet many teenage couples do it occasionally. Invite your date over for a pajama party and organize some interesting activities both of you can indulge in while the evening lasts.


24. Have A DIY Date

It would be fun to have a little DIY project with your date. Do you intend to repaint your room, repair your personal gadgets, or fix your bike? Invite your date and spend some time together executing the DIY projects.

This may not be one of the romantic cheap date ideas you look forward to having, but it can be your only chance to show how hardworking and creative you are.


25. Make Fancy Cocktails

Why do you have to go to a crowded bar with your date when you can prepare your own fancy cocktails from home?

You can save time and money by learning how to mix your favorite cocktails at home. It’s best you do this in the evening since that’s the same time people head to the bar. To impress your date and make the evening special, you can get dressed like an actual bartender.


26. Go Camping In Your Backyard

If you have a spacious backyard, you can camp on a cool evening with your date. Grab some cozy clothing, make a bonfire, and roast marshmallows. You can tell stories or reminisce on your favorite memories together. You will spend little or no money to organize camping like this, and that’s why it happens to be one of the free date ideas for teens.


27. Play Scrabble

Scrabble is an exciting game, especially for teenagers who love to play around with words. If your date seems like a nerd or someone who would be interested in this game, you can invite them over to your house to play scrabble. Grab a burger or get snacks to make the gaming experience more entertaining.


28. Have A Dance Party

Even if you are a bad dancer, you can have a dance party with your date. It’s one of the inexpensive date ideas for teens you need to try soon. Create a nice playlist by compiling your favorite songs, getting drinks, putting on a nice outfit, and having a nice time with your date. This can be romantic, especially if you choose the right song on your playlist.


29. Create A Bucket List

If you don’t have money to go on an expensive date, you can create a bucket list with your partner instead.

There are some things you want to acquire or experience in your life. Make a list of those things. You can also create a bucket list of the places you’d like to visit as a couple. This is an activity you can do from the comfort of your home while sipping wine or soda.


30. Watch Movies And Shows

You don’t always have to take your date to the cinema to watch your favorite moves and shows. Thanks to platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+, you can effortlessly watch almost any movie or show from your bedroom. All you need is a smartphone or tab that’s connected to the internet.

As one of the cheap date ideas for teens, this particular option helps you save money on movie tickets. As long as you subscribe to these streaming platforms, you can watch anytime.


31. Spend A Night Stargazing

This is not just one of the cheap date ideas for teenagers, but it’s also a romantic activity that will strengthen your bond as a couple. While staring at the beautiful stars, you can have a heart-to-heart discussion about yourselves, figuring out if you both are compatible to be in a relationship.

The best part is that you aren’t spending any money to enjoy this beautiful experience. You can spend a night stargazing in your backyard.


Final Thoughts On Cheap Dates For Teens

When you are a teenager, you don’t have the financial freedom to go on expensive dates. This is why you must be creative by coming up with cheap date ideas for teens. Thankfully, this post has listed numerous date ideas that will prevent you from sending ridiculous amounts of money as a teen. Besides, some of the dates can be memorable.


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