10 Best Frugal Podcasts To Level Up Your Savings Game

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Being able to save money effectively is possible when you apply the right information. Spending 15-30 minutes every week listening to some of the best frugal podcasts can help you stay informed and hit your savings goals faster.

These podcasts are free sources of information that will teach you how to save money by drastically reducing costs. Over time, your money-saving habit will enable you to live below your means and build a stable income.

There are thousands of podcasts on frugality available on the web. However, this post has curated a list of the 10 best-known frugal podcasts that provide practical and helpful tips on how to cut your living costs and save money as fast as possible.


What Is The Best Podcasts For Frugal Tips?

Frugal Living with Jim Markus and “How To Money” are considered the best frugal podcasts by thousands of devout listeners. These two podcasts are hosted by professional financial advisors who have spent several years helping countless people build better finances.


Where Can I Find Frugal Living Podcasts?

You can find top frugal podcasts on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. These are free mobile apps that host thousands of podcasts on frugality and other interesting niches. You can listen to almost any podcast you want with your smartphone when you download Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Benefits Of Listening To Frugal Podcasts

Listening to podcasters talk about frugality comes with its perks. Here are some key benefits you stand to enjoy when you invest your time in good frugal podcasts:


Frugal Podcasts Help You Retirement Early

Have you thought about how long it would take you to retire? The answer to this question is determined by how much you invest in your retirement fund. If you are a frugal person, you will certainly have more money to contribute towards your retirement, thereby making it possible for you to retire earlier. Besides, having a frugal lifestyle means you won’t need to accumulate so much money for retirement.

For example, if you can live on $4000 per month, you need about $48,000 to make ends meet per year when you retire. If you have up to $1 million invested in your retirement account, you could live off the interest yielded (if it earns about %5 every year).


Financial Contentment

Frugality is all about learning how to live on less and staying content with what you have. This is what the best frugal podcasts will teach you. You won’t be tempted to keep up with the Joneses.

If your neighbor, for example, buys a $75,000 car, you wouldn’t feel compelled to measure up with that lifestyle. Your frugal habit will encourage you to live below your means and avoid tumultuous expenses.

More importantly, financial contentment will help you to avoid unnecessary debt caused by impulse purchases or overspending.


Frugal Podcasts Help You Save Extra Money

The most obvious benefit you enjoy from being frugal is the opportunity to save more money. The logic here is simple: the more you reduce your spending, the more spare cash you have. You can simply direct all your spare cash to your savings account.

Spending time listening to the best podcast for frugal living is expected to teach you effective money-saving tips that will help you achieve your savings goals faster. Besides, when you save more money, you will find it easier to make essential investments and improve your financial situation.


Frugal Podcasts Reduce Financial Stress

There’s always this panic and stress that come with not having enough money in your bank account. Imagine having only 50 bucks left in your account and a full week before your next paycheck. This is a very disturbing situation.

Adopting a frugal lifestyle can help prevent you from being broke and living paycheck to paycheck. Since you are spending less money, you won’t exhaust your paycheck before the next one arrives. The financial burden would be reduced naturally.


Frugal Podcasts Improve Your Net Worth

Another important thing the best frugal podcast will help you attain is an improved net worth. Growing your net worth is much easier when you constantly practice key frugal living tips.

For instance, if your frugal lifestyle enables you to save $100 on groceries every month, you can realize $1,200 per year. That money can be invested in a high-yield savings account, which will keep growing yearly by a certain percentage.

This simple action will increase your net worth since you are making more money passively through your savings.


Better Opportunity To Give Generously

Contrary to popular belief, frugality is not stinginess or being unnecessarily cheap. Adopting a frugal lifestyle should also be focused on generosity. As you save more money, you have a better opportunity to extend a helping hand. You shouldn’t be hesitant to help those who are struggling around you.

Whether to family members or close friends, ensure you express generosity when the need arises. However, this has to be done moderately to keep your spending under control.


Higher Risk Tolerance

The best frugal podcasts will not only teach you how to save money, but they will also increase your ability to tolerate financial risks. This means that when you have enough savings in your emergency fund and a high-yield savings account, you won’t be easily threatened by financial crises.

Your savings can give you the financial backing to bounce back from a job loss, failed investment, or even a pandemic like the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

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10 Best Frugal Podcasts To Skyrocket Your Savings

If you want to level up your savings game, here are 10 amazing podcasts that will help you cut down on costs and save money faster:


1. Frugal Living With Jim Markus

Jim Markus is a respected figure when it comes to helping people live frugally and solve critical financial problems. His podcast attracts thousands of listeners across the United States, and each episode always delivers value. As a podcaster, Jim is known for interviewing different people who have succeeded financially.

From business owners to working-class individuals, Jim encourages his interviewees to share practical examples of how one can successfully live frugally and protect one’s financial situation. He also occasionally shares personal stories so his listeners can comprehend certain concepts easily.

On average, each episode of this amazing podcast lasts about 16 minutes.

Listen to Frugal Living With Jim Markus here.


2. How To Money Podcast

How To Money is one of the most popular frugal podcasts on the planet. Hosted by two best friends, Joel and Matt, this podcast seeks to achieve just one purpose – helping you to live rich on less money.

