23 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women To Make Quick Cash

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Getting pregnant certainly comes with various difficulties, especially regarding your health. As a pregnant woman, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be as vibrant and energetic as when you had not conceived. Notwithstanding, as much as pregnancy affects a woman’s vibrancy and productivity, it’s really not an excuse to be jobless. There are so many jobs for pregnant women that won’t bring any harm to their health or that of their unborn babies.

As soon as you get pregnant, you should only work safe and stress-free jobs. Thankfully, this post recommends over 20 pregnant friendly jobs. You have nothing to worry about working any of the jobs discussed here.


What Jobs Can A Pregnant Woman Apply For?

Pregnant women should apply for jobs that either allow them to work from home or spend little time at the office. Virtual assistant, transcriptionist, and freelance writing are perfect examples of jobs that pregnant women should apply for.


Important Tips For Getting A Job While Pregnant

Finding the right job while pregnant might be challenging. Here are some tips to help you as you search for the perfect job.


Know Your Rights

You should be fully aware of your rights when applying for jobs as a pregnant woman. According to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) of 1978, your pregnancy can’t impede you from getting employed. This act also lists other rights that you should get acquainted with. Otherwise, an employer can easily dismiss your application simply because you are pregnant.

Knowing your rights helps you to apply for jobs more confidently without feeling intimidated by your situation as a pregnant woman.


Know When To Schedule Interviews

Pregnancy often comes with different symptoms that should keep you away from the public eye. Morning sickness, cravings, and bloating are some of the things you will deal with. Besides, you can’t accurately predict when these side effects show up. Hence, it’s highly important to take your time when scheduling an interview.

Ideally, you should only be interviewed when you are mentally fit and healthy. You can’t meet with your interviewer with a swollen face or running stomach. Even if your interview is virtual, you should consider this carefully.


Spare Your Employer The Pregnancy Talk

During an interview, you must avoid talking too much about your pregnancy. It’s possible your interviewer could ask a few questions about the pregnancy, but make sure that doesn’t become the main focus.

Instead of talking about how difficult it is to work with pregnancy, sell your skill set to your employer. Talk about your work experience and what makes you a perfect fit for the role you are applying for. This approach won’t make you look like a liability to the organization you want to work for.


Look At The Benefits Involved

Another area to look at when applying for a job is the bunch of benefits you would be getting from your employer.

From maternity leave to a stipend for daycare, there are some basic benefits that should come alongside your employment letter. However, applying for a job that suits your condition is more important than applying for a position that could affect your pregnancy. Don’t prioritize some employee benefits over the health of your unborn child.


Review Hours And Flexibility

Flexibility is very important when applying for a job, especially if it’s a remote position. Being pregnant obviously means you can’t spend all your time at work. You need to rest and look after your condition. Hence, finding a flexible job that allows you to take care of yourself is a win. This is why pregnant women are usually advised to apply for remote positions.


Jobs To Avoid When Pregnant

As a pregnant woman, bear in mind that you can’t apply for every job even if you are qualified for the role.

For example, jobs that let you work long hours are unsafe. Many miscarriages have been attributed to working long hours and staying up at night. Besides, pregnant women working more than 40 hours a week are likely to give birth to children with a smaller head circumference and lower weight.

Also, you shouldn’t apply for jobs that require you to lift heavy objects. Pregnant women are not supposed to lift anything heavier than 25 pounds. Prolonged lifting of heavy objects can lead to miscarriage. You should avoid it completely.

Lastly, as a pregnant woman, you should avoid working too long on a computer. Sitting on a desk and pressing buttons for an extended period of time can result in neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain, and it can prevent blood from flowing properly in the body.

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23 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women To Make Quick Cash

Job hunting for pregnant women can be pretty stressful, especially when you don’t know the direction to look at. Knowing the kind of job you want will enable you to be more directional when sending applications. Below are 23 jobs for pregnant women who are in search of employment.


Online Jobs For Pregnant Women

ways to earn money while pregnant

If you prefer working virtually via the internet, here are some jobs you should consider applying for:


1. Transcriptionist

Transcription is one of the online jobs for pregnant moms. It entails audio files to text. You might be converting materials like audiobooks into written content.

If you are just getting started, the pay is usually low. But as you gain experience on the job, your paycheck should get bigger. Moreover, to do the job effectively, you need to be in a quiet environment. It’s probably not the best choice for you if you have kids.


