Get Paid To Test Products: 21 High Paying Companies

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When companies make new products, they don’t launch them on the market almost immediately. They usually assess the quality of these products to ensure that it meets the requirements of potential buyers. To carry out this special objective, some companies hire freelancers to examine the products. This is the part where someone like you can get paid to test products.

These products can either be physical commodities or digital creations. What this means is that you go from testing a blender to assessing a new mobile app or website. Based on people’s experience and feedback on this job, it’s usually easier to test digital products. You can work conveniently from your home and you don’t even need to be tech-savvy.


What Exactly Does A Product Tester Do?

A product tester is usually paid to examine the quality of a product and see how it works. This helps the manufacturer or creator of the product to identify defects or anything that reduces the standard of the commodity.


How Much Do Product Testers Make?

Your income as a product tester depends on the type of products you test and how profound the testing process is. Typically, your earnings can be between $3 – $500. For example, testing a website as big as HBO or Netflix can get you at least $100 instantly.


What Are The Requirements As A Product Tester

There are certain skills that are required of you before you can make money testing products from home. These skills are the first things a company looks at before they consider you qualified for the job. They include but aren’t limited to:


  • Writing Skill

One of the things you must do while testing a product is to write a comprehensive review. That is how you give feedback to the company that hired you to test their products.

Apparently, this means you need to have impressive writing skills. You should be able to communicate your ideas in clear and understandable grammar. Your review is not expected to contain punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, or grammatical blunders. This makes your work easy to read.


  • Time Management

Sometimes you may have to review multiple products at once. As much as this could be stressful, it means you will make more money than other product testers that have only one stuff to do. This is where you put your time management skills to use. You have to prove your competence to the companies looking for product testers.


  • Flexibility

Although it is important to choose a category of products you like to review, it also pays to be flexible. For instance, if you want to turn product testing into a full-time career, then you have to be open to a lot of offers.

Now, completing these various product reviews means you won’t be focused on a specific area. You must be flexible enough to try different types of products while meeting deadlines and impressing your recruiters with good-written product reviews.


  • Fast Internet

This is not a skill. You could call it a tool instead. However, it’s very instrumental to your success as a product tester. Considering the fact that you may be testing digital products sometimes, you need to have reliable internet access. This makes your job faster and easier.

If you make use of poor internet to carry out your job, chances are that you won’t even complete the assignment on time. You may deliver late, and that’s definitely bad for your reputation as a professional product tester.


How To Become A Product Tester

If you want to get paid to test products, the first thing you have to consider is the type of products you want to work with. For instance, you can decide to test skincare products alone. If you have a baby, you can focus on infant care products alone. Doing this helps you to carve a niche for yourself, and that is what most companies are looking for. They are not interested in hiring someone who has a finger in every pie.

The next step is to sign up with product testing websites. That is how you make money testing products online. Registering on these sites is not usually a quick process. Firstly, you’d have to create an account or subscribe to a paid membership.

Once you have an account, you may be required to complete a screening process. This depends on the kind of products you choose to test. Some companies make the screening process compulsory to determine if you’re qualified for the job.

Lastly, before you test and review a product, you will be given an instruction to guide the testing process. For example, if you’re going to test a household product you’ve never used before, you need to first figure out how it works, so you can use it properly. Hence, you must follow all instructions strictly to avoid accidents or mistakes.

get paid to test products


21 Ways To Get Paid To Test Products

Bear in mind that some of the companies that pay you to test products won’t pay you in cash directly. Instead, you could get points, gift cards, or even free products that you could resell and keep the money. Notwithstanding, here are 21 legit ways to get paid to test products:


1. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a large group of companies with thousands of employees. They own reputable brands such as Aveeno, Clean & Clear, and Neutrogena. But more importantly, the establishment has built its own program for product testing.

If you are at least 18 years old, you are eligible to participate in the program. You will get paid to test products, complete online surveys, participate in online forums, and more.


2. UserTesting

ways to get paid to test products

If you are interested in testing only software, then UberTesting is the place where you earn money testing products for designers and developers. The amount you earn depends on the complexity of the mobile app or website you are testing. Your earnings will be paid via a verified PayPal account after 7 days of completing the job.


3. Influenster

With over 6.5 million members, this is one of the most legit sites that pay you to test products.

Once you successfully sign up as a member of the platform, you will be given sample products in a VoxBox, including special discounts on their digital offers.

These products are usually toys, games, personal beauty, and health items. However, this company doesn’t pay you in cash. Instead, they let you keep the products you test.


4. McCormick & Company

Are you looking for product testing opportunities from a food-based company? McCormick & Company is one successful brand you need to look out for.

Once you apply to be a product tester for this company, all you have to do is wait for an email inviting you to participate in upcoming studies.

McCormick offers testing sessions that may require you to stay at home or be present at the company. They are also known for paying a decent amount of money, and the pay depends on how long it takes for you to complete a test.


5. American Consumer Opinion

get paid testing products

If you are interested in learning how to get paid to test products at home, then you should register with American Consumer Opinion. This company makes use of online surveys to get people’s opinions on a product’s design and packaging.

You earn money by accumulating points each time you complete a survey. Once you have at least 1,000 points, you can redeem them for cash via PayPal.


Ways To Get Paid To Test Products

6. Survey Junkie

You may have learned about Survey Junkie. It’s a popular site that pays you to complete online surveys. Just like the American Consumer Opinion, this company is constantly looking for authentic information concerning a lot of things, including products.

Once you sign up on Survey Junkie, you may receive surveys that have to do with product quality and packaging. Apparently, these are products you must have used in the past. Survey Junkie will make sure of this by collecting certain information from you during your registration.


