How To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body: 20 Best Payers

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best ways to get paid for pictures of your body

If you are looking for a way to make extra money, the best thing you can do is tap into a passive income stream that will fetch you cash without having to put in little or no work at all. For instance, you can get paid for pictures of your body. This is not even a regular job. It’s more or less a side business that helps you make an extra income online. You can still focus on your full-time job while getting money passively.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most reliable ways to make money with this business model. Besides, in case you are wondering if there are some stringent requirements to get paid for pictures of yourself, you have nothing to worry about. You only need a few regular tools to get started.


Can You Legitimately Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body Online?

You can legitimately get paid for taking pictures of yourself. All you have to do is host these images on online platforms that allow photographers to sell photos to premium subscribers. There are dozens of legit sites you can sign up with to start making money from your pictures.


How Safe Is It To Sell Pictures Of Your Body Online?

Selling pictures of your body online is safe, especially when they are not n#de photos. When you partner with a site to sell your photos, it becomes a serious legitimate business. You can even take legal action against anyone who tries to use your photos without paying or seeking your consent.


How Much Can You Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body?

The amount of money you earn selling pictures of your body depends on the site or app where the images are sold. Some sites with a very large number of subscribers will pay you more than sites that have a smaller audience. Notwithstanding, in general, you can make around $0.50 per photo.


Basic Tools You Need To Start Selling Pictures Of Your Body

You don’t need a technical apparatus to get paid for pictures of your body. Here are the basic tools you need to get started with this job:


  • Camera

Of course, this is an obvious one. Pictures can only be taken with cameras. You should consider investing a reasonable amount of money between $700-$1,500 in purchasing a professional camera.

However, if you are currently using a smartphone, you might not have to spend any money on a new camera. Some smartphones have a very sharp lens that can capture clear images as if they were taken by a professional camera.


  • PC/Photo Editing Software

When pictures are shot, they are not uploaded immediately. The photos have to be painstakingly edited so they can become more beautiful and appealing to an audience. This is why you need a PC and photo editing software to create crisp and colorful images.

Some photo editing software are free to use. But if you want your images to stand out, you have to invest in a paid tool with numerous professional features that make photo editing much easier.


  • Internet

The internet is the bedrock of this entire business because you can’t sell your photos offline. Everything about the business happens online, which is why you need seamless access to the internet to make your operation smooth.

From finding the right site for selling your images to actually setting up your profile and selling the photos, you have to be friends with the internet throughout.


  • Social Media

If you want to get paid for pictures of your body, you must recognize the role of social media in the online space.

Having a theme page across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok can help drive exposure to your brand. You can grow a following, connect with talented photographers, and even get the opportunity to partner with big brands in the fashion or beauty industry that may be interested in your photos for advertising campaigns.

get paid for pictures of your body


20 Best Ways To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

One good thing about making money with your pictures is that it could become a profitable passive income stream. As your brand becomes quite popular on several sites, you’d begin to sell more photos and earn enough cash. Here are some of the best ways to get paid for pictures of your body:


1. Pay Your Selfie

This is a mobile app launched in 2016. It’s available on Android and iOS, and it pays you for uploading photos of yourself.

Your images (usually selfies) will be sent to legit brands looking for authentic photographs for their advertisements. You earn around $1 per selfie, and you can withdraw your earnings when you make up to $20.


2. SmugMug

get paid to sell pictures of your body

SmugMug is quite different from other sites that pay you for body pictures because it allows you to set your own price. You can register with the company for free and start displaying your photos.

SmugMug also recommends that you stick to a specific niche for your pictures. For example, you can decide to take pictures only around nature like trees, flowers, or animals.


3. Stylinity

This is another legit app where you get paid for pictures of your body.

You have to start by opening an account, and then take attractive pictures of yourself wearing a brand’s outfit. The photos would be uploaded on social media but would include a barcode. Anyone who scans the code will be directed to the brand you are representing.

As people become interested in your photos, you earn Points called StylePerks which can be redeemed as cash or products.


4. 500px

500px pays around 60% royalties to its creators. All you have to do is create an account and upload your crisp and clear pictures. The platform allows you to license your photos with global distribution partners, helping you to make more money from your pictures.

Signing up on 500px is completely free, but the company takes about 40% of your proceeds.


5. BigStock

This is a popular online marketplace for photographers and artists looking to sell their content.

Before your photos can be available for sale on BigStock, they must be reviewed to ensure that they comply with the company’s policy. Only high-quality images make it to the site. Hence, you can’t take a selfie of yourself and expect to sell it on the site. All your photos have to be professionally shot and edited.


Get Paid To Sell Pictures Of Your Body

6. Dreamstime

If you are searching for the world’s largest stock photo market to sell pictures of yourself, look no further. Dreamstime is currently the biggest platform for photographers, models, and artists to make money from their pictures.

You earn at least 60% revenue share from your sales. Don’t forget you could make more money on this site due to its large audience that may be interested in your images.