2. Call Center Representative

If you enjoy conversing on the phone and helping people solve simple problems, you might want to work as a call center representative.

It’s usually a customer-service job. You will have to receive calls from customers having difficulty using the products or services offered by the company you work for. As long as you are confident enough to speak clearly and offer the needed solutions, you will do great on the job.

This also means that you have to learn about the products or services of your employer extensively.


3. Chat Agent

This job is very similar to a call center representative. But instead of having phone calls, you text the customers.

Apparently, you don’t have to be worried about background noises and other loud distractions that could affect your conversations with customers. All you need to do is receive complaints and inquiries from customers. Besides, this job is done online using a laptop and internet access.


4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is one of the best online jobs for pregnant women. The job is usually flexible and it allows you to put your virtual skills to good use.

From scheduling appointments to writing emails and making phone calls, virtual assistants carry out simple tasks on behalf of a boss. If you are okay working online, you should apply for this role. Freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork have endless possibilities for virtual assistants to find gigs and make money weekly.


5. Data Entry Clerk

As one of the oldest online jobs, pregnant women aren’t supposed to have any problem working in this role flexibly. Besides, it doesn’t require much skill. As long as you know how to handle computer software like Excel and Microsoft Word, you can work as a data entry clerk.

Usually, your job is to enter information into different applications or programs manually. As much as it’s a straightforward job, it can be a little bit tedious sometimes.


6. Online Direct Sales

Do you have a solid skill set when it comes to salesmanship? This is one of the easy jobs for pregnant women who don’t mind promoting and selling products online. Some companies hoping to increase sales employ remote workers to run a web office, where they reach out to prospects and pitch the required product or services.

Interestingly, you don’t always have to be hired by anyone to do this job. You can set up your own venture by finding products and selling them online, and keeping 100% of your profits.


Stay At Home Jobs For Pregnant Women

Leaving the house daily when pregnant seems like a lot of work already. Here are some of the best stay at home jobs for pregnant moms who want to make money without leaving the comfort of their homes:


7. Social Media Management

Do you use social media frequently? You should know by now that people make a good amount of money by managing the social media pages of business owners.

By creating content, posting with a schedule, and interacting with the audience that views your content, you are working as a social media manager. The good thing about this job is that you can work with multiple employers. This is possible due to some online tools that help you create and schedule posts. You can manage your time effectively and complete tasks.


8. Freelance Writing

This is one of the most common stay at home jobs for pregnant women. Writing informative articles and website content might not even be a very difficult job for you. You only have to be able to write content that is grammatically correct and engaging. Besides, a tool like Grammarly helps you edit your content within minutes.

Notwithstanding, bear in mind that you would also need to adhere to some specific information from your employer concerning the structure and theme of the content you have been assigned to write.


9. Search Engine Evaluation

As one of the most important jobs on the web, search engine evaluation can earn you a decent amount of money.

Your job is to help search engines like Google understand what their users want and the kind of results they should be getting. You probably think that this job may require some tech-savvy approach. But shockingly, it’s a simple job. You don’t need to be a tech genius. You only need a good knowledge of the internet and how to use search engines.


10. Selling Handmade Items

Some moms have been quite creative by creating handmade items and selling them online. It’s one of the most profitable and easy jobs for pregnant women.

If you know how to make unique gift items, craft supplies, jewelry, or clothing, you can sell your stuff via an online marketplace like Etsy. It’s safe to say that this is a small business, not a regular job where you expect a paycheck once a month. You can earn money even daily by selling handmade items.


11. Test Grading

You can work as a test grader if you have a sound educational background. Test grading jobs are available throughout the normal school year, but getting hired during the summer is easier.

To be eligible for this job, you must pass a series of tests and training to evaluate your competence. But as soon as you are deemed to be a qualified test grader, you can work from home since it’s a virtual job.


12. Consignment Seller

Online consignment shops are becoming more acceptable due to the ever-increasing number of online shoppers. An online marketplace like thredUp and Swap allows you to sell fairly used clothing and other nice items to online shoppers looking for a good deal.

The business model here is simple: visit local thrift stores to get neatly used clothing at a low price and then resell via an online consignment shop to make a profit.


Offline Jobs For Pregnant Women

Not everyone enjoys spending time online. If you need an offline job as a pregnant woman, here are some options to consider:


13. Accountant

If you have a degree in accounting, you should have a job working within the field of your profession. Unlike online or stay-at-home jobs, accounting would likely require you to visit the office. After all, that’s why it’s listed here as an offline job.

