How To Make Money On Pinterest: 8 Best Methods

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Pinterest is increasingly becoming a very well-known platform among digital creators, especially designers. It’s a unique search engine that allows its users to find resourceful content and helpful ideas to complete certain jobs in the online space. However, the money-making opportunity on Pinterest is something many people are oblivious to. You can actually learn how to make money on Pinterest and turn it into a steady side income.

I signed up on the platform a few years ago and I’ve been able to successfully monetize my account, helping me to generate an extra income every month. If you are going to make your first dollar on Pinterest, you need to follow the exact blueprint that I used when I got started.

This post will share legit, feasible ideas to make cool cash with your Pinterest account. You’ll also be learning top tips to help you scale this side business as you go on.


Can You Make Money On Pinterest?

Originally, Pinterest wasn’t designed to help anyone earn money. But as the platform evolved, the company has devised creative means to enable thousands of its dedicated creators to make money passively. As you read, you’ll figure out how to partake in this monetization opportunity.


How Much Money Can You Make On Pinterest?

Your income on Pinterest depends on how big you become as a creator. You can make from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars every month. Besides, you have the opportunity to continuously increase your earnings as you maximize the various profitable aspects of the platform.


How To Get Started Making Money On Pinterest For Beginners: Step-By-Step Guide

How do you figure out how to make money on Pinterest when you don’t know the necessary steps to be taken? This is why I’ve outlined this simple step-by-step process for you to get started as soon as possible.


#Step 1: Create Your Own Blog Or Website

The first step on how to make money on Pinterest as a creator is to build and launch your site. This should be a blog where you regularly share insightful or entertaining content. Now your blog would work hand-in-hand with your Pinterest account to make money for you.

Here’s how it works. When your blog gets monetized on Google Adsense, you need to drive enough traffic to the site in order to make money. Pinterest is a reliable platform where you can get the traffic you need.

So basically, as you drive visitors from your Pinterest account to your blog, you’ll earn revenue.


#Step 2: Create Helpful And Engaging Pins

Pins on Pinterest refer to the content that is being uploaded to the platform. They are pictures, graphic designs, or short visuals. If you must grow your following as a creator, you need to create pins that are of value to a target audience.

What this means is that your content must either provide a solution or simply entertain your followers. This way, people will keep coming back to both your old and new pins.

If you are finding it hard to design your pins, use a tool like Canva where you are allowed to use thousands of graphic design templates for free.


#Step 3: Learn About Pinterest Policy

While you are interested in learning how to make money on Pinterest, don’t forget that you must be fully aware of the platform’s policies for creators. That’s the only way you can be informed of the dos and don’ts of the platform.

Don’t be in a hurry to start uploading content as soon as you create an account. Be patient enough to comprehend the Pinterest policy and know the rules guiding how content is being shared on the platform.

This is a very essential step you shouldn’t overlook.


#Step 4: Create A Pinterest Business Account

To get paid to pin on Pinterest, you need to create a business account.

This account permits you to earn money as you grow bigger on the platform. It’s completely free. There’s no membership fee or any sort of paid subscription to keep your Pinterest business account active as a creator.

On the other hand, it’s important to create this account since it gives you access to view your analytics and see how your content is performing.

There are also some tools you can use to optimize your account and grow your audience.

how to make money on pinterest


8 Legit Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

There are diverse ways to earn money on Pinterest. You don’t even need to invest too much money or need any fancy tool to get started. Here are some amazing money-making opportunities available on the platform:


1. Send Traffic To An E-Commerce Site

The e-commerce industry keeps getting bigger. More and more people around the world are getting quite comfortable with online shopping. So if you own an e-commerce website, Pinterest can be one of your primary sources of traffic.

The people you direct from your Pinterest account to the site may be interested in the things you sell and instantly buy. It’s a very simple business model.

If you don’t have an e-commerce site, you don’t need to worry. You can sign up on platforms like Shopify or Etsy where you are allowed to create your own online store and sell stuff. All you have to do is drive traffic from Pinterest to your online shop.

If you don’t know how to make money on Pinterest without a blog, the e-commerce sector has provided an alternative.


2. Sell Digital Products On Pinterest

Since Pinterest is an online platform, that’s an opportunity for you to sell digital products with it. If you have an ebook published on Amazon KDP or an online course, you can find prospects through your Pinterest business account.

What you have to do is create eye-catching pins that can compel your followers to check out the digital product you have for sale. The more relevant pins you create, the more you stand a chance of attracting qualified prospects to buy from you.


3. Join Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate marketing is currently helping people generate thousands of dollars every month. You simply make money from this business model by recommending other people’s products to potential clients. When people buy through your recommendation, you instantly get a commission.

Now when you join a credible affiliate marketing platform, your Pinterest business account gives you the opportunity to find prospects. All you have to do is pick a hot-selling product many people are interested in and then promote it via your account.