7. Agora Images

get paid for pictures of yourself

Agora is quite different from most sites where you get paid for pictures of your body.

Contributors make money on this platform by entering photo contests. The best images to come out of the contest will be awarded cash prizes. Besides, the amount of money you earn through your photos depends on how long you have spent on the site as a contributor.


8. Scoopshot

websites that pay you for body pictures

There are two major ways to make money on this site with your pictures. The first option is to submit your photos and make them available for sale in the ScoopShot store. You’ll receive a notification for every sale you make.

The other option for making money is to provide your photos to an online publisher for free. But when the images are used in news stories or blog posts, you get a share of the advertising revenue.


9. Fiverr

You might have heard of Fiverr. It’s the world’s largest marketplace for freelancers.

The platform now provides an opportunity for photographers to make money by showcasing their photos and selling them to interested prospects. The best thing about being on Fiverr is that you can sell a single high-quality picture for $100 or more.


Websites That Pay You For Body Pictures

10. Getty Images

Have you tried downloading a picture online? You might have come across Getty Images. This is one of the biggest brands in the stock photo industry.

You can publish images on the site and get a %20 commission for every sale you make. However, bear in mind that any picture listed on Getty Images can’t be published on another stock photo site.


11. 123RF

get paid for taking pictures of yourself

123RF may not be a very popular stock photo site, but it allows you to get paid to sell pictures of your body.

You can earn up to 60% commissions from photos sold. When your earnings get to $50, you can withdraw using PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill. Moreover, this site allows its contributors to list their images on other platforms. Your work is non-exclusive


12. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has grown to be one of the world’s best sites to sell pictures of yourself online for money. Besides, it’s quite easy to become a contributor on the website. You only have to begin by creating a free account and uploading your photos. Then, you’d have to wait for some time while the company approves the photos that can be sold online.

Adobe Stock pays you at least 30% commission from your sales.


13. PhotoShelter

If you’re still figuring out how to sell pictures of yourself for money, consider joining PhotoShelter.

This platform is actually amazing because it allows you to create your own custom website where you will display your photos for sale. You’d have to choose from various website templates, enabling you to create your own site within minutes.

However, PhotoShelter is not free. It costs at least $10 per month for the basic plan.


Get Paid For Taking Pictures Of Yourself

14. Foap

Are you looking for a marketplace where you can add both photos and videos of yourself for money? Foab is the ideal platform for you. It connects you to brands looking for pictures and clips for advert campaigns.

You can earn around $5 or more for every sale, but you have to split your earnings with Foap since the marketplace is free.


15. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the most reliable sites to sign up with when learning how to make money selling photos of yourself. You can get started for free by creating an account and signing a release before your pictures can be uploaded for commercial use.

You can make the most money on Shutterstock because, for every image you sell, you make over $100.


16. iStockphoto

iStockphoto is an extension of Getty Images. It’s one of the legit sites where you get paid for pictures of your body.

Before you become a paid contributor on this site, you have to first submit an application. If your application is reviewed and accepted, you’ll be allowed to sell photos on iStockphoto. The site also allows you to list your photos on other sites since you’re a non-exclusive contributor.


17. Alamy

Alamy is a British stock photo site looking for contributors with high-quality photos for commercial purposes. Hence, if you want to learn how to make money selling pictures of yourself online, you should think about uploading a set of premium pictures to the site.

As soon as you upload your images, they will be available for sale in just 24 hours. Alamy also gives its contributors at least 50% commission for successful sales.


Apps That Pay You For Body Pictures

18. PicFair

PicFair is quite similar to PhotoShelter because it allows you to create your own attractive photography store where your images will be displayed as prints and digital downloads. This also means you can set your own prices.

PicFair also allows you to keep 100% of your earnings. The company makes its money by adding an extra fee to the initial amount clients pay.

For example, if your photo is being sold for $30, the prospect will pay around $36 ($6 goes to the company while you keep your original price).


19. Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace for almost everyone, including someone like you looking to get paid for pictures of yourself.

When you sign up on Etsy, you can create your own digital store and showcase your photos. Anyone interested in your images can get digital downloads or printed copies which will be delivered to their doorstep by the company (Etsy).

A commission of 5% will be taken from every sale you make.


20. Instaprints

Are you fond of taking selfies and posting on Instagram? Instaprints is an amazing company that is willing to pay you for your Instagram selfies.

Simply create an account and link it to your Instagram profile. Instaprints allows you to set your own rates, and whenever a client needs a printed copy of your picture, the company handles the shipping.

You can make between $5 – $50 selling your pictures.


Final Thoughts On How To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body

There are so many ways to make money from home without doing a lot of work. Finding a legit platform where you get paid for pictures of yourself is a brilliant way to achieve this. Your photos can be sold repeatedly for as long as possible. There’s basically no limit to how much you can earn.

Nevertheless, if you are just getting started with this idea, ensure you create an account with reliable sites and apps that pay you for body pictures.


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