30 Best Cheap Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

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cheap fun date ideas

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful date experience with your significant other without having to spend a ton of money? Then, you need to explore various cheap date ideas.

Sometimes, going on expensive dates doesn’t usually guarantee that you’ll have an awesome experience together. If you want to do it for the gram, that’s fine. But if you’re simply interested in enjoying your partner’s company, then there are so many cheap ways to have a good date.

This post will share 30 inexpensive date ideas for couples who are trying to have fun or rekindle their romantic life. These ideas will help you save money as you become more frugal on your next date.


What Does It Mean To Be A Cheap Date?

To be on a cheap date means to have a romantic meeting or outing with your sweetheart without spending a lot of money. Cheap dates can help you express love, show care, and spend quality time with your partner while sticking to a tight budget.

cheap date ideas


30 Best Cheap Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

Finding various ways to stash away some extra cash in your savings account is important if you want to hit your financial goals on time. Intentionally getting used to cheap date ideas shows you prioritize your savings goals despite trying to keep the romance between you and your partner alive.

Whether you are looking for interesting ways to spend the night or just want to have fun at home, below are several cheap date ideas you’ll find helpful!


Best Cheap Date Ideas

The best date ideas sometimes don’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are some cheap activities you can do for your next date:


1. Have Brunch

cheap romantic date ideas

Having brunch is a perfect idea for couples who want to keep things calm and a bit different. This is not a traditional dinner date experience. However, it’s a great opportunity for couples to bond over meals and discuss vital things about their relationship.


2. Try A New Recipe

cheap date night ideas

Cooking together with your partner can be fun. But it becomes even more interesting when you both are trying to prepare a meal with a new recipe.

Whether you’re baking an apple pie for the first time or making Italian pasta, cooking something is a brilliant idea for a cheap date.


3. Take A Class Together

Learning something new as a couple is a great way to show that you’re in support of improving each other’s knowledge. You can attend a sip-n-paint class, have a music lesson, or even watch tutorials on YouTube. It’s easily one of the best cheap date ideas for couples.


4. Recreate Your First Date

One of the best ways to rekindle your romance is by going back to where your journey started as a couple. Go to the same restaurant you visited the first time. Watch the movie you had seen together at the start of your relationship. These little things can make your love new again.


5. Go To An Exhibit

Have you ever been to an exhibit, an aquarium, or a museum with your partner? It’s time to create that experience. Besides, these outings are usually inexpensive.


6. Learn To Dance

Dancing is one of the cheap date ideas for married couples you should not skip. If you think going to a dancing class isn’t a great idea, then you can find some free dancing videos on YouTube and learn some new steps at home. You may not be a perfect dancer, but you’ll sure have fun doing this with your love.


Cheap Fun Date Ideas

Do you want to enjoy a time of fun without splurging money on dates? Here are some cheap date ideas for you:


7. Check Out A Pet

You don’t have to buy a pet. Just have fun together watching the cute animals stare at you in the eye. If the store allows it, you can take pictures of some pets as well.


8. Head To A Drive-In Movie

Let’s include this idea here since we aren’t talking about the usual dinner or movie date. Watching an interesting movie on a large public outdoor screen with other people would be fun. If you need a location near you, go to driveinmovie.


9. See A Concert

When was the last time you saw your favorite band or artist perform live? Find a concert and go enjoy some live music with your partner. It’s one of the cheap fun date ideas to save money.


10. Go Camping

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A lot of us went camping with our parents as kids. It is usually a fun-filled experience for everyone. You can pitch your tent in the backyard and spend some time alone outdoors.

Telling stories, reading books, or watching movies from your PC are some of the ways to make camping more interesting.


11. Go To An Amusement Park

cheap date ideas for couples

It’s impossible to visit an amusement park and not have fun. Pack some junk food and have a good time in the open space.

Sometimes you don’t have to do any special activity. You can have fun watching people at the park go crazy. This is one of the cheap date ideas for couples who want to spend time outdoors.


12. Have A Couples’ Playtime

You can make this as interesting as you want because you get to make the rules. Find any random activity (maybe a game) that you think is fun and just do it. You don’t even have to leave your home most of the time.


Cheap Romantic Date Ideas

Sometimes all you need is one good date to rekindle the romance in your relationship. Here are some cheap romantic date ideas you should know:


13. Go Skating

An indoor skating rink can be a cool place to fall in love with your sweetheart again. Have a fun date night as you grab each other’s hands and glide in a beautiful and romantic way.