4. Join The Pinterest Creator Reward Program

One of the best ways to make money on Pinterest is to join the Creator Reward Program.

You earn money by creating original Idea Pins based on Pinterest prompts. For every Pin you are told to create, you will be given certain targets. For example, your pin may need to get a specific number of “SAVES” or reactions.

To be eligible for this opportunity, you need to use the Pinterest business account, have at least 250 followers, and have at least 150 SAVES of your published pins within the previous 30 days.


5. Take Advantage Of SEO

Bear in mind that Pinterest is a search engine. Millions of people visit the platform to search for ideas to complete certain projects. Hence, you must ensure that your pins are optimized for search results.

Do some keyword research and find the common phrases or terms that people regularly search for. Create eye-catching pins that are relevant to the keywords visitors search for. This is a brilliant strategy for attracting more followers to your profile.

But more importantly, it’s a reliable way to make money pinning on Pinterest.


6. Promote Brands

When you become a big creator on Pinterest, you’ll be considered an influencer. This means brands will be willing to partner with you to promote their products or services. Thankfully, the platform has made this very easy to do.

To promote a brand, you have to first make an Idea Pin, add the “paid partnership” label to it, and then approve the tag from the business you want to advertise.

When it comes to learning how to make money on Pinterest, brand promotion is one of the most profitable opportunities to tap into.


7. Manage Pinterest Accounts For Others

If you don’t know how to earn money on Pinterest as a small creator, then maybe you can start by helping other creators manage their accounts.

This is almost the same thing as managing someone’s Facebook or Instagram theme page. Based on your agreement with the client, you can be paid weekly or monthly. Your basic job will be creating relevant pins to attract new followers and grow the account.

If you are good at this, many people won’t mind paying for it. Besides, you can keep growing your own Pinterest business account despite working for others.


8. Promote Smaller Creators

As a creator with lots of followers on Pinterest, you can help smaller creators grow their accounts when you collaborate with them occasionally. Of course, you get paid when you do this since it’s similar to promoting a business. However, small creators may not be able to pay as much as most business owners because they are actually still trying to earn money on the platform.


Success Tips To Make Money On Pinterest

Learning how to make money on Pinterest is not all rosy. You’ll have to put in a lot of work and be patient until you start getting results. Notwithstanding, here are some tips to help you succeed in time as a monetized creator:


1. Use The Creator Fund

The Pinterest Creator Fund is a program set up by the company to provide financial and educational support to certain creators, especially those from underrepresented groups.

You have to apply to join this opportunity, and if you are deemed qualified, you’ll be accepted into the Creator Fund. It’s an amazing way to learn how to create the right content on Pinterest and also earn money while doing that.


2. Create High-Quality Pins

Most of the users on Pinterest are designers. This is why it’s important to create eye-catching Pins that can grab attention and even make people follow you instantly.

Now you don’t need to become a professional graphic designer to create attractive pins. If you sign up on Canva, you will have access to numerous design templates you can easily edit and tweak into unique content.

So while you’re focused on figuring out how to make money on Pinterest, don’t forget to sharpen your design skills.


3. Have A Consistent Posting Schedule

Being a creator on Pinterest is the same as being a creator on other creative social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. So to grow your following, you need to post content consistently.

For example, you shouldn’t create a pin one day and wait for weeks before uploading another. The algorithm won’t easily recognize your account, let alone optimize it.

Develop a simple posting schedule that helps upload pins regularly. This is one of the underrated tips to make money on Pinterest.


4. Maximize Pin Clicks

Maximizing pin clicks simply means you need to get as many eyes as possible on every pin you upload. It’s one of the effective strategies for how to make money on Pinterest.

When you have a lot of people checking out your pins, the algorithm will organically promote your profile to a larger audience. So begin by sharing links to your Pinterest on social media.

If you belong to online communities, don’t be shy to talk about your Pinterest account. Just keep driving traffic to the account.


5. Drive Traffic With Ads

If you want to know how to make money on Pinterest immediately after creating your account, you must be ready to invest in paid ads.

Usually, Pinterest allows you to grow your account by uploading pins consistently and providing your followers with what they want. But if you want to speed up this process, you can drive a ton of traffic using social media ads.

For example, you can run a Facebook/Instagram advert, talking about the kind of helpful pins you upload to your Pinterest account. This will increase your following significantly!


Quick Summary: How To Make Money On Pinterest

Now that you have an idea on how to make money pinning on Pinterest, it’s time to create an extra income to complement your full-time job.

One of the best things about Pinterest monetization is that there are not too many requirements to get started. Unlike other platforms where you need thousands of followers to get monetized, Pinterest only requires a minimum of 250 followers.

Besides, this is completely done online and it’s pretty flexible. It doesn’t affect your main hustle. You can decide how many hours a week you are willing to commit to growing your Pinterest account.


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