Each episode lasts up to an hour as it offers a truckload of information on how to enjoy a comfortable life without breaking the bank. The hosts often go as far as sharing specific instructions on how to look expensive on a budget, prepare a cheap meal plan, and spend less on day-to-day activities.

Listen to How To Money Podcast here.


3. 2 Frugal Dudes

The name of this show says it all. This is one of the best frugal living podcasts on the web. Unlike other frugal living podcasts that talk about different aspects of one’s personal finance, 2 Frugal Dudes don’t often deviate from the primary topic – frugality.

The hosts, Kevin Griffin and Sean Merron, are self-proclaimed frugal evangelists. They are very practical when sharing information with their listeners. They talk about their past mistakes and how they learned from them.

They also address things like inflation and how you can still manage to reduce your spending despite the surge in prices.

Occasionally, the 2 Frugal Dudes podcast talks about other essential topics like budgeting, paying off student loans, managing taxes, as well as early retirement.

Listen to 2 Frugal Dudes here.


4. Frugal Friends Podcast

With over 250 episodes published, Frugal Friends Podcast is a credible show that helps people live frugally. The producers and hosts, Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni, are known for sharing some of the best frugal living tips to help people save money faster. Every episode usually focuses on how to save money in a specific area.

For example, some episodes recently published teaches you how to save money on health insurance, and another talks about how to utilize Buy Nothing Groups to save a ton of money. There’s no denying that you will certainly learn how to save more money by merely listening to this podcast.

Listen to Frugal Friends Podcast here.


5. ChooseFI Podcast

ChooseFI is one of the best frugal podcasts that uncovers diverse ways to save money and attain financial freedom. This show shares helpful strategies for crushing debt, reducing expenses, and building passive income streams through real estate investments and online businesses.

Every episode of this podcast is loaded with actionable tips that almost anyone can apply. A new episode airs every week and usually lasts for about an hour.

Listen to ChooseFI Podcast here.


6. Maple Money Show

The Maple Money Show is a personal finance podcast that shares much information about managing and saving money. Although this show is hosted in Canada, America and other neighboring countries can have access to it.

Unlike many other frugal podcasts, the Maple Money Show only publishes an episode once a month with an average duration of 34 minutes. However, each episode has enough tips and practical information you could practice in the course of one month. You can literally create a better financial situation for yourself by investing your time in this podcast.

Listen to Maple Money Show here.


7. Debt Free Guys

Since its first episode in 2016, Debt Free Guys has proven to be one of the most reliable podcasts about frugal living. With 2 episodes per week, this regular show teaches you the best money-saving tips to help you pay down debt on time.

Whether it’s a mortgage, student loan, or credit card debt, this podcast seeks to help you pay off what you owe as soon as possible. You will learn effective frugal living tips that will prevent you from overspending, thereby allowing you to reserve extra cash to speed up the duration of your debt payment.

However, if you need a comprehensive piece of information on how to pay off debt faster, here are 10 helpful strategies you should check out.

Listen to Debt Free Guys here.


8. Couple Money Podcast

Sometimes, working together with your partner to manage your finances is more effective than making decisions all by yourself. This particular show is arguably one of the best podcasts on frugal living for couples.

Airing since 2014, the Couple Money Podcast provides insightful pieces of information that help married couples spend wisely, save more money, and ultimately increase their net worth.

Each episode deals with a specific topic that couples can easily relate to, such as paying off debt faster, saving for future goals, and planning for retirement. The podcast publishes an episode once a month with an average duration of 17 minutes.

Listen to Couple Money Podcast here.


9. The Frugal Family Home Podcast

This is another insightful show you should consider when looking for podcasts to learn about frugal living. This podcast is also recommended for couples since it shares practical information on how a family can collectively adopt a frugal lifestyle to save money.

Hosted by Shelly Olson, this podcast often talks about the common things you can regularly do within your home to cut down on costs. Helpful tips are shared on meal planning, DIY projects, and other domestic activities that help you save money.

Listen to The Frugal Family Home Podcast here.


10. Afford Anything

Afford Anything is one of the best frugal podcasts that has been airing successfully since 2016. Hosted by Paula Pant, this podcast is about adopting a frugal lifestyle that enables you to achieve your financial goals and live your dream life in the future, especially when you must have retired. Paula shares helpful tips on how to spend your salary wisely and hit your savings goals.

She regularly interviews successful figures such as millionaire investors, productivity experts, early retirees, artists, and even psychologists. These interviewees are spurred by the listeners to share their experiences with managing money and succeeding financially.

Listen to Afford Anything here.


Final Thoughts On Best Frugal Podcasts

Sometimes, you don’t need to spend time and money consulting a financial expert. You can resolve your everyday financial difficulties by learning from some of the best frugal podcasts listed in this post.

These podcasts will teach you how to make the right decisions when it comes to reducing expenses, saving money, investing, and reaching your financial goals. Remember that you aren’t spending money to get knowledge from these shows. They are completely free to listen to, and your time is the only resource you are investing.


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