21 Jobs For Lazy People That Pay Well In 2024

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work-from-home jobs for lazy people

It’s true that you have to be hardworking to make money and build a stable financial life. But surprisingly, you don’t need to break your back and spend too much time at work to get some cool cash for yourself. There are easy jobs for lazy people that don’t require much effort, vast skillsets, and time. Even as a complete beginner, you can begin these jobs and start earning money legitimately like every other person.

This post will do well to provide a long list of some of the best job opportunities available to lazy people in the US. The best part is that these jobs don’t require a college degree or work experience.


Are There Really Jobs For Lazy People?

There are jobs for lazy people. These kinds of jobs consume little time and effort, and they are not usually in a formal setting. Although they may not offer fat paychecks all the time, they are still considered a good source of income.


What Is The Best Job For A Lazy Person?

The best job for a lazy person is a job that allows the person to work from home. Working from home allows you to be much more relaxed and flexible with your activities. You could be on homewear in bed and carry out your job.

jobs for lazy people


21 Top Jobs For Lazy People That Pay Well

Finding the laziest jobs that pay well is simply fantastic. This means you won’t work as hard as others, yet you will earn as much as they make in a month. Below are some of the most legit work opportunities that lazy people can rely on to make a living.


Work-From-Home Jobs For Lazy People

One of the most challenging aspects of working is having to leave your home, struggling to beat the traffic, and arriving before your boss comes knocking at your door. No lazy person wants to experience this. Hence, here are some work-from-home jobs for lazy people:


1. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the common jobs for lazy people that don’t require you to leave the comfort of your home. If you are smart enough to quickly spot spelling and grammatical errors in articles, essays, books, and other written pieces of content, then you can handle this job competently.

As a proofreader, your main responsibility is to check for errors and ensure that the content is correctly written. You can do this job remotely and even work for multiple clients. Proofreaders can earn as much as $15 per hour, depending on how fast they can work.

Amazingly, you may not have to do this job manually. There are tools online that can automatically identify and correct spelling and grammatical errors within seconds. Grammarly is one of the tools you should check out. If you really want to be lazy, consider finding a proofreading tool.

If you decide to earn money with proofreading, here are 10 best proofreading jobs you can start right now.


2. Survey Taker

Taking surveys is one of the jobs for lazy people that require no experience, skill, or tools. All you need is your smartphone to take quick surveys and get paid afterward.

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular websites that pay survey takers real dollars for their time. When you sign up on this site, you will be given a couple of surveys to complete every day. Each survey could last a few minutes or maybe 10-15 minutes. As long as you finish your surveys, you will receive your earnings. Besides, you can make more money by signing up on several legit survey sites.


3. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant doesn’t require much from you. In fact, it’s a common part-time job in the US. With your laptop, you can start working as someone’s virtual assistant, helping your employer to complete small tasks. You could be responsible for responding to emails, replying to messages on social media, or any other basic stuff that anyone can do.

Virtual assistants can make around $1,000 per month. You could make much more if you work for multiple clients.


4. Professional Apologizer

Do you know you can get paid to apologize on people’s behalf? This is a work-from-home job that can pay you about $500 per gig. If you write a single apology letter and successfully send it to the right recipient, you can earn between 200 to 500 bucks.

This job doesn’t require any special skillset or years of experience. As long as you know how to put words together to make someone change their mind about something, you could be good at this job.

You can find professional apologizer jobs here.


5. Professional Cuddler

A professional cuddler is someone who cuddles people for money. It’s one of the lazy jobs that pay well. All you have to do is cuddle, hug, and spoon for an agreed amount of time. You can earn between $40 to $80 per hour. That’s a substantial amount of cash to earn for such a simple job. You can also earn tips based on your performance and how impressed your clients are.

You can find cuddling jobs here.


6. Review Writing

Writing product reviews online is another interesting way lazy people can earn money from home. There are so many freelance websites that hire writers to provide honest reviews about products and publish them.

You could review almost anything, especially if the product is in high demand. Moreover, you don’t have to use the product to write a review. You can learn more about the product by interacting with people who have repeatedly used it. Depending on the company you work for, you can earn up to $30 for every review successfully published.

Check out this website that offer jobs for review writing.


7. Product Testing

Product testing is one of the good paying jobs for lazing people. Your only responsibility is to examine products and ensure they are working perfectly. Usually, the products you test are not physical stuffs. They are websites, apps, and other related products.

For example, if a large company builds a new website or app, they need to test how responsive and functional it is. Some persons would be recruited remotely to test the product and provide feedback. You can do this job from home using your smartphone or PC.

You can find product testing jobs here.


Creative Jobs For Lazy People

If you enjoy being creative and still want to make money doing what you love, here are some profitable job ideas you should check out:


8. Photography

Photography is one of the best creative jobs for lazy people. If you think you always have to take pictures of people, you are mistaken. You can be a food photographer, taking pictures of meals at restaurants. If you love animals, you can be a wildlife photographer, capturing the wonders of nature.

Also, you don’t need a bunch of expensive gadgets to launch your photography career. Once you have a digital camera and photo editing software on your PC, you are good to go.

Also, you won’t only make money as a photographer when people hire you. You can make money by selling your photos as a contributor on photo stock websites.


9. Food Critic

A food critic tastes different dishes and drinks at restaurants and then gives reviews about the food. Mind you; a food critic doesn’t have to be a chef. But it’s important you know the subject well enough to pass your judgment.

As a food critic, you can be your own boss. You don’t have to work for anyone. By the time you build your portfolio and reputation, fancy restaurants would love to have you at their places. Also, food critics earn a juicy amount of money when they become popular.


