24 Most Fun Jobs That Pay Well

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most fun jobs that pay well

Fun jobs that pay well.

Hard work is a commendable trait. When people work hard to achieve an incredible feat, everyone wants to applaud them. But interestingly, many people would rather have fun achieving their goals than follow a route that is extremely difficult and complex.

When it comes to creating a livelihood and making money to cater to yourself, there are so many fun jobs that pay well. You don’t have to work in construction, spend long hours in a hazardous factory, or do some brain-tasking job to make a living.

My main objective in this post is simple – to show you some of the coolest jobs that pay well. You should know by now that the world is constantly changing. The typical jobs we had back in the 70s have dwindled down. You can easily find the coolest jobs that pay well these days without breaking a sweat.


What Job Makes The Most Money And Is Fun?

The job that makes the most money and is fun has to be in the entertainment industry. Jobs like acting, singing, or even scriptwriting can pay a ton of money. These jobs have made people millionaires and kiss hard work goodbye.

fun jobs that pay well


24 Most Fun Jobs That Pay Well

I have compiled a long list of fun jobs that pay well, and the best part about most of these jobs is that you don’t need to have a college degree. You don’t have to be very “smart” as well. With passion and a little bit of training, you will thrive in any of these jobs.


Fun Online Jobs That Pay Well

fun online jobs that pay well

Looking to have fun online and make money at the same time? Here are some amazing job ideas you should check out:


1. Instagram Influencer

Instagram went from being an ordinary social media platform to a money-making opportunity for millions of people. You can make thousands of dollars every month as an Instagram influencer. Your only job is to promote people’s bands or products to your followers, after which you get paid based on your agreement with the client.

The key to making money as an Instagram influencer is to have a large number of followers on the app. If you have as many as 20,000 followers, you could start attracting small business owners who want to pay for promotion.

Average Salary: $86,931


2. Getting Paid To Text People

This is certainly one of the fun online jobs that pay well. Chatting online, especially via social media, is something we all do casually. But do you know you can be paid a reasonable amount of money to text people online? No strings attached. You can literally rest in bed and make a ton of money doing this.

Not sure how to get started? Check out these 15 Easy ways to get paid to chat with lonely people.

Average Salary: $56,284


3. Social Media Management

As one of the common things people do to make money online, social media management is one of the fun jobs that pay well these days.

This job mainly involves helping small business owners to create and publish engaging content on their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Occasionally, you could be asked to run advert campaigns on these platforms as well. Your hourly wage as a social media manager is between $16 and $50.

Average Salary: $55,326


4. Online Beauty Advisor

The trend around makeup and beauty is not ending anytime soon. Several jobs have been created in the industry, including ‘online beauty advisor’. Becoming an online beauty advisor entails sharing your knowledge and tips on skincare and beauty routines.

You can work with clients locally or globally from the comfort of your home. Mind you, most of the clients you’d attract are online, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. With an hourly rate of $5-$45, it’s one of the cool jobs that pay well.

Average Salary: $38,705


Fun Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well

fun work from home jobs that pay well

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, working from home was normalized by many employers. Even to this day, a lot of people still work from their houses. Here are some fun work from home jobs that pay well:


5. Freelance Writer

This is one of the best fun jobs that pay well without a degree. If you’re good at writing, you can be hired by blogs, magazines, or newspaper companies to write quality content for publishing.

Freelance writing can help you earn a lot of money when you find big clients. But to thrive in this job, you need to be quite passionate about writing. Writing is fun when it’s something you love doing. Otherwise, you’d get tired eventually.

Average Salary: $63,235


6. Voice Over Artist

Whether you’re a male or female, voice-over artistry is a lucrative field for you. Provided you have a nice voice and a smooth accent, you can begin your career as a professional voice-over artist. Working from home, you can get online jobs from film producers, advertising agencies, podcasters, cartoonists, and more.

Voice-over artists can earn as much as $60 per hour. However, if you are lucky to get a contract with a film producer (working as a narrator), you will easily earn thousands of dollars. It’s obviously one of the fun jobs that pays a lot.

