How To Budget Your Salary Wisely

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how to budget salary

The best financial decision you can ever make is managing your money effectively and efficiently. As a salary earner, always bear in mind that your cash flow is very limited no matter how much you earn every month. The only way to remain in charge and grow your finances is by knowing how to manage your salary.

Building an emergency fund, saving for financial goals, and even investing money are some essential things you can achieve when your salary is properly managed.

In this post, you will learn the best tactics you can apply to manage your salary and hit your goals squarely. Rather than splurge your money on frivolous things, you will have an understanding of how your hard-earned money is meant to be spent.


What Is A Monthly Budget?

A monthly budget is an actionable plan for how your money should be spent within a month. Building a monthly budget will help you organize your spending and make the most of your salary.


How Can I Budget My Monthly Salary?

You can budget your monthly salary by evaluating your expenses, writing them down in order of priority, and making sure they do not exceed your monthly income. If your salary is $6000 per month, your budget should never exceed that amount.


Benefits Of Budgeting Your Salary

Knowing how to budget your salary will be beneficial to your finances. Here are some valid reasons why you should consider budgeting your salary henceforth:


  • Prevents Overspending

Ideally, you are supposed to have specific money goals for the month. But if you are overspending your income, it would be difficult or impossible to accomplish these goals. A good monthly budget can help you prevent overspending, thereby making it easier to stay focused on your money goals and even achieve them eventually.

Even if you are making extra money aside from your main paycheck, you still need a budget to tame your spending. Budgeting your salary will enable you to focus on your essential needs rather than waste money on irrelevant purchases.


  • Prepares You For Retirement

One of the best things you can do for yourself is secure your future as a retiree. No matter how long you stay in active duty, you will have to retire someday, even if you run your own business. It’s inevitable.

To ensure a happy retirement, you need to prioritize your monthly budget. Instead of spending recklessly, build a budget that allows you to invest money in a retirement fund.

Building investment contributions into your budget is the only way to have a blissful time after retiring. You can set aside %10 to %15 of your monthly earnings to contribute to your IRA, 401(k), or any other retirement funds you choose. Although this means you would have to sacrifice, it’s worth it. Your retirement is enough reason why you must learn how to budget your salary.


  • Prepares You For Emergencies

Emergencies are inevitable. Besides, you can’t predict when they occur. Nevertheless, you can be well-prepared for emergencies. Building a monthly budget that allows you to contribute to an emergency fund is quite essential. The day you get laid off from work or fall critically ill, the money accumulated in your emergency fund can be a lifesaver.

You don’t have to dump your entire paycheck into an emergency. Instead, putting aside a fraction of your salary consistently towards building an emergency fund is the ideal thing to do. You can contribute $100 every month or more. As long as you remain consistent, the savings would amount to a significant sum of money.


  • Prevents Bad Spending Habits

Things like impulse buying can be prevented when you know how to budget salary. As long as you are committed to spending your paycheck according to the prepared budget, you won’t make any impulse purchases. However, you must intentionally develop a sense of discipline when handling money.

Having self-discipline around your finances will encourage you not to break your budget, let alone entertain bad spending habits.


  • Helps You To Stop Worrying About Money

Knowing how to budget your salary wisely can stop you from worrying about money. Usually, the main reason people worry about money is the fear of being unable to meet their needs.

A budget is expected to show you how to meet your basic needs with your available income. Hence, if you can budget your salary effectively, you shouldn’t be bothered by your expenses. You will be more confident since you know there’s a blueprint for how your money should be spent.

If you are interested in discovering other ways to prevent financial anxiety, check out this article that vividly explains how you can stop worrying about money.

how to budget your salary


Tips On How To Budget Your Salary

Here are helpful tips to budget your paycheck effectively:


1. Review Your Previous Paycheck

Before you start making plans on how to budget your salary, it’s important to review the previous paycheck. Examine how you spent it and if the money was spent on the right things.

Dedicate a few hours and take your time to go through your bank and credit card statements. Doing this would help you identify where your money went the previous month. If you aren’t pleased with your discovery after this review, then you must make the right corrections.

For example, if you realize you overspent your paycheck the previous month or made frivolous purchases, cut down on your living costs when budgeting your money next time. This means you must pay attention to improvement in your finances. Each month, you should be more frugal. Contribute more money to your retirement fund.


2. Choose A Favorable Budgeting Strategy

You can’t learn how to budget your paycheck if you don’t know the right budgeting method that suits your income level.

