18 Best Ways To Get Paid To Shop

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best ways to get paid to shop

Everyone knows making money isn’t easy, but spending comes very easily. As much as you try to reduce your spending, there are some expenses you can’t actually avoid. This means you literally can’t stop spending money. But interestingly, imagine a situation where you get paid to shop. In this scenario, both you and the retailer win!

Although getting paid to shop looks like a sham, it’s actually possible. You can get cash-back rewards for spending a certain amount of money each time you walk into the store.

To make this even more exciting, you don’t always have to spend your own money to get paid to shop. You can become a personal shopper for different households, helping them buy groceries and getting paid for each trip you make.

The essence of this post is to show you how feasible it is to earn money shopping online and in-store. Some of the ideas you’d learn here might even surprise you, and I bet you can’t wait to find out.

Come on, let’s delve into it!


Can You Really Get Paid To Shop?

You can get paid to shop when you partner with companies that give cashback rewards for buying items through them. You can also make more money through personal shopping. This way, you are getting paid by individuals to shop items on their behalf.


How Much Money Can You Make From Shopping?

If you rely on cashback rewards alone, you won’t make a lot of money. But if you are interested in turning this into a livelihood, then you should consider becoming a personal shopper and start earning a significant amount of money daily.

Personal shoppers make almost the same as every average person. From anywhere between $11 to $25 hourly, you can work strictly as a personal shopper.

get paid to shop


18 Best Ways To Get Paid To Shop

From getting money from cashback rewards to working as a personal shopper, there are various ways to get paid to shop. Besides, when you have insight into how these different opportunities work, you’ll find yourself in a position to choose the best one for yourself.

This is why I’ve done the right amount of research to carefully list and analyze numerous proven ways to make money whenever you go out to shop.

Here are 18 options to consider:


Cash Back Apps That Pay You To Shop

Do you know you are missing out on free money when you shop without a cashback app? Using these cash rewards apps is a brilliant way of getting compensated when you shop online. Here are 3 legit cashback apps you should try today:


1. Ibotta

cash back apps that pay you to shop

Ibotta is one of the best-known apps that pay you to shop. You earn cash rewards when you shop for groceries and buy items from some popular stores.

The app works by scanning your receipt and keeping a record of all your purchases. When your cashback earnings amount to a minimum of $20, the company allows you to freely withdraw your money.

Ibotta is one of the best Cashback apps because it features thousands of retailers, including well-known brands like Walmart, Target, Dollar General, and Whole Foods Market. You can download it for free on your mobile phone or choose to use the browser extension.


2. Rakuten

get paid to shop for others

When it comes to legit cash back apps that pay you to shop, Rakuten can’t be swept under the carpet.

Previously named Ebates, this app allows you to earn rewards when you shop in various categories. It doesn’t matter if you are buying clothing, ordering takeouts, or buying household items, Rakuten always rewards your efforts. You get cashback from both online and in-store shopping.

To withdraw your cash rewards, you must have made at least $5. That’s a low withdrawal threshold compared to other cashback apps.


3. Fetch Rewards

apps that pay you to shop

If you are looking for a way to earn free money from your regular shopping trips, you should sign up for Fetch Rewards.

To get your Cashback rewards, you are expected to upload your shopping receipts not more than 14 days old. Shopping at certain retail stores will earn you more points than other brands. Do well to look out for those companies before swiping your credit card.

Once you have up to 3,000 points, you can claim your reward as cash, earning $10, $20, or $50, depending on the exact number of points you’ve amassed.


Get Paid To Shop For Others: Grocery Shopping

Not everyone has enough time to shop for groceries every week. This means there’s an opportunity for you to do grocery shopping on someone’s behalf and get paid. Here are some ways to achieve this:


1. Use Shipt

Shipt is a grocery delivery service providing earning opportunities to independent contractors.

Working with this company allows you to make around $25 per hour buying groceries for other people. The best part about using Shipt is that you can work part-time. The app offers you the opportunity to create your own shopping schedule, which allows you to focus on other activities or your main job.

For every delivery you make, you get a 5% commission and 7.5% of the order amount.