Average Salary: $51,225


7. Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is another lucrative field you can settle in, especially if you are a creative individual. After undergoing a few months of training, you can start designing flyers, Logos, YouTube thumbnails, banners, and more for clients online.

One of the easiest ways to start your career as a graphic designer is by joining a freelance platform like Fiverr or Upwork, where you can sign up, create a profile, and find potential clients.

Average Salary: $65,177


8. Stock Photographer

Becoming a stock photographer is one of the fun remote jobs that pay well. It works by selling your high-quality images online through the help of stock photo sites.

This is almost like a passive income since all you have to do is have a very large number of photos up for sale. Even in your sleep, someone could be buying your pictures and you would be getting paid.

Want to start stock photography? Check out these 19 Ways to get paid to take photos!

Average Salary: $51,473


Fun Freelance Jobs That Pay Well

Freelancers are earning good amounts of money weekly or monthly regardless of their locations. So, whether you are based in the US or not, here are some of the fun freelance jobs that pay well:


9. Virtual Assistant

If you’re someone with basic skills, you should consider working as a virtual assistant (VA) remotely. You would be assigned to manage simple office tasks like answering emails and taking phone calls.

The best thing about VA jobs is that you can work with multiple employers. Remember, it’s a virtual job. No one can tell if you are working with more than one brand. Notwithstanding, this depends on how hard-working you are.

Average Salary: $69,608


10. Chat Agent

If you don’t have problems conversing with customers and helping them solve minor problems, you could be a perfect fit for this freelance job.

By working online with a company as a chat agent, you are expected to speak with customers and receive whatever complaints they have about the products or services you represent. You are to offer support by providing solutions to these complaints. This means you need to have an in-depth understanding of the products or services you represent.

Average Salary: $62,227


11. Website Tester

This is one of the fun jobs that pay well without experience. You don’t need any skillset or wealth of experience to test the functionality of new websites and web apps.

All you have to do is answer a set of questions as you examine a site. After your assessment, you are expected to write a report or make a video conveying your thoughts about the user experience of the website. You can earn between $15-$25 per hour working for a site testing company.

Average Salary: $74,893


12. Online Moderator

This is one of the easy fun jobs that pay well. Your main responsibility as an online moderator is to coordinate online interactions in online forums and social media groups. You are expected to answer negative comments, receive queries, and settle disputes between members of the online community or chat room.

Even though AI is currently handling a lot of jobs, online moderators haven’t been displaced. The job pays around $15-$40 per hour.

Average Salary: $35,104


Fun Creative Jobs That Pay Well

Sometimes you may not know how creative you are until you start doing the right job within the creative industry. Here are some fun creative jobs that pay well:


13. Stylist

If you have eyes for fashion, you might just be a stylist in disguise. Working with fashionistas to decide what they wear is one of the high-paying jobs in the creative industry.

You can work with as many clients as possible. But the best part is you could be lucky to work with a celebrity. Actors, musicians, stand-up comedians, and models have personal stylists who help them step out with jaw-dropping outfits. If this is a job you can do, you stand a chance to make a lot of money.

Average Salary: $58,900


14. Music Reviewer

Music reviewer is one of the fun jobs that pay well. You make money by surveying and reviewing songs, movie soundtracks, instrumentals, and other related products. You are expected to present your thoughts in a carefully written report to the producers, artists, and other creators involved in the songs. However, this means you need to have ears for good music.

Slicethepie, HitPredictor, and Research.fm are some of the legit sites that hire music reviewers.

Average Salary: $66,505


15. Songwriting

Songwriting is an interesting occupation. It’s one of the fun jobs that pay 6 figures because aside from your initial payment, you could still earn royalties from a successful hit song over a long period of time.

Mind you, being a songwriter doesn’t mean you must be an artist. Songwriters are sometimes behind the scene simply creating the magic you see on the lips of music stars.

Some of the world’s biggest musicians like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Celine Dion have worked with songwriters.

