12 Exceptional Things Successful People Do On Weekends

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how do successful people plan their weekends

There are thousands of articles and even books that shed light on the things that successful people do routinely to remain healthy, active, and financially prosperous. You should know by now that successful people don’t live their lives aimlessly. They are directional and they strictly practice certain rituals to elongate their success.

Since you are keen on discovering these secrets, this post will list and analyze the 12 things successful people always do on weekends. Aristotle once said, “we are what we repeatedly do…” Hence, it’s safe to say that you can be on your way to building a successful life when you begin to habitually do the exceptional things successful people do on weekends.


What Do Successful People Do On Weekends?

One of the common and most important things successful people do on weekends is to wake up early. Of course, they have an adequate amount of sleep, but they never waste too much time snoring in bed.

Getting up early on weekends helps successful people to plan and prepare for important objectives that are supposed to be achieved during the course of the weekend.


How Do Successful People Plan Their Weekends?

Successful people plan their weekends by simply listing all the important things they intend to do before the week rounds off. With a list of specific tasks at hand, you will certainly have direction on how to have a fulfilled weekend.


Why Is It Important To Plan Your Weekends?

If you have ever developed a plan to achieve an essential goal, you should understand the importance of planning your weekends. Without a plan, your weekend might not be productive or even enjoyable. For instance, if you are a working-class individual, and the weekend is your only opportunity to unwind and attend to other objectives, you definitely need a plan.

Planning your weekends simply means organizing all the events, activities, or tasks that are to take place before the new week begins. You might want to create a to-do list to make your plan more feasible.

A planned weekend gives you some level of control over your time, and it also helps you to spend time on certain things that don’t usually have your attention during the week.

For example, you can spend more time with your family on weekends. If you need to engage in physical exercises such as biking or hiking, the weekend is probably the perfect time for it.

things successful people do on weekends


12 Weekend Habits Of Highly Successful People

To understand how successful people live their lives, you need to know the specific routines or set of quality habits that they regularly practice. Here are 12 weekend habits of highly successful people:


1. Getting Up Early

This is one of the most common things successful people do on weekends. During an interview with Robert Iger, Disney’s CEO, the successful figure revealed that he wakes up at 4:30 every morning. He explained that he regularly does this to create time to complete his important objectives. If you aspire to be successful someday, you must learn to minimize your sleep, especially during weekends.

More importantly, research has shown that the human brain is much sharper during the early hours of the day after waking. Waking up early on the weekend is a great way to give yourself a head start and remain ahead of the majority of people across the world.


2. Having A Plan

weekend habits of successful people

In case you have been wondering how successful people plan their weekends, bear in mind that there is no hidden strategy for it. Successful people create a plan for the weekend by asking themselves “what am I supposed to do today?” At this point, you can easily pinpoint daily goals that need to be carried out.

In order of importance, itemize your goals for the weekend and specify a method by which you would accomplish them.

Hopefully, if you are able to achieve your set goals by the end of the week, you will certainly feel fulfilled and motivated to plan for the weekend next time.


3. Avoiding Multi-Task

As much as you may have several objectives to achieve during the weekend, don’t multi-task yourself. It’s how successful people spend their weekends. They don’t bug their minds with too many activities, as this may cause them to feel overwhelmed.

Multi-tasking is also known to reduce efficiency and effectiveness. Ironically, in the course of trying to do much, you will end up doing little. You can still maximize your weekend productivity without doing 5 things at a time.

Productivity experts recommend a maximum of two major goals or tasks per day. This way, the goals would be more feasible to achieve, rather than seeming far-fetched.


4. Prioritizing Important Objectives

One of the things successful people do on weekends is to spend more time doing the things that are most important for that day. If you fail to prioritize something, there’s no way you would take it seriously. As soon as you wake up on a Saturday morning, think about the things that are essential to your health, finances, and family.

If you have to engage in some exercise to boost your health, you should focus on that. If you have to take your son to a basketball call game in order to improve your bond as a family, then you should do it happily. Once the crucial objectives are completed, you might spend the remaining hours on other activities of less importance.


5. Making Time For Hobbies

We all have hobbies – things we enjoy doing during our free time. One of the ways successful people spend their weekends is by making time for hobbies.

If you go to the golf course or a public tennis court on a Saturday morning, you will probably find some rich folks having a good time. Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors of the 20th century likes to play the Ukulele occasionally.