14. Go Hiking

Walking in the countryside for pleasure or sport is one of the romantic cheap date ideas you should try as a couple. You get to spend some time alone together and exercise your bodies as well.


15. Write Love Letters

Now this is romantic! You know how much you love your partner and all the amazing things you plan to do for them. Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and hand it to them as they sit in from of you. They can do the same, too.


16. Take A Scenic Drive

Drive into the country and admire all the beautiful houses and landmarks you find on your way. It’s one of the romantic ways to spend some quality time with your partner.


17. Visit A Botanical Garden

Watching how wonderful and mind-boggling nature is can be a great way to remind yourself of your partner’s amazing qualities.

In a botanical garden, you’ll find a variety of beautiful plants and learn about the various purposes they serve.


18. Fun Photo Shoot

This is another inexpensive way to be romantic with your partner.

Photos can hold important memories, allowing you to sometimes go back in time and reminisce on certain events. Capture the present with your lens now.


Cheap Date Night Ideas

There are so many ways to have fun with your partner at night without breaking the bank. Check out these unique cheap date ideas to spice up your evening:


19. Have A Video Game Night

Do you have a PlayStation at home? Invite your date over for a splendid gaming experience. Playing video games is a great idea if you want to bond and have fun at the same time.


20. Have A Movie Night

Select one or two classic films you can watch with your date at night. You don’t need to go to the movies since you’re looking for ways to cut down on costs. Don’t forget to gather some drinks and popcorn before the movie starts. It’s one of the best cheap date night ideas at home you both will love.


21. Have A Sundae Night

Don’t you want a tasty treat for the night? Find all the ingredients to make some delicious ice cream sundaes to enjoy yourselves on a beautiful and calm evening.


22. Surprise Dinner

As a married couple or couple who has moved in together, this is one of the best cheap date ideas your significant other would love. Prepare a delicious meal before they get back from work to surprise them.


23. Watch The Sunset

There’s no time I watch the sunset that I don’t marvel at the wonders of the universe. The sunset is such a beautiful sight to behold. Do this occasionally with your partner.


24. Go Bowling

How many pins can you knock off when you roll down the ball? There’s only one way to find out—go to a bowling alley with your date. It’s one of the cheap date night ideas for couples to have fun at night.


Cheap Date Ideas At Home

If you think you need to leave your home all the time just to have a good date, then maybe you don’t have enough ideas yet. Here are some interesting cheap date ideas at home:


25. See A Scary Movie

Do you want to try something a little bit weird? Find a spooky movie on Netflix and watch it with your date. Of course, you may not be a big fan of horror and other similar genres of films. But watching a scary movie has a way of putting you on the edge of your seat. It can be fun most times.


26. Work On A Puzzle

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to exercise your brain a little. Work as a team to solve a difficult puzzle at home.

The good thing about working on puzzles is that when you eventually put all the pieces together, you feel accomplished and proud. It’s like successfully completing a tough challenge.


27. Go Through Old Photos

This looks like one of the casual cheap indoor date ideas you may find boring. But that’s not true.

Checking your old photo album is an amazing way to travel down memory lane. Reminiscing on the wonderful experiences you’ve had together as a couple can make you appreciate the present even more.

As a married couple, you can look at your wedding photos or photos of your kids as babies.


28. Write A Poem

It’s time to display your literary skills even if you have never written a poem before.

There are so many things you love about your partner. Pen down these things in a poetic way and remind them how you feel. Don’t forget words are powerful and can be stuck with us forever. Write your love a poem today.


29. Board Game Night

One good way to enjoy each other’s company at home is by jumping into some competition. Pull out the board games and see who wins the most rounds. To make this game night more interesting, you can prepare a little reward for the winner.

The last time I played board games with my spouse, we placed chocolate bars on the table as the grand prize. This is one of the cheap date ideas to have fun at home.


30. Listen To Throwback Records

Just as staring at old photos makes you remember some sweet memories, listening to classic songs can make you remember the good old times, too.

Are you a fan of RnB, Hip-hop, Reggae, or funk music? Go find some of the old records you used to enjoy. Thankfully, now that we have various music streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music, it’s very easy to find any throwback song with your smartphone, no matter how old.


Final Thoughts On Best Cheap Date Ideas

Going on dates is a tradition for many couples, especially the married ones. Some couples go on dates a certain day of every week or once a month. Now, it will be difficult to keep this tradition alive if you have to spend a ton of money each time you go on dates.

This is why you need to know a lot of cheap date ideas that will enable you to stick to your budget and spend quality time with your partner or spouse. The ideas discussed in this post will help you do just that.


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