Average Salary: $109,788


16. Prop Stylist

Prop stylists are responsible for setting up the aesthetics of a videography or photography set. Basically, they determine what the set looks like by choosing props and arranging them creatively to make a beautiful scene.

Fashion, food, and interior design are the major industries where you’d find jobs as a prop stylist. Besides, you don’t need a college degree to venture into this career. You just have to build an impressive portfolio by demonstrating your creativity on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Average Salary: $77,346


Fun Travel Jobs That Pay Well

Traveling is a hobby for many people. If you are interested in moving from one location to the other while working, here are some fun travel jobs that pay well:


17. Tour Guide

As a tour guide, your job is to work with tourists by informing them of the cultural and historical facts about your locality. You can also help them find their way around the town or city since they are probably coming for the first time.

Tour guides can work in museums, cruise ships, or popular venues that attract tourists.

Average Salary: $29,907


18. Flight Attendant

This is one job that keeps you on the road for a very long time. Flight attendants are charged with the responsibility of making aircraft passengers comfortable during the trip. They provide food and beverages, communicate with the passengers, and answer questions. Flight attendants also taught certain procedures for emergencies to ensure that passengers are in the best situation possible.

It’s one of the most fun jobs that pay well since you get to meet different caliber of people and travel to different destinations.

Average Salary: $69,499


19. Event Coordinator

Working as an event coordinator is one of the fun jobs that pay well. But aside from the money, you would have plenty of opportunities to travel. The job requires you to travel from one event to another, manage budgets, secure various services for the occasion, and communicate with clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the event.

Average Salary: $61,240


20. Translator

Translators can work in different industries as long as they are needed to translate one language to another. You could work in the filmmaking industry, fashion, or aviation. Sometimes you may work personally with a prominent figure. Aside from oral translation, you may be required to translate audio or text into another language that you understand.

Apparently, understanding multiple languages gives you an edge in this profession.

Average Salary: $68,944


Fun Tech Jobs That Pay Well

The tech industry can be tasking. However, some tech-related careers are fun and still lucrative. Here are some common fun tech jobs that pay well:


21. Search Engine Evaluator

This job is relatively similar to website testing. Your role as a search engine evaluator is to assess the performance or functionality of a search engine like Google.

Google is globally known and obviously the most popular search engine platform. However, many other search engines are being built in the tech industry. Occasionally, selected individuals are hired to assess these platforms to see how useful they are.

Average Salary: $57,618


22. Website Designer

Website design is certainly one of the fun jobs that pay well in the tech industry. You can earn over $150,000 yearly by designing websites for business owners. A single website can cost as much as $15,000, especially if it has a complex structure.

Website designers also make more money by managing existing websites for their clients. Maintenance contracts are usually long-term and they definitely help increase your earning every month.

Average Salary: $104,214


23. UI/UX Designer

Still on the list of high paying jobs that are fun, we have UI/UX design. This job is becoming more popular as websites and mobile apps are being developed frequently.

As a UI/UX designer, your major role is to design the user interface of an application or website. This means you would be the one to determine how beautiful, interactive, and responsive a site or app looks.

This job is fun since it involves a lot of designing and creative effort. But most importantly, there’s a lot of money to be made if you choose this as a career.

Average Salary: $65,691


24. Computer System Analyst

Another interesting job in the tech industry that pay good money is computer system analysis. Although you don’t need a formal education to be eligible for this job, you need to be trained as a computer system analyst whereby you’d be able to assess or troubleshoot computer-related issues.

Once you complete your training and earn your certificate, you can start applying for entry-level positions. The good thing about this job is that it can be fun, especially for someone who’s a nerd. Besides, you can sometimes work from home.

Average Salary: $70,411


Recap: Fun Jobs That Pay Well

It’s easier to carry out a job effectively when you’re having fun doing it. You’d barely feel any pressure or find your tasks tedious because you enjoy them. This is why I’ve recommended these 24 best fun jobs that pay well. It’s high time you forgot about chasing a boring career and do something exciting instead.

If any of these jobs look promising for you, I’d like to know what you think. You can always share your thoughts in the comments.


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best fun jobs that pay well

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