9 Best Money Making Hobbies For Teens

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best money making hobbies for teens

Being a teenager with little or no financial commitments is not an excuse for you not to make money legitimately. The good news is that you don’t have to do anything extreme to start making good money for yourself. There are interesting hobbies you might have right now that could enable you to generate real cash consistently as a teenager.

The essence of this post is to give you insight into some of the best money making hobbies for teens.

This means that you won’t only derive mere satisfaction from doing what you love, but you will also build a legitimate income stream out of it.

Moreover, if you don’t have any hobbies that can be monetized, this post will guide you through diverse opportunities on the best money making hobbies for teenagers.


Do Teen Hobbies Make Money?

Many teen hobbies can make money, especially hobbies that are related to the creative space. For instance, if one’s hobby is photography, it can be monetized. There are various ways a teenage photographer can make even thousands of dollars every month.


What Are Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers?

The teen hobbies to earn money are usually activities that provide some sort of value to the general public. If your hobby as a teenager helps people to solve problems, be happier, or entertained, you will certainly make money from it. For example, if your hobby is singing, you can make money by performing at local clubs and small ceremonies within your town.


How To Start Making Money From Your Hobby As A Teen

The journey to start making money from your hobby is not a difficult one. Aside from the fact that there are numerous money making hobbies for teens, the internet has also made it easy to get connected with an audience or market that can pay you for your services and skill set.

Notwithstanding, if you want to make money doing what you love, the first step is to properly brand yourself and whatever you’re offering.

In this context, “branding” means turning your hobbies or skill set into a small business that people can recognize and pay for.

For example, if you’re a teenager who enjoys drawing comic books, you can actually turn that into a profitable business. Stanley Marvel, the original creator of Marvel Comics, began his career drawing books and writing stories with pictorial representations. You can make your first income by selling your comic stories to an animation or film studio, even if it’s not as big as Marvel Studios or DC Comics.

The main idea here is having the ability to package your hobby into a valuable product or service and look for people who are willing to pay for it. That’s the simple logic behind monetizing talents or hobbies. All the seemingly easy ways to make money with your hobbies as a teenager fall under this concept.

money making hobbies for teens


9 Best Money Making Hobbies For Teens

Even if your parents provide all you need, being able to make your own money gives you a sense of pride and responsibility. Here are several creative hobbies that make money for teens:


1. Photography

This is one of the most profitable money making hobbies for teens. If you enjoy capturing memorable events and taking gorgeous pictures, you should monetize your photography skill. There are many ways to monetize your hobby as a teenage photographer.

Firstly, you can start taking professional portraits of other creatives such as musicians, actors, or stand-up comedians. You can also start covering events and get paid a reasonable amount of money. Professional photographers get paid thousands of dollars for covering events with their lenses.

On the other hand, you can decide to focus on a particular niche as a photographer. For example, you can choose to take pictures of wildlife only. You can focus on taking pictures of different species of flowers. If your pictures are good enough, they can even be sold online.

There are hundreds of credible websites that will buy your high-quality pictures for a decent amount of money. Some websites also allow you to upload your pictures, and as soon as paid members of the site use the pictures, you will get paid.


2. Blogging

hobbies that make money for teens

Blogging is one of the fun hobbies that make money for teens. If you enjoy writing informative articles on almost any subject matter, you can start a blog and turn it into a passive income stream. As a blogger who wants to grow a large audience and make a ton of money online, all you have to do is focus on a specific niche and provide helpful, insightful, or entertaining content.

For instance, you can write about agriculture, tech, business, or music. You can literally choose any niche as long as it’s something you are interested in.

Another thing you must know about making money as a blogger: you won’t get your first dollar until your blog is monetized with Google Adsense. Although there are other ways to earn money, Google Adsense is arguably the most reliable monetization option for bloggers. Your blog must have started generating a good amount of traffic (audience) before you can profitably monetize it.


3. DJ

Disc Jockey is not only meant for celebrities. In fact, many of the celebrity DJs you admire today once started in their garages as teenagers. It is clearly one of the money making hobbies for teens.

If you are passionate about mixing sounds and combining different tracks to make a single record, you might want to take DJing seriously. Imagine earning thousands of dollars per night playing for a local club near you. It’s obviously a fun and creative career.

If you are uncomfortable playing in clubs, there are other ways to make money. You can be a personal DJ for artists on tour. You will be responsible for playing their songs while they perform on stage. You can also make money as a DJ by playing at house parties.