An accounting role often comes with a good salary and other nice employee benefits. Mind you, you need some work experience to be eligible for this job. Traditionally, only people with an accounting degree and some years of experience on the job should be considered by an employer.


14. Event Planner

Event planning is one of the offline jobs for pregnant women. Organizing events like weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and anniversary parties can be lucrative. Even if you are new to this job, you could start making good profits as soon as possible.

However, there are certain things you need to learn before you fully venture into event planning. In fact, you should work with an experienced event planner before starting your own business.


15. House Sitter

This has to be one of the good jobs for pregnant women. Imagine someone paying you to simply stay in their apartment. Also known as a homesitter, this is a very simple job where you stay in a house to look after it while the owner is away.

Some people have hectic schedules and they don’t always stay in their homes. They sometimes need someone to be around to ensure nothing goes south during their absence.


16. Paralegal

You may not have a background in law, but that can’t stop you from finding a job as a paralegal.

Your job is to assist a lawyer in routine legal work and also complete simple tasks within the office. In fact, most people who do this job have no qualified status as a solicitor or barristers. But after working this job for a while, you may have some knowledge about legal practices.


17. Travel Or Reservation Agent

One of the jobs for pregnant women can be found in a travel agency. Working as a travel or reservation agent is similar to customer service. You are basically required to speak with clients (people who intend to travel) and help them with their travel needs. You could also offer advice on how to plan trips and vacations.

Like other jobs for pregnant women, this role is not usually stressful. Sometimes, you may even be allowed to work from home.


18. Social Worker

Nothing brings more fulfillment than working for the betterment of a community. Social work is one of the ideal jobs for pregnant mothers, especially if they are not heavily pregnant yet.

By providing social services to members of a community, you are making an impact and making money at the same time. Besides, if you are looking for a job with “meaning”, you should apply for any of the roles in social work.


Easy Jobs For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can sometimes come with some sort of laziness. This means you don’t need a strenuous job or anything at all that makes you overwork yourself. Here are easy jobs for pregnant women:


19. Proofreading

Your job as a proofreader can be similar to that of a critic. You are simply looking at someone else’s written work and finding what’s wrong with it dramatically and then making the necessary corrections.

To excel at this job, you should be good at spotting errors in spelling and punctuation. You can be asked to proofread a book, article, essay, script, and other types of written content. Since this job is remote and never stressful, it’s considered one of the jobs for pregnant women.


20. Selling Printables Online

Selling printables is one of the quick ways to earn money while pregnant. You can design things like T-shirts, face caps, or socks and sell them online.

For example, online platforms like Etsy and Shopify make this business model very easy and scalable. They handle the printing and shipping. All you have to do is create jaw-dropping designs and attract a good number of prospects to your online store.


21. Completing Online Surveys

Even teenagers make money doing this simple job. Using your smartphone and an internet connection, you can earn some dollars by completing quick online surveys. These surveys can be between 2-15 minutes. Besides, the longer the survey takes, the more money it pays. As one of the best jobs for pregnant women, you can do this while lying in bed.

Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are good places to start if you want to make money from online surveys. You can sign up on these websites for free with your smartphone and start working right away.


22. Hotel Sleep Tester

When hotels are newly built, the owners usually carry out some quality control procedures. They hire people to come and examine the rooms and determine how comfortable they are. This is one of the pregnant women jobs for many ladies out there.

If you are hired as a hotel sleep tester, you can lie on the bed, turn on the AC, and use other appliances in the hotel room. There is actually no difficulty in this. It’s an easy job.


23. Sleep Study Participant

Getting paid to sleep may not seem like a viable way to earn money, but it’s one of the easy jobs for pregnant women. Occasionally, medical experts conduct research concerning the human’s ability to sleep as well as other related issues. To carry out this search successfully, participants are usually needed.

As a sleep study participant, you could be paid as much as $500 -$1000 per night. Mind you, you aren’t doing any physical work. You only need to sleep for some hours in a medical facility while the experts examine you.


In Summary: Best Jobs For Pregnant Women

All the jobs for pregnant women discussed above are great options. If there’s any occupation in particular that meets your needs, you should go after it. As long as you are qualified for the job, nothing should stop you.

More importantly, remember that your pregnancy can’t impede you from accessing the employment opportunities out there. The law does not permit any employer to trample on your rights by refusing to offer you a job because you are pregnant.


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