10. Social Media Management

If you enjoy wasting time on social media, you might want to consider this job. Your main responsibility as a social media manager is to help small business owners create content on their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and interact with their audience that engages your posts.

It’s one of the easy jobs for lazy people who prefer spending several hours scrolling through social media news feeds. Moreover, this job pays a good amount of money. For example, you can earn over $20 per hour managing an Instagram page.


11. Painting

Painting is one of the creative jobs for lazy people that pay well. People who admire pieces of art would pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a single painting from you. Occasionally, you can also find more prospects by exhibiting your paintings.

Another effective method for reaching a wider audience is by building a website. As a painter, you can create a beautiful site and display some of your best paintings. As prospects visit your site, they may be prompted to contact you to inquire about a piece of art.


12. Flipping Furniture

This is one of the awesome jobs for lazy people. Have you ever refurbished a piece of furniture and sold it at a good price to your neighbor? That’s a very profitable business idea that can make you a lot of money. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be hardworking to pull this off. You can hire a craftsman to help you get the job done, after which you can take the property to a flea market to find a potential buyer.

If you don’t have any old furniture to flip, you can buy some instead. Some people won’t mind selling their old furniture to create space in their homes.


13. Sports Fan

Being a passionate sports fan can put some cool dollars in your checking account. This is possible because sports betting companies allow people to predict games and win big amounts of cash.

For example, as someone who regularly watches football, you might be able to predict a possible win from your favorite club. If you place a bet with good odds, you could be cashing out big time. This is not like the lottery. It’s much more feasible. The odds can be in your favor if you’re good at predicting games.


14. Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is one of the good jobs for lazy people who don’t want to work long hours. Your responsibility as a closed captioner is to insert subtitles in videos. Basically, you are writing out what someone says and positioning the texts creatively in the video.

This is not a difficult job since there are many software that automatically writes captions for videos. You may only need to do some tweaking to perfect the job. This job can pay you around $35,000 per year as a beginner. The more experience you gain on the job, the more you stand to earn.

If you want to take this job seriously, check out this post that lists the 10 best closed captioning jobs that pay well.


Fun Jobs For Lazy People

Being lazy is never an excuse not to have fun. Here are some legit fun jobs for lazy people:


15. Twitch Gamer

Twitch is a live-streaming platform for gamers with over 15 million daily users. Being a gamer on Twitch is one of the sure lazy ways to make some money. All you have to do is go a live stream and play video games for as long as possible to entertain your viewers.

Just like on YouTube, Twitch pays its creators based on how large their audiences are. The company pays on the 15th of every month.


16. Mystery Shopper

This is one of the jobs for lazy people who want to have fun checking out different products. As a mystery shopper, you are charged with the responsibility of determining the quality of products as well as the environment of the store by acting as an ordinary customer at the store.

You are expected to submit reports based on your findings within a given period of time. Your reports should be honest and without any form of bias. That’s how you get the job done. Depending on how long you work, you can make between a few bucks to $700 per week.

You can find mystery shopping jobs here.


17. Line Stand-In

fun jobs for lazy people

Line stand-in is undoubtedly one of the best paying jobs for lazy people. You really aren’t doing anything tangible as a line stander or line sitter. Your only job is to help someone occupy a position in a queue if the person is too busy or tired to stand.

You could get paid to stand in line to buy a physical product or simply hold the position for someone until it’s their turn to be attended to by a service provider. There are no fixed payments for this job. Your earnings are based on how much you negotiate with your clients.

Get paid to wait in line here.


18. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Spending time with dogs or other domestic animals is one of the best jobs for lazy people. Some folks are usually too busy to look after their pets. This is where you come in. For a few bucks per hour, you can walk someone’s dog or watch over the pet at home. This should be fun if you are a lover of animals.


19. Chatting /Texting

How long do you spend on social media texting or chatting with people? You probably spend hours every day. But surprisingly, you could get paid to do something very similar. There are sites that pay hundreds of dollars every week to simply talk to lonely people over text messages.

If you are a lady, you could spend a few hours daily communicating with older men via a website. At the end of the week or month, your earnings will be calculated and sent to your account. It’s one of the jobs for lazy people that pay well.

Besides, if you want to learn more about how this job works, here’s a post talking about 15 easy ways to get paid chatting with people.


20. Hotel Sleep Tester

This is one of the fascinating jobs for lazy people. Imagine getting paid to lie on mattresses and enjoy the comfort of a well-arranged room. It seems too good to be true, but it’s actually possible.

As a professional hotel sleep tester, your main responsibility is to lie on a prototype mattress or spend some time in a new hotel room. You are expected to evaluate the quality of the bed and other elements that affect sleep in a hotel room. You can make between $38,919 and $48,031 yearly doing this job.

Crafted Bed is one of the companies that pay professional bed testers to test mattresses and beddings.


21. Sleep Study Participant

This is one of the best jobs for lazy people and it is surprisingly lucrative. By participating in a sleep study regularly, you can make up to $75,000 a year. Your job is to help doctors and medical experts diagnose sleep disorders such as limb movement disorder, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and awkward night behaviors like sleepwalking. It takes around 8-9 hours a night to carry out this test and study you.

Mind you, you aren’t actively doing any work here. All you have to do is allow the doctor to place some electrodes on your chest, chin, scalp, and legs, and then put you to sleep.


Final Thoughts On Jobs For Lazy People

Contrary to popular belief, lazy people can make money as well. They don’t have to lift a truck on their shoulders to make a living. There are many easy good jobs for lazy people that pay tens of thousands of dollars per year. Without any experience or a college degree, you can take advantage of these job opportunities and pay your bills comfortably.


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