16 Money Rules That Millionaires Swear By

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Millionaires don’t acquire their fortune by merely wishing for it or working a 9-5. People become millionaires because they have mastered the game of not only earning money but also multiplying their earnings. But more importantly, there are certain millionaire money rules that facilitate the acquisition of wealth.

If you understand these rules and apply them to your life consistently, you would wake up one morning with a million dollars in your savings account.

Usually, this would take years, and it could even take more than a decade before you make your first million. But one thing is sure – observing the core money rules of millionaires would put you on the path to earning seven figures.


What Are The Money Rules Of Millionaires?

There are numerous millionaire money rules. Nevertheless, the most common rules you will find a millionaire practicing are saving, investing, and living below one’s means. These essential rules can catapult you to financial freedom in a matter of years.


The Importance Of Observing Millionaire Money Rules

If you think practicing a list of millionaire money rules would have no impact on your finances, you are mistaken. Here are some significant reasons why it’s important to observe these rules:


You Stave Off Poverty

Financial freedom is the most obvious thing you would achieve when observing millionaire money rules. You won’t have a reason to suffer poverty.

For instance, if you save $2000 every month in a high-yield savings account for just 5 years, you would have stacked up a whooping sum of $120,000. With a 5% interest on your savings, you would make an extra $6000 annually. This is purely passive income aside from your regular job or business. By the time you retire decades later, your net worth will be in 7 figures.


Millionaire Money Rules Help You Retire Successfully

A successful retirement is one of the most important long-term financial goals you must plan for. When you implement the same habits and strategies as millionaires, chances are that you will retire with a ton of money in your account. You’d never have to work again. More importantly, you may be fortunate to have built generational wealth that even your grandchildren would benefit from.


Millionaire Money Rules Eliminate Financial Stress

A lot of stress comes with not being able to pay off your credit card debt, save for your children’s education, or even pay rent. If you are financially stable, you won’t have these challenges. You won’t have to constantly worry about money and how to get by.

Saving your hard-earned money, reducing your expenses, and investing wisely are simple millionaire money rules that will enable you to prevent financial stress in the future.


Millionaire Money Rules Help You Achieve Your Goals

Most of your major financial goals can only be accomplished when you are financially stable. For instance, how can you afford a new car while still struggling to clear your credit balance?

You must build some level of financial stability in order to achieve your goals. A good step to building financial stability is by observing millionaire money rules such as prioritizing savings goals, creating passive income streams, and limiting your spending.

millionaire money rules


16 Money Rules That Millionaires Swear By

If you intend to become a millionaire someday, you must emulate other successful millionaires and do what they do. Here are key millionaire money rules you need to start practicing right now:


1. Always Save Money

Saving money is one of the essential money rules millionaires swear. In fact, it’s a habit – a good financial habit that enables you to secure your income. Saving for rainy days will always remain one of the best decisions you can ever make concerning your finances.

It’s common to find yourself struggling with utility bills and other financial commitments. However, you should refrain from using this as an excuse to avoid saving money. Instead of neglecting your savings goals due to numerous expenses, find a way to cut down on your living costs.

There’s always an opportunity to reduce your spending, and the extra cash you realize from being frugal can be repurposed for your savings goals.

If you need brilliant ideas on reducing expenses and saving money, here is a list of 25 frugal living tips to save a ton of money.


2. Invest When You Can

There are so many opportunities to invest. However, sometimes, we are not financially prepared to make the right investments for our future. But the truth remains that you can’t become a millionaire by working a regular white-collar job. You have to invest some money.

You could make investments by starting a profitable business, buying stocks, or saving money in an investment account. Investing is the only way to create a passive income stream and multiply your earnings. If done wisely, the right investment would undoubtedly make you a millionaire.


3. Save Up For Big Purchases

One of the biggest money mistakes to avoid is making big purchases without planning for them. Almost every millionaire knows how detrimental this is to one’s finances. That’s why the rule of saving up for big purchases is highly crucial.

Truth be told, you can buy almost anything you want as long as you are willing to save money for it patiently. Of course, it would take some time, but you will eventually make that purchase.

If you decide to spend a ton of money on an expensive item without making plans for it, you might suffer from that mistake in the future. You could run into debt and find it hard to put your finances together. Always save up for big purchases.


4. Don’t Spend To Impress

This is one of the best millionaire money rules to live by. Every wise millionaire knows how stupid it is to splurge money recklessly just to make an impression. That’s the fastest way to go broke and fall into debt.

Don’t ever give in to the temptation of spending to impress people. If you go broke, those people you tried to impress won’t come around to save you. If you can’t honestly afford something, go for something else that’s within your means. That’s how you avoid overspending and protect your income.


5. Create A Passive Income Stream

The fact that you won’t have paid employment for the rest of your life is enough reason to look forward to building at least one passive income stream before retirement. Passive income streams help you make money while you sleep. That’s what millionaires do. They look for ways to make money without actually working.

A good example of this is investing in the stock market. As long as the market is favorable, your investment will keep generating money.


