Dog Walking Jobs: 12 Ways To Get Paid To Walk Dogs

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Getting paid to walk dogs is one of the simplest things anyone can do to make money on the side. Although many people consider it a side job, you can turn it into a full-time occupation, making enough money to pay your bills conveniently.

Besides, dog walking jobs are not difficult to find. You could take a walk to your local park, and you’d find a few dog owners who might need someone to look after their pets. However, if you want the best dog walking jobs, you probably won’t find them at your local park.

Hence, my major goal in this post is to discuss some of the most legit companies where you can get paid to walk dogs. On the other hand, if you want to establish your own dog-walking business without working directly under anyone, I have also prepared a piece of insightful information to help you achieve that.


What Is A Dog Walker?

A dog walker is someone hired by dog owners to walk their dogs on their behalf. This can be during the day when the owners of these pets would be at work or even in the evenings when they are engaged in important activities.


What Does A Dog Walker Do?

A dog walker doesn’t simply walk dogs and get paid afterward. Dog walkers are usually responsible for planning walk routes, checking the dog’s health, and ensuring the dog doesn’t do anything unsafe.

Occasionally, the dog owner could give more specific instructions that you are expected to adhere to while walking the dog.


How Much Do Dog Walkers Make?

A dog walker makes $2,962 every month on average. Notwithstanding, you can make more than the average salary if you put in more energy and time to walk more dogs or get hired by rich clients who pay more than the usual hourly rate.


How To Become A Dog Walker

Finding dog walking jobs is not difficult, especially in most urban and suburban areas. During summer, even teenagers make money doing this. But in order to get high paying dog walking jobs, you have to employ a different approach.

What this means is that instead of trying to get clients on your own, you can work with a dog-walking agency. A dog walking agency has a structure that allows you to easily make money consistently by working with various dog owners.

More importantly, working formally under an agency may require you to get some training and certification in dog walking. This is important since clients will need to trust you with their pets. They need to be sure you’re a professional who would keep their dog safe and well-behaved.

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12 Best Dog Walking Apps & Websites To Make Money

If you have been trying to figure out how to get a dog walking job, look no further. I have compiled a list of 12 legit apps and sites that offer job opportunities to people who want to make money walking dogs. Here you go:


1. PetBacker

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PetBacker is one of the biggest networks that connects dog walkers to dog owners. It’s available in over 50 countries across North and South America, Asia, and even the Middle East. The company has a defined structure that allows you as a dog walker to grow your expertise, connection, and earnings.

Besides, badges are offered to the best-performing walkers. Apparently, the more badges you get, the more dog sitting jobs you attract. When it comes to how your earnings are calculated, PetBacker takes 25%. But as you gain experience and spend more time with the company, this commitment fee goes down to %15.


2. Steady

This is another amazing company to check out if you are looking for where to find jobs for dog lovers. Steady was launched in 2017 to help Americans who are struggling to steady their income.

This site helps you make extra income by providing job listings including dog-walking gigs. As long as you have successfully signed up as a member, you can apply for any available job. More importantly, Steady supports its members by offering more than just pet sitting jobs. You’ll find helpful financial resources, grants, and bonuses on the platform.


3. Fetch

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This is one of the oldest establishments in the dog-walking industry. It was established in 2002, helping dog owners find pet lovers who would look after their dogs for a couple of bucks.

Currently, Fetch operates with local franchise owners across the United States. To work with this company, you must first fill out an online application form and allow a quick background check to be completed. You’d also need to be interviewed by the local franchise owner you want to work for.

Although getting started with Fetch isn’t easy, it’s one of the best options for locals looking for dog walking jobs.


4. Wag

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Due to how popular this app is, it’s often called “the Uber for dog walking.” It’s available in over 8,000 cities across all 50 states in America.

To join the company, you must pass an assessment test on pet care and safety. Like most brands, Wag! also carries out background checks on all applicants. But as soon as you’re eligible for dog walker jobs on Wag!, you have the opportunity to create your own schedule. Hence, this could be a perfect side hustle.

You will also receive your earnings once a week via the Payable app. However, one major downside to working with this company is the huge commission they take from your earnings (%40).


5. Rover

Rover is one of the best websites to find dog walking jobs. Providing services to over 1 million pet owners across the US, this platform is pretty legit and reliable. As a dog walker with Rover, you won’t struggle to get gigs since there are so many Americans constantly visiting the site to hire someone.

To join Rover, sign up and complete a background check. This usually costs around $25, but as soon as the background check is completed, you can start walking dogs to make money.

The site allows you to set your schedule and withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account 2 days after completing a gig.


6. is not only focused on pets. They provide care services for seniors and children. But due to over 35 million members on the platform, there are enough opportunities for dog walkers.

To start your application, you’d submit your zip code and pass a background check. When the company accepts you, you can make money dog walking.

Mind you, requires a membership fee starting at $13 per month. This membership gives you access to more customers within your local area. It also promotes your profile, making it easier to land more dog walking jobs.


7. Holidog

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Holidog is available in the US, Europe, Australia, and Brazil. It’s one of the best dog walking apps to make money. The good thing about this platform is that there are no background checks. You only have to sign up, provide a few pieces of information, and set up your profile.