As a high school student, you might know a few teenagers who occasionally host house parties. Offer to play at the events and get paid. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.


4. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is one of the fun hobbies that make money for teens. If you love interacting with animals, you can earn money by helping other people look after their pets. Pet sitting services can actually become your stable part-time job even while you’re still in high school. If someone needs you to walk a dog or watch their cat, that’s a great opportunity for you to make a quick buck.

This is something you can do within your neighborhood. You don’t have to travel far to find clients. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and classmates. They might need your pet-sitting service or know some people who do.

You can earn as much as $12 per hour doing this. Moreover, you can choose to work only on weekends. But if you need to make more money, you can work a few hours after school daily.


5. Babysitting

If people can pay someone to look after their pets, they wouldn’t think twice about paying someone to care for their kids. If you enjoy the company of kids or someone much younger than you, you can make money by helping busy parents look after their children. It is one of the teen hobbies that make money.

Babysitting doesn’t always entail taking care of babies or toddlers. Don’t let the term “baby” misinform you. You can actually be asked to look after a 10-year-old kid. You only need to be mature and smart enough to handle the kids while their parents are away from home.

Depending on the parents, you might be asked to assist in completing homework, feeding the kids, and ensuring that they are engaged in fun activities. As a babysitter, you can earn up to $10 per hour.


6. Baking

Baking is one of the common money making hobbies for teens. If you have special baking recipes you learned from your mom or grandmother, you can build a part-time source of income by making delicious cakes and pastries for your neighbors and friends.

You don’t need to worry about having a shop to sell your snacks. As long as it’s just a side hustle, you can do it from your kitchen. However, ensure you have all the essential utensils and baking appliances you need to get your job done.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase the items you need to operate your in-house bakery, you can seek financial support from your parents. They will be happy to help, knowing you’re trying to do something productive and profitable.


7. Knitting And Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting may seem like a typical activity for older women, but it’s actually one of the best money making hobbies for teens. You will make a lot of money from home if you can creatively knit different pieces of clothing like handkerchiefs, crop tops, scarves, or even mini skirts.

Some people really admire crocheting and wouldn’t mind spending their hard-earned money to buy one of your masterpieces.

Due to the expediency of the internet, you can easily sell your handmade knitted clothing online via social media. You can employ a simple digital marketing approach to reach interested prospects and sell your products for good prices.

You can also register your online presence by building a website with an online store. This doesn’t have to be too complex. It could be a simple site where all your products are beautifully displayed with price tags. Anyone who visits your site can click a “buy now” button to purchase your stuff.

If you never thought knitting could be one of the money making hobbies for teens, it’s time to open your mind and rethink.


8. Vlogging

Creating content online is one of the legit ways to make a lot of money, and vlogging is an interesting aspect of content creation. If you’re outspoken and have impressive storytelling ability, it’s high time you stopped sleeping on one of the hobbies that can make money for teens.

Open a YouTube channel and start vlogging about all the interesting things happening in your life. As a teenager, there are many intriguing things people can know about you. If you love attending events, you can create a series of content on that alone. As long as you’re not camera shy and you’re confident enough to express yourself impressively, you will be a great vlogger.

Mind you, as a vlogger; you can always monetize your content the moment your audience is big enough. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook offer monetization options.


9. Writing

If you have a flair for writing stories, poems, or articles, you can monetize your passion. Writing is one of the money making hobbies for teens, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to start earning money. In fact, with tools such as Grammarly, you can easily write a perfect piece of content and impress your prospects.

To start making money as a writer, you need to choose an area you would specialize in. If you are interested in fiction, you can write stories and publish them as ebooks for free on Amazon KDP.

On the other hand, if you are interested in writing articles, you can create a profile on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork. This will enable you to work as a freelance writer, and you will offer your writing services remotely to clients within and outside the United States.


Money Making Hobbies For Teens: Final Words

Having learned about the different money making hobbies for teens, nothing should stop you from creating a stable income stream even before you become a full-fledged adult. Without your parents’ assistance, you can make enough money to get yourself a laptop, a fancy wristwatch, or trendy clothes. You can even take someone on a date and clear the bills without breaking a sweat.

Being able to afford all these things will breed confidence, and that’s something you need as you grow into an adult. But to attain this, you must start making money from a teens hobby. Get to work as soon as possible.


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