10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts You Should Listen To ASAP

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Sometimes, it’s easy for us to make the right financial decisions when we obtain knowledge from the right source. Reading books, attending seminars, or speaking with a financial expert are reliable ways to obtain the right information to improve your finances. But in this post, we will examine some of the best personal finance podcasts that will consistently educate you on how to grow your cash flow, manage your money, and invest wisely.

Millions of people in the United States are struggling to manage their income, pay off credit card debt, and live below their means. Notwithstanding, you can thrive financially amidst these setbacks when you apply the principles and strategies for ensuring financial success.

Listening to the personal finance podcasts discussed in this post will help you acquire the right skills essential to your financial life.


What Are Some Good Podcasts About Personal Finance?

The best personal finance podcasts to listen to are those podcasts that specifically teach how to save money, prevent debt, multiply your income, and grow wealth. Anything personal finance podcast that doesn’t focus on these key areas may not be worth your time.


Where Can I Find Personal Finance Podcasts?

The best personal finance podcasts are available on mobile apps such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. You can also find them on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music.


Benefits Of Watching Personal Finance Podcast

Watching or listening to good personal finance podcasts isn’t just for entertainment or passing time. There are several things you can benefit from these shows, especially when it comes to improving your finances.

Here are 5 valid benefits of listening to podcasts about finance:


  • Better Spending Habits

Although this may not seem important, curbing your spending is an effective strategy for improving your finances. When you devote time to listening to the best podcasts on personal finance, you will learn how to spend wisely.

Making the right purchases at the right time will save you money and teach you to be financially responsible. Besides, while teaching you how to do away with bad spending habits, some of these personal finance podcasts will also introduce you to special frugal living tips that will save you a ton of money.


  • Wise Investment

You can completely wipe poverty out of your life when you know how to invest your money wisely. When you watch podcasts to learn about finance, you will be informed of the safe investment strategies you can employ to skyrocket your finances. Whether you intend to invest in stock or real estate, you can discern the right steps to take by paying attention to some of the best personal finance podcasts online right now.


  • Debt Prevention

Debt is probably the most common financial problem faced by millions of Americans. Each year, Americans owe hundreds of billions of dollars in credit card debt.

Coming out of debt can be surprisingly easy, but sometimes, it can be challenging. It all depends on knowing the right strategies for eliminating debt. Listening to financial podcasts can teach you how to pay off your debt and gain financial freedom.

However, if you are currently trying to figure out how to get out of debt as soon as possible, here are 10 effective strategies to pay off debt faster.


  • Retirement Planning

If you aren’t planning for retirement, you probably don’t care about your future. Retirement planning is one of the common things you can learn from financial podcasts. You can be taught how much you need to start saving to build a solid retirement fund. It’s important you know that you don’t necessarily have to be earning a ton of money to save enough for retirement.

If your annual income is between $65,000 to $70,000, and you are still in your 20s, you can still plan for retirement. Saving your retirement fund in a reliable investment account is a good place to start from.


  • Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is a state where you have enough money management skills to succeed financially and survive during financial crises. That’s exactly what the best podcasts on finance seek to achieve. They want to make you financially literate by teaching you how to manage your money effectively, be financially secure, and accomplish your financial goals.

Setting aside 15-30 minutes of your time to listen to a financial podcast is a fantastic way to help yourself financially.

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10 Best Financial Podcasts To Get Your Finances Together

If you are looking for a brilliant way to tackle your financial challenges, here are the top 10 best personal financial podcasts you should spend some time listening to:


1. 15-Minute Financial Advisor

This is one of the best personal finance podcasts, and it usually lasts for 15 minutes or less. This amazing podcast, hosted by Mike Policar, mainly focuses on investment tactics and savings.

Topics such as stock options and the best types of savings accounts are often discussed on the show. Each podcast episode is structured to provide background information on a subject matter, especially one relating to investing.

Although Mike Policar’s reason for hosting this podcast is to attract clients to his business, he doesn’t fail to deliver value on all his episodes. If you are just starting as an investor, this is one podcast you should learn from.

Listen to 15-Minute Financial Advisor here.


2. The Common Sense Financial Podcast

This is another interesting show among the popular financial podcasts on our list. Brian Skrobonja, a revered financial advisor and owner of Skrobonja Financial Group in Arnold, shares profound insight on retirement planning.

Most of his episodes focus on how you can successfully retire with a stable income, and he offers simple directions and steps to help you make the right investment toward your retirement. Sometimes, he even shares practical life stories to buttress his points.

Aside from providing advice on how to retire, Brian also shares tips and strategies for building wealth. Several episodes have been published on generational and estate planning, and he has interviewed several experts on social security.

Listen to The Common Sense Financial Podcast here.


3. Financial Residency

Ryan Inman hosts one of the best podcasts to learn personal finance. He’s an influential financial planner who works exclusively with physicians and their families at Physician Wealth Services in San Diego, California. Having built a wealth of knowledge in the personal finance field, Ryan’s podcast is usually insightful and comprehensive.