Another amazing thing about Holidog is that they don’t charge dog walkers commissions or membership fees. Instead, they take this money from pet owners who use the platform to hire people like you.


8. Pawshake

Pawshake is not officially known in America. It’s popular in countries across Europe and Asia. Application to be eligible for dog walking jobs on this platform can be demanding.

Firstly, the company only accepts %15 of applicants. Before an application is accepted, there would be a strict vetting process. Only those who successfully pass this stage would join the platform.

Also, Pawshake takes 19% of your earnings as a commission. However, the company offers insurance that covers veterinary costs in case a dog gets injured or falls ill.


9. Barkly Pets

This is one of the legit apps to find pet sitting jobs, and it’s quite popular in the US. Unlike most dog walking apps, Barkly Pets doesn’t charge a commission fee.

When you newly join the platform, you are expected to pay just $10. When you start making over $100 per month, you will have to pay a membership fee of only $8.5 per month. Since there’s no commission fee, this is a great company to start with.

Another impressive aspect of Barkly Pets is the priority for safety. They claim to have been the most safe dog-walking company in America since 2015. Dog walkers get a discount on pet first aid and CPR certification courses from the company.


10. Paway

If you are trying to figure out how to get a job as a dog walker, Paway is one of the legit apps you can trust. It’s a large network that connects dog owners with local dog walkers.

As a member of this platform, Paway provides everything you need to thrive and make money dog walking. You have access to comprehensive information to improve safety and help you avoid hazards like strays and wild animal sightings. You also get services such as poop bag dispensers and public water sources.


11. Swifto

Swifto is a well-known dog-walking company that helps dog owners to look after their pets. It’s only available in New York City and Miami. This is why the company only accepts a fraction of the applicants it regularly gets. But if you are luckily accepted, Swifto is one of the best places for you to find dog sitting jobs.

You are expected to complete a minimum of 15 dog walks each week. This means you should only apply if you can put in such an amount of work. Besides, it might interest you to know that some experienced dog walkers on Swifto handle as many as 40 dog walks per week.


12. NYC Pooch

NYC Pooch is New York City’s most loved dog walking service. Due to its reputation in the industry, this company doesn’t hire random dog walkers sending in applications. They are usually interested in experienced dog walkers. So if you are a newbie, NYC pooch may find it hard to consider your application.

However, if you happen to find dog walking jobs via this platform, bear in mind that you’ll make a significant amount of money. Experienced dog walkers with NYC Pooch make up to $76,000 annually.


How To Start Your Dog Walking Business

Aside from looking for dog walking jobs, starting your own business in this industry is another profitable way to make money. Here are five major steps for starting a successful dog-walking business in the US:


Create A Business Name

As soon as you’ve decided to establish your own brand as a dog walker, the first thing you should do is figure out a business name. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a trivial assignment. The name of your dog-walking business needs to be attractive to prospects. It should be playful and catchy.

Also, your name doesn’t have to be very specific to the dog-walking niche. It could be relevant to pets in general. This is important in case you decide to add other similar services to the business.


Understand The Market

One of the most common mistakes many young entrepreneurs owners make is starting a business without understanding the market. This is where market research comes in.

Before you invest time and money in your dog walking business, conduct some research to see how feasible the venture is. You need to know how competitive the industry is at the time you choose to start your own business.

On the other hand, you need to observe other successful dog-walking businesses. Try to learn from them by figuring out how they have navigated the market to succeed.


Structure Your Pricing

If you don’t know how to price your services, then you are not ready to start a dog-walking business. Know your competitors’ pricing and use that information to determine how much you want to charge for your services.

Mind you, as a new business in the industry, one of the ways to attract clients is by pricing your services lower than your competitors. This doesn’t mean you won’t get your profits. Just make sure your pricing is very reasonable for prospects to consider your brand.


Promote Yourself

Sometimes when I see how big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, and Facebook still advertise their business, I’m intrigued. These are some of the biggest companies in the world, yet they still promote what they sell.

For a small business like yours that is just starting, you need all the promotion you can get. Both online and offline. You can start by creating a website and social media pages. Aside from the promotional benefits, doing this makes your brand more professional. Prospects will be convinced to take you seriously.

You can also print flyers and share them when you visit public places like your local park or beach.


Obtain Dog Walking Insurance

You probably weren’t expecting this, but it’s a very crucial part of your dog-walking business. Walking dogs can be fun and exciting. But accidents happen occasionally. Dogs could injure strangers or even hurt themselves by doing something unsafe. This is why you need to insure yourself and your business.

Also, if you have someone or a few persons working for your company, make sure they are covered under a pet care policy.


Recap: Ways To Get Paid To Walk Dogs

The good thing about getting paid to walk dogs is that it’s not a one-off thing. As long as you impress your clients, you will keep getting hired. Moreover, dog walking jobs are not seasonal. You can consistently make money with this idea.

Thankfully, this post has listed some of the best companies that can help you get started with your journey as a dog walker. It’s high time you started sending those applications.


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