6. Live Below Your Means

The importance of living below one’s means can’t be overexpressed. If we are being honest, there’s no way you can survive if you choose to live above your means.

For example, if you earn $8000 every month as an employee and are incurring expenses of $10,000, that’s way out of your league. You can’t keep up with such a lifestyle, and you will only run into debt and have no savings. To stand a chance of becoming a millionaire, you must learn to live below your means.


7. Avoid A Debt Trap

A debt trap is a terrible financial situation whereby you owe more money than you can actually pay. If you keep piling up debt without any actionable plan to pay it off, you will find yourself in a debt trap.

The worst part about having too much debt to pay off is the fact that your hands are tied financially. You won’t be able to save money or build an emergency fund since most of your income might be used for paying off what you owe. Becoming a millionaire would even be impossible at this point.

Besides, if you want to learn how to prevent yourself from incurring huge debts, here’s a post that examines the best strategies for avoiding debt trap.


8. Invest Only In What You Know

When making investments, you should invest only in a venture you understand well enough. For example, just because people make money from cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean you should also jump into it. You need to learn more about the market to invest wisely. Millionaires are good at identifying safe investment opportunities that would guarantee good ROI.


9. Don’t Be Shy To Ask For Financial Support

As much as this seems debasing, it’s one of the money rules you need as a millionaire. Sometimes, you need to solicit financial support when necessary.

For instance, if there’s a good investment you would like to take advantage of, and you need more financial backing to make that decision, you should consider asking someone for help. As long as you have something reasonable to do with the money, some people might be willing to lend you.


10. Automate Your Savings

This is one of the vital millionaire money rules you should learn to observe. To save money effectively like a millionaire, you need to automate your savings. The main reason is that you might sometimes forget to contribute to your emergency fund and other savings goals. The best way to prevent this is by automating your payments.

Once you receive your paycheck, certain payments should be automatically sent to the respective savings accounts. This shows how committed you are to achieving your savings goals.


11. Plan For Retirement

What plans are you making to ensure you retire successfully? Millionaires always do everything within their means to secure their future by the time they become retirees. The earlier you start planning, the better. You can begin by saving money in a retirement fund every month. This fund should be kept separately from your regular savings.

If you consistently contribute to your retirement fund, by the time you retire decades later, you would be financially stable enough to spend the rest of your life without looking for a source of income.


12. Use Compound Interest

Many millionaires are smart enough to use compound interest to their advantage. It’s a brilliant way to gain a lot from your investments. Tony Robbins, New York Times best-selling author and business strategist, says, “compound interest is the most powerful tool in your investment arsenal.” He recommends diverting a portion of your paycheck into an interest-earning investment.

For example, you can stack up some money in a high-yield savings account, index fund, or even stocks. This is one of the money rules millionaires live by.


13. Invest In Yourself

It is said that the best investment is the one made in yourself. At some point, every millionaire on the planet invested in themselves. Investing in yourself is not about buying stocks or starting a business. Instead, it’s all about spending money to get quality information on how to make money and achieve a picture-perfect life.

By simply buying a book that educates you on how to improve your personal finance is a good investment. Attending paid seminars and training that teach you money-making strategies is a wise investment in yourself.

If you want to learn more methods for adding value to your life through personal investments, here are 10 best ways to invest in yourself.


14. Give Yourself A Monthly Allowance

This is one of the millionaire money rules for anyone who wants to spend wisely. Whenever you receive your monthly salary, take out a certain amount for yourself and save the rest.

During an interview, Shaquille Rashaun, a former professional basketball player and millionaire businessman, claimed that he used to split his paycheck, spending half and saving or investing the rest. Apparently, that’s a part of how he made his first million.


15. Get A Job You Enjoy

Getting a job you enjoy is one of the millionaire money rules to live by. Think about this: how can you make seven figures from a job you hate? That’s not possible. Besides, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t be motivated to perform competently, let alone impress your employer.

Having a job you love makes it so much easier to work, and you can willingly improve your skillset and find fulfillment in your career. Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire TV personality, made it public that she loves her job so much, the paycheck comes as a bonus.


16. Prepare For Emergencies

Being prepared to handle emergency expenses is one of the millionaire rules of money you should observe regularly. You never can tell when you would unexpectedly get hit by expenses worth thousands of dollars. This could be a serious challenge if you do not have any financial backing.

An emergency fund is supposed to protect your finances and prevent you from taking loans whenever you’re paying for expenses you didn’t plan for.

For instance, you could lose your job or fall critically ill. You can easily pull through a situation like this by having an emergency fund that can conveniently cover 3-6 months of your expenses.


Millionaire Money Rules: Quick Summary

Now that you are acquainted with the millionaire money rules to live by, you can transform your finances by practicing them. It’s important you know that you can’t become a millionaire overnight by emulating the habits of other millionaires. It would take a while before you make your first million dollars.

Nevertheless, focus on the possibility of making it happen rather than getting deterred by how difficult it is to become a millionaire.


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