7. InboxDollars

how to get paid to test products

InboxDollars allows you to earn money by testing new apps, shopping online, and exploring new products and services in the online space.

The company also sends online Surveys that help you earn an extra $0.50 – $5 at the end of the day. However, some surveys can pay as much as $20. It all depends on how much time is required to complete the task.

With over $80 million paid in cash rewards, InboxDollars is a legit platform you can trust.


8. Branded Surveys

sites that pay you to test products

This is another legit platform where you get paid to test products at home. Branded Surveys usually need your opinions on various products and services since they are a company that helps so many Fortune 500 companies conduct market research.

While creating an account, Branded Surveys will ask you some personal questions about your habits, lifestyle, buying behavior, and more. This information is used to determine the kind of surveys that will be sent to you.

Depending on how lengthy a survey is, you can make between $0.50 – $5.


9. Ipsos iSay

test products for money

Ipsos iSay is a multinational market research and consulting firm. They launch an online survey community called iSay where people can get paid to test products by providing information about different brands they have tried in the past. iSay will only send you surveys that are relevant to your profile and demographics.

When it comes to your earnings, this company pays you based on the number of surveys you complete. You can earn around $1.50 per survey, but can only withdraw your money when you have at least $5.


10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is just as popular as Survey Junkie. It’s one of the most legit product testing sites out there. The company pays you for testing game apps, answering surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

The good thing about Swagbucks is that there are different activities you can do to earn, which makes the platform less boring. For every task you complete, you earn “swag bucks”. These are points that can be converted to cash or redeemed as gift cards.


Get Paid To Test Products At Home

11. LifePoints

make money testing products online

As the name suggests, LifePoints rewards its members when they complete surveys. Hence, you have to focus on accumulating as many points as possible to earn enough money.

The number of points you earn depends on several factors, including the length of the survey and how much time you are being given to deliver on the job.

You can redeem your points as cash through PayPal or you can get them as gift cards. Don’t forget that some of the surveys you get from LifePoints are concerned with product quality and consumer experience.


12. BetaTesting

make money testing products from home

BetaTesting is one of the best companies where you test products for money. All members on the platform are known as “Beta Testers”.

Signing up and creating your profile only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve done that, the company sends emails to invite you to test products for different clients. These products can be mobile apps, websites, or physical items like TVs and smart vacuums.

You earn between $15 – $30 for each test.


13. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of those companies where you only get paid to test products through special invites. So as a member, you just have to look forward to receiving that invitation email that offers the product testing gig. After completing the testing process, you are either paid in cash or through gift cards.

Mind you, Pinecone Research is ranked among the best product testing panels, making it a very legit platform for anyone trying to figure out how to get paid to test products.


14. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel pays you for shopping. The company is simply interested in learning about the kind of products people buy in stores. They need this information to help in their research on shopping and purchasing trends.

As a member of the National Consumer Panel, you will be given a handheld scanner to scan all your purchases whenever you shop. You rack up points by scanning a lot of products, and then you get paid by Visa Gift Cards.


How To Get Paid To Test Products

15. SheSpeaks

This is a special platform designed for women alone. As a lady, you can share product reviews and get rewarded with Gift Cards. To encourage more participation in their surveys, SheSpeaks offers exciting events and giveaways to all members.


16. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is another legit paid product testing platform. As a member, you will receive product samples through the mail. You are expected to test the product, write a review, and share the information with your friends and followers on social media. This is aimed at increasing awareness of the product and encouraging more patronage.


17. TestingTime

TestingTime is one of the invite-only sites where you get paid to test products. You can test apps, websites, and even physical products like gadgets and food items. It all depends on the kind of market research the company is conducting. More importantly, you will be compensated with real cash for your efforts and insightful contributions to the research.


18. Opinion Outpost

If you are looking for the best product testing sites, you definitely have to put Opinion Outpost on your list. It is a market research panel where you sign up and provide your opinion on a variety of topics, products, and services.

Before you get a product testing gig from the platform, you have to complete a few surveys. The information you provided in these surveys will be used to determine the kind of products you will be interested in testing.


Sites That Pay You To Test Products

19. Toluna Influencers

This is a very large community with millions of members (influencers) sharing their views on various products and brands that they regularly use.

Unlike most product testing platforms, the pay from Toluna is good. This is because you must be considered an influencer before getting accepted into the community. Hence, you want to grow your following on social media before applying to be a Toluna Influencer.


20. First Opinion

First Opinion is almost like a social network where you connect with like-minded people and share relevant ideas. But most importantly, it’s a legit platform where you can get paid to test products. You earn money by completing paid surveys, testing physical and digital products, and commenting on various topics.

The best thing about First Opinion is that you can get paid through direct deposit. You don’t need to have a PayPal account or accept eGift Cards.


21. Product Report Card

You may not believe this, but Product Report Card is a top leading panel with the highest-paying product testing opportunities. You can earn as much as $150 by providing feedback on a product you’re given to test.

Although getting accepted into the platform isn’t usually easy, the income is worth it if you eventually do get accepted as a product tester. You can withdraw your earnings either as cash or Gift Cards.


Final Thoughts: Getting Paid To Test Products

There are so many ways to get paid to test products. However, you must be careful not to sign up on a platform that isn’t legit. There are numerous sites online that would waste your time and won’t pay you a single dollar for your efforts.

Thankfully, I have put together this list of the top companies that will pay you for product testing. These platforms are legit with millions of members within and outside the United States.

Lastly, signing up on multiple platforms can help you earn more money, especially when you have enough time to complete all your tasks before the deadline.


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