Whatever your hobby is, the weekend might be the perfect time to engage in it. Doing what you love can reduce stress and even make you happier.


6. Staying Calm And Relaxed

things highly successful people do on weekends

One of the nice things successful people do on weekends is to meditate and unwind. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful celebrities in the world, still finds time to sit still for about 20 minutes at least once a day. This is a very simple yet healthy practice to set your mind at ease and reduce stress.

During the week, you must have been involved in a lot of work and activities that could result in fatigue. Aside from resting and taking slight medication, another way to relax your body is by meditating and practicing stillness. At the end of this little exercise, you could improve your creativity, productivity, and general well-being.


7. Staying Active

Keeping the body active and energized is one of the things successful people do on weekends. Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, is known for playing tennis for an hour every day.

Richard Branson, one of the world’s most popular billionaires, also stays active with kite surfing. You can actually maintain your body by staying active. Be flexible. Exercise regularly. Now, you don’t have to do this every day. Saturdays are great for exercise and keeping your body in shape.

It’s important you know that you can only be productive and effective at work when your body functions the way it should. By staying active, you are giving your body the fuel and energy it needs to function properly.


8. Taking Time To Reflect

This is one of the weekend activities of successful people. As soon as the week ends, they usually reflect on the previous days of the week to assess their activities, decisions, and outcomes. This means that they try to see if they made any mistakes during the week or if they made significant progress at work.

You should take time to reflect as well. Carry out some self-evaluation. Look at various areas of your life; finances, career/business, family, and health. You may need to improve yourself, but you’d never find out when or how if you don’t reflect.

Successful people are constantly seeking ways to improve their lives. By taking time to reflect, you can identify loopholes and possibly find solutions to them.


9. Offering Help

One of the important things successful people do on weekends is extending a hand of help to others.

Richard Branson said, “it is amazing how focusing your mind on issues like health, poverty, and conservation and climate change can help to re-energize your thinking in other areas. Rich people never become poor from giving. Instead, their act of charity always motivates and inspires them to work harder and build wealth so they can keep offering help when needed.

Most billionaires in America today are philanthropists. They wholeheartedly commit to giving to people in need, not only in the US but in other parts of the world. You may not be wealthy at the moment, but you can (in your little capacity) still offer help. You can volunteer to contribute to philanthropic activities. You can single-handedly support people in need within your neighborhood.


10. Avoiding FOMO

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is something many people fall for, especially during weekends. When a new product is out, retailers are fond of crafting a special offer at a discounted rate, trying to convince you to make a purchase.

The major reason you may fall for this is that you are scared of missing out on a seemingly good opportunity. Sometimes, one of the weekend habits of successful people is to avoid FOMO to prevent themselves from spending too much.

For example, if you have a budget, you can’t spend recklessly. You have to curb your spending and only pay attention to the bills listed on your budget. When you are presented with FOMO offers, you must be bent on refusing to buy since you are trying to stick with your budget.


11. Being Disciplined About Budgeting

Since the weekend appears to be a convenient time to plan for one’s income, budgeting has become one of the things successful people do on weekends. If you are too busy with work during the week, take a few hours on Saturday to build or review your budget.

Contrary to popular belief, wealthy people can be disciplined about budgeting. They often adhere to the 50/30/20 budget rule: spending 50% of your income on needs, 30% on wants, and directing the remaining 20% toward savings.

If rich people take budgeting seriously, then you have no choice but to do so as well. Have a budgeting strategy to help you organize your expenses and manage your income. This is one of the most crucial things to do when it comes to financial management.


12. Spending Time With Family And Friends

There’s no denying that having a successful career or business can make you happier. However, you can be much happier when you have a great relationship with your loving family. Hence, one of the things highly successful people do on weekends is to spend time with their immediate family members.

The few hours you spend kicking a soccer ball with your son or watching a soap opera with your wife goes a long way in building a happy family.

You can also spend the weekend with close friends. Occasionally commit to hanging out with your pals. That’s how you build social currency. The relationships you build today could help you hit your next milestone in the nearest future.


Final Comments On Things Successful People Do On Weekends

Having learned about some of the things successful people do on weekends, you must have realized that successful people are just like you. The only difference is the fact that they spend some of their time on activities that are beneficial to their finances, health, family, and well-being.

To improve the quality of your life, you should start practicing some of these weekend habits.


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