There are various strategies used for building a budget. Some people prefer using the pay-yourself-first budget. This method requires you to set aside a certain amount of money from your paycheck towards your savings goal while spending the remaining sum of money on your expenses. This usually works out well when you are earning a fat paycheck. After your savings, you would still have enough money to cover your bills.

However, if your income is low, the Dave Ramsey budget might be what you need. This budgeting method entails listing your expenses in various categories such as transportation, utilities, feeding, debt, savings, and recreation. This makes your spending organized and transparent.

Once your list is complete, you are to allot a certain amount to each category of your expenses. However, do this reasonably by not exhausting your paycheck unnecessarily.

To learn more about this budgeting strategy, check out this post – Dave Ramsey budget.


3. Develop A Debt Repayment Plan

If you want to use your finances profitably, you need to avoid debt trap. This means you must always pay off your debts on time and prevent them from piling up. As someone determined to learn how to budget salary wisely, you must make provisions for paying off debt faster.

Develop a feasible strategy and plan to pay off what you owe every month, including your credit card debt and mortgage (if you have one). This is why Dave Ramsey, one of America’s revered financial advisors, suggests that you create a special category in your budget for debts.

Paying off debts on time would prevent a lot of financial inconveniences. Besides, you can avoid spending more money on high-interest rates when you make on-time payments. Once you receive your paycheck, pay your credit in full.

Moreover, it’s advisable to avoid frequent credit card use if you must know how to budget your salary effectively. The less debt you accumulate, the easier it is for you to pay off. Learn to use cash often and avoid regular online shopping.


4. Set Money Aside For Emergencies

If there’s anything the covid-19 pandemic taught us, it is that we must be financially prepared at all times. Having an emergency fund should be a top priority when figuring out how to budget your salary.

When emergencies occur, you can easily bail yourself out with the money in this fund rather than take loans. Every month, set aside money for building your emergency fund. It doesn’t have to be a ton of cash. A tiny percentage of your paycheck would do, as long as you remain consistent.

To make the contributions easier, you can automate your savings. It’s best to create a Recurring Deposit (RD) that deducts a specific amount (maybe $50 to $100) from your main bank account. This automation makes it easier to save in your emergency fund without being tempted to spend the money. Also, remember that your savings would earn interest from the power of compounding.


5. Invest

This is one of the smart tips on how to budget your salary wisely. Your budget is expected to make room for timely investments.

Investing can be done in various ways. You can invest by buying health insurance, and this can be much cheaper if you are still in your 20s. If you fall critically ill, your health insurance will cover all the medical expenses, and you won’t have to borrow any loan. Aside from insurance policies, you can invest your money in the stock market, which guarantees a good ROI.

Regardless of your investment plan, make sure the payment falls in the same week you receive your paycheck. This way, you can save towards your investment plan before spending the money weeks later.


6. Track Your Expenses

Sometimes, we forget small expenses such as refueling your car, Amazon orders or buying a few grocery items. The truth is that there are so many other essential things to be concerned about instead of taking note of every purchase you make. However, if you must learn how to budget on monthly pay, keeping track of your spending should be a priority.

Thanks to the Fintech industry, tracking your expenses isn’t difficult at all. There are simple apps such as Monefy, GoodBudget, and Walnut that can help you track your purchases every month. These apps keep a record of anything you spend your money on. At the end of the month, you can examine all your purchases with a few clicks on your mobile phone.


7. Save What’s Left

If you aren’t saving money, you still don’t know how to budget your salary. Aside from your emergency fund and retirement savings, it’s important to have some spare change in a liquid fund that will earn you lucrative returns. Actively saving this money would improve your finances a lot. Remember that your emergency fund is not supposed to be tampered with unless you are in a desperate situation.

Having extra savings will make it easier to avoid touching the money in your emergency fund. Instead of squandering the cash left from your paycheck after budgeting, save it for future eventualities.

Moreover, you can use mobile banks if you aren’t interested in keeping the savings in a regular bank account or liquid fund. Various types of mobile banks allow you to save your money and enjoy up to %10 annual increase.


Final Thoughts On How To Budget Your Salary

Knowing how to budget salary monthly would create financial stability. You don’t necessarily need to make a ton of money to be comfortable. By managing your paycheck effectively, even when it’s not much, you will stabilize your finances and prevent major financial setbacks. Besides, a good budget can bring you closer to your goals when planning for big purchases like a car or home.

As much as this post explains how to budget your salary, that’s not a guarantee that it would be an easy feat. If you are just getting used to budgeting, you will struggle occasionally. However, staying consistent with your budgeting plan is the only way to pull through and see improvements in your finances.


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how to budget your salary wisely

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