2. Work With Instacart

websites that pay you to shop

Another reliable way to get paid to shop is by working with Instacart. This company works like UberEATS or Uber. You help people deliver products they’ve ordered and then get paid weekly.

Instacart offers two opportunities for shoppers. You can either become a full-time shopper by working as an independent contractor and making deliveries with your car.

On the other, you can work as a part-time employee. You don’t need to own a vehicle when working part-time. All you have to do is shop for groceries on behalf of customers.


3. Join Peapod

Peapod is another grocery delivery service that allows you to make money shopping for others.

The company is set up to serve customers only in the Midwest and Eastern regions of the US. As a delivery driver for Peapod, you can make around $12.50 per hour for a start. You also have the opportunity to earn commissions or bonuses based on your performance.


4. Shop With Safeway

If you want to get paid to shop, don’t hesitate to shop with Safeway on people’s behalf. It’s a fast-growing supermarket chain in the US that also offers a grocery delivery service.

The company mainly hires delivery drivers to work full-time. However, they sometimes partner with Instacart to provide swifter delivery services. This is the opportunity to earn money while shopping for customers at Safeway. It’s almost the same thing as working directly under Instacart.


Ways To Get Paid As A Personal Shopper

Looking for a way to earn more money as a personal shopper? There are some opportunities you can take advantage of at the moment:


1. Walmart Personal Shopper

As of last year, Walmart predicted that its e-commerce sales would double in 2023, and it’s been happening. Currently, being a personal shopper is one of the fastest-growing job opportunities at Walmart. The company simply needs enough hands to make all timely deliveries.

Fortunately, you don’t need a vehicle to work as a Walmart personal shopper because you aren’t actually delivering anything to anyone. Your job is to work as an in-store shopper, gathering ordered items for the Walmart drivers to deliver to customers. Mind you, this job isn’t flexible. You have to work in shifts.


2. Amazon Personal Shopper

Some people believe Amazon is the biggest brand in the e-commerce industry, and they are not wrong. Just like Walmart’s personal shoppers, Amazon doesn’t need you to deliver products to customers.

To get paid as a personal shopper, all you have to do is work in-store by assembling items that are going to be delivered almost immediately.

Besides, there are a few reasons why working for Amazon may be better than working for Walmart. Firstly, Amazon allows you to select your own schedule. You can work full-time or part-time.

The company also has an employee benefit called Amazon Anytime Pay. This allows you to receive 70% of your earnings anytime you want, 24/7 instantly.


3. Set Up A Shopper Business

This is an opportunity that you can seize if you are courageous enough to work independently without any affiliation with a company. You’d have to establish your own personal shopping business.

What you do is simple: create a brand with yourself as a personal shopper. You help people to shop for groceries and other items if they are too busy, and then you charge a fee for every shopping trip.

To make your business more formal, you can set up a website and print business cards that briefly explain that you get paid to shop for others.


Ways To Get Paid As A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is another interesting way to get paid to shop online for others. Here are some ways to get started:


1. BestMark

When it comes to mystery shopping, BestMark is one of the most credible companies to work with because of how long it has taken them to build a solid reputation in the industry.

Established in 1986, BestMark currently has over 600,000 shoppers working with Fortune 500 companies in 13,000 cities both in the United States and Canada.

To get hired, begin by filling out an application form on the company’s official website. You don’t need to have experience to be an eligible candidate. Once BestMark accepts your application, you’ll have access to mystery shopping jobs near you.


2. Market Force

Market Force is indeed a force in the mystery shopping industry. The company works with over 350 brands spread across the US, Canada, and the UK. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of mystery shopping jobs.

The good thing about working with Market Force is that all employees have access to Eyes:On App. This makes it easy to complete assignments and submit reports.

Also, this company pays once a month through check or via direct deposit.


3. Intellishop

Written reports are a part of a mystery shopper’s job. If you’re very comfortable writing reports, then Intellishop is one company you might want to look at.

With the proprietary shopper rating system, you have the opportunity to level up your rank as an employee when you have an impressive performance consistently. The higher your rating, the more relevant you become as a mystery shopper, and this usually comes with more lucrative assignments.


4. Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper was established in 1990, and as a founding member of the Mystery Shoppers Providers Association, this company is one of the most trusted brands where you can get paid as a mystery shopper.

To work for the establishment, you have to apply for an open position. If your application is reviewed and accepted, you’ll go through a brief training on how to carry out your responsibilities. Then you can get your first assignment.

Secret Shopper pays its employees once a month by check.


Other Ways To Get Paid To Shop Online

If you are searching for other ways you can get paid to shop online, look no further. Here are some companies that will pay you real cash for doing online shopping:


1. Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks was built to help people find little ways to make easy money online. It’s well-known for paying users who complete surveys, play games, watch videos, and carry out other tasks. Despite these opportunities, it also offers one of the best ways to make money shopping online.

The app features over 7,000 stores where you can shop and get cashback rewards. For every purchase you make, Swagbucks gives you points. Eventually, your accumulated points can be redeemed as gift cards or cash through a PayPal account.


2. Sign Up On Pogo

With over 40k reviews and a 4.9 rating on the Apple Store, Pogo is a legit app that helps you get paid to shop online.

Download the app and connect your debit cards. Whenever you purchase anything using any of the synced debit cards, you will be rewarded with points, which can later be converted to cash.

Unlike some other cashback apps, Pogo works seamlessly. You can also make extra money when you answer surveys.


3. Join Drop

Drop works similarly to Pogo. When you download the app, link it to your credit cards immediately. While setting it up, you’ll be asked to choose some of your favorite brands from hundreds of options. Whenever you buy things from your favorite stores, Drop records your purchase and rewards you with points.

When you have amassed enough points on your account, you can claim them as gift cards. The company doesn’t pay in cash directly.


4. Receipt Hog

When it comes to getting cash rewards from your online shopping, Receipt Hog is one of the best brands at the moment. This is because you don’t need to worry about the number of stores the company partners with. You earn rewards when you scan your receipts irrespective of the shop where you purchased your items from.

According to the company, you can buy things from any store, any brand, online or in-store, and still get rewarded. That’s an amazing opportunity most brands don’t offer.


Success Tips For Getting Paid To Shop

Trying to get paid to shop for the first time may be a little bit awkward. You may find the cash rewards too small or assume it’s difficult to accumulate enough points shopping online. This is why I’ve provided some below to help you:


1. Use A Cashback Credit Card

Several years ago, cash-back credit cards would offer about 1% cash back rewards on your purchases. This made it very difficult to earn a good amount of money shopping online or in-store.

However, things are much better today! Many cash-back credit cards will offer you up to 6% when shopping in various categories like grocery, entertainment, gas stations, and others. Just think about what you buy most and use your card to purchase it.


2. Shop For Others, Not Yourself

If you are having a no-spend challenge or trying to live frugally, it will not make sense to spend money frequently simply because you’re looking for cash rewards.

So, what do you do in this scenario? Shop for others! By shopping for others, you won’t be earning cashback rewards anymore. Instead, you’ll be getting paid a reasonable amount of money for your personal shopping service.


3. Work With Multiple Platforms To Maximize Profit

This is one of the best tips to get paid to shop for groceries and other items. Can you imagine working as both an Amazon personal shopper and a Walmart personal shopper? That obviously means you’ll earn more money.

Don’t forget that Amazon allows you to create your own working schedule, which enables you to commit to another job and get more money at the end of the month.


4. Harness The Power Of Social Media

When you run your own personal shopping business, social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to scale your venture.

For example, if you have an official website for the business, you can drive traffic and potential clients to the site through social media. By making posts consistently or running an ad campaign on a platform like Facebook, you can definitely reach a wider target audience.


Final Words On The Best Ways To Get Paid To Shop

Even though it sounds crazy, anyone can get paid to shop. It’s a real way to make extra money on the side.

So, instead of wasting time wondering how feasible this opportunity is, why not try it for yourself? This post has already listed several ways to make money by shopping for items. Go through the options again and find the ones you resonate with.

Besides, if there are other cashback opportunities, websites that pay you to shop, or job ideas for personal shoppers that were not discussed here, you can share your thoughts about them in the comments. I’d be reading through.


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