Before releasing an episode, he gives an outline of what the episode discusses. This makes it possible to know the specific subject on which he would be making a podcast. Ryan often covers everything that concerns personal finance and financial planning.

Listen to Financial Residency here.


4. Financial Side Of Life: College, Retirement, And Life

Due to the fact that a lot of Americans are struggling to pay off student loans, this podcast usually talks about how to pay off your student loans completely and regain financial freedom. LaRosee hosts this podcast to help families to save for retirement while sending their kids to college. Occasionally, she interviews professionals familiar with this subject matter.

LaRosee also shares insight on financial planning, especially for the Generation X and Millennials at Avea Financial Planning in Richland, Wash.

Listen to Financial Side Of Life here.


5. Stay Wealthy

“Stay Wealthy” is a value-packed podcast that teaches you how to grow and retain wealth regardless of the economic downturn. As a compelling podcaster, Taylor Schulte uses storytelling to communicate his ideas and strategies to his listeners. He cites real-life situations of people who have managed to build wealth from scratch and remain wealthy.

Another reason this is one of the best financial podcasts is that Taylor teaches his listeners how to get out of debt before retirement. Hence, if you are preparing to retire, you will find this podcast insightful.

Listen to Stay Wealthy here.


6. The Money Guy Show

This podcast has been educating thousands of people about personal finance for over a decade. Brian Preston started this personal finance podcast after realizing that many people are oblivious to money management techniques. Brian usually hosts this show with his colleague, Bo Hanson. Both experts educate listeners on how to manage money effectively and how to grow wealth through investing.

By listening to this podcast regularly, you can figure out the best investment options that are reliable. You will also learn how to manage your salary wisely.

Listen to The Money Guy Show here.


7. The Legacy And Lifestyle Show

George Acheampong is a well-known financial advisor based in North Carolina. His major goal as a financial podcaster is to enlighten clients and listeners on how to build wealth. As one of the best personal finance podcasts, The Legacy and Lifestyle Show improves your money mindset and opens your eyes to the possibilities of becoming wealthy before you retire.

George also interviews business owners and other experts in his field to discuss money-making strategies. Occasionally, he also talks about how to build a profitable business and achieve your financial goals.

Listen to The Legacy And Lifestyle Show here.


8. Jake Of All Trades

Jake Rivas hosts one of the top personal finance podcasts for Millennials. He’s mainly focused on helping young people pay off student loans within the shortest time possible. As someone who used to owe student loan debt, Jake shares his practical life story of how he pulled through. He is constantly using his knowledge to help other young people like himself to get out of debt.

In this podcast, Jake usually interviews personal finance experts to share in-depth knowledge of key financial issues. Moreover, there’s a segment in the podcast called “Fact or Fiction” which talks about some of the myths and facts about paying off student loans.

For example, he once addressed the notion that “student loan consolidation will lower your interest rate”. He revealed that this is just a myth and you can’t reduce your interest rate by consolidating your student loan debt.

Listen to Jake Of All Trades here.


9. Invest Talk With Steve Peasley And Justin Klein

This is one of the most popular finance podcasts ever. It started in 1999 as a radio show and later became a podcast show when the podcasting industry took off. As a popular show in Southern California, countless people within that region consider the podcast the best show regarding personal finance.

Although “Invest Talk” is hosted by Steve Peasley and Justin Klein, you will rarely listen to them together. Klein is known for hosting on Mondays, while Peasley handles the show on the other weekdays. The podcast primarily educates listeners on how to invest wisely, and practical stories are also shared to show people the right markets to invest in.

If you want to learn the right investment strategies to multiply your money, this is one of the best personal finance podcasts worth your time.

Listen to Invest Talk With Steve Peasley And Justin Klein here.


10. Inspired Money With Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang’s podcast, Inspired Money, is not labeled one of the best finance podcasts because of the large number of listeners but due to Andrew’s unique approach to solving financial problems. Every episode of this podcast talks about money management and how one can resolve challenges using money.

For example, he once interviewed a couple who managed to pay off their $300,000 mortgage on one salary within 5 years.

It was an incredible story that inspired so many people on how to pay off mortgage faster. As an investment advisor, Andrew Wang also helps people to invest wisely via his “Inspired Money” podcast. You’d definitely learn some things about investing if you listen to him.

Listen to Inspired Money here.


Final Thoughts On Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Making the right financial decisions won’t be possible if you rely only on your mere knowledge of finance. To avoid mistakes, you need to learn properly by listening to the best personal finance podcasts. Thankfully, this post has listed them, and it’s your responsibility to devote time to listen to any of the shows.

Interestingly, most of these podcasts won’t consume much of your time. Some of them last between 10-25 minutes and are only aired once or twice a week. Besides, when using an app like Apple Podcasts, you can download any episode you like and watch it later at your convenience.


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