How To Become A Professional Cuddler And Make Money

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Getting paid to cuddle strangers seem like a very bizarre way to make money. However, it’s one of the easiest and stress-free jobs that does not require some genius-level skill set or college degree. As a professional cuddler, you can support people suffering from anxiety or despondency with your therapeutic touches.

Professional cuddling is gradually becoming a well-recognized occupation in the US and other parts of the world. If you intend to become a professional cuddler, it’s best you learn about the job, the skills needed for it, and how you can rely on it as a stable livelihood.

That is the main reason I have put together this comprehensive blog post to keep you abreast of everything you need to know. So, hang in there and relax while we delve into this insightful piece of information.


What Is A Professional Cuddler?

Professional cuddlers support people who lack platonic attention and physical touch. They support such people by hanging out with them, chatting, holding their hands, and eventually getting paid to cuddle.


What Does Professional Cuddlers Do?

Professional cuddlers are known to be psychologically and emotionally helpful to people who are stressed, anxious, and need to talk about their personal lives to someone who understands them. They hold sessions with their clients, listening attentively to whatever they have to say and then cuddling them. The physical touch with these people helps them to feel unanxious, safe, and calm.

Initially, professional cuddling wasn’t taken seriously. Most people didn’t recognize it as a sustainable regular job to make money. This narrative, however, has changed. There are so many people involved in this job, making tens of thousands of dollars yearly.

Moreover, it’s important you know that professional cuddlers are not psychologists. Psychologists usually employ a more profound technique to help emotionally challenged people.


How Much Money To Make As A Professional Cuddler

As much as professional cuddling doesn’t seem like a very serious job, you can make a ton of money doing it full-time.

As of 2024, a professional cuddler earns an average wage of $40 and $80 per hour. Amazingly, you can make even more money depending on the time of the day your client needs your service. For example, if a client needs an overnight cuddling session, you can charge as high as $400 per night.

Notwithstanding, whether you have night sessions or not, your annual earnings can amount to $96,000. Some people working with college degrees don’t even earn this much at the end of the year. It is safe to say that professional cuddling is a good-paying job.

professional cuddler


How To Become A Professional Cuddler: A Step-By-Step Guide

Since you are eager to learn how to become a professional cuddler, I would explain the entire process in just 3 steps. Anyone can turn professional cuddling into a full-time lucrative career if they are focused enough to pass through this basic process:


Step 1: Get Professional Training

Professional cuddling is not a random odd job that you casually do. To be considered a professional cuddler, you need to undergo training and earn a certificate.

Most times, you just have to take up an online course that covers the art and science of cuddling. You will learn how to mentally care for others, stay safe on the job, and progress in your career. Besides, getting trained doesn’t take several weeks or months. Courses on professional cuddling can last for just 3 days or a week.

Sign up for the Cuddle Professionals International Accredited Course to become a competent and qualified cuddler; equipping yourself with the skills needed.


Step 2: Apply For A Professional Cuddling Role

As soon as you complete your training, the next important step is to apply for a job to make money cuddling. There are various companies in the US that provide opportunities for professional cuddlers to make money easily from their skills. Provided you are certified, you can reach out to local cuddling services and sign up for a job opening.

Nevertheless, in the next section of this post, I will do well to specifically mention legitimate establishments you can rely on to get paid to cuddle people.

Some of the things that would be required of you when applying for a professional cuddling job include your valid ID, background check, your certificate from training, and a monthly fee to be a part of the community.


Step 3: Start Your Own Cuddling Business

Sometimes working for a corporate organization may not be the best decision for you. You may have to establish your own business as a professional cuddler. Create a brief business plan, set up a website, and develop marketing strategies to find clients near you.

For example, having a website that is optimized, showcasing your services and booking details, can be an effective way to connect with new clients. Many professional cuddlers running their own services often find clients via online media like websites, social media platforms, and email lists.


5 Best Companies That Pay You To Cuddle

Before you attempt to run your own professional cuddling agency, I would advise you first apply for a job. If you are lucky to find a good-paying job, you may not have to go through the daunting process of starting your own business. Here are some of the best companies that pay you to cuddle:


1. Cuddlist

best companies that pay you to cuddle

Cuddlist is a legit company that was established in 2015 and it currently has at least 200 certified cuddlers on its panel. The company provides professional cuddling services in the United States, Canada, and the UK. To be eligible for a job on Cuddlist, you must be at least 18 years old and must have completed a paid online training.

Once you are accepted by the company, you would be mandated to pay a monthly fee for your membership. As a member, you have a special page on the company’s website where you can project yourself as a professional cuddler and meet potential clients.

Join Cuddlist here!


2. Cuddle Comfort

Cuddle Comfort has been existing for more than a decade. Launched in 2011, this company is now one of the world’s largest cuddling sites. As long as you’re over 18 years of age with a certificate in professional cuddling, you can apply for a membership at this company for free. There are no monthly membership fees. However, for every client you get, the site takes a 15% commission. Meanwhile, you can earn between $34 and $80 per hour.

Join Cuddle Comfort here!


3. Cuddle Connect

This is one of the best sites that pay you to cuddle. Just like Cuddle Comfort, you can join this site for free. Before joining, the company provides two membership options: enthusiast cuddler and professional cuddler.

As an enthusiast, you won’t get paid for cuddling. But as a professional with a certificate, you will definitely get paid for your services. The hourly rate on this site is still between $35 and $80.

Join Cuddle Connect here!


4. Certified Cuddlers

Just as the name implies, this website is one of the best places for certified applicants to find professional cuddler jobs. If you are successfully accepted by the site, you would be able to list your cuddling services. The site is responsible for connecting you with potential clients looking to hire a professional cuddler.

As a newbie, Certified Cuddlers also provide online training. Another reason why I recommend this company is the good hourly rate its members get. You can earn between $60 and $150 per hour.

Join Certified Cuddlers here!


5. Cuddle Companion

best sites that pay you to cuddle

Cuddle Companion is almost like every other company I’ve mentioned here. It’s an online marketplace for you to make money as a professional cuddler. To join the site, you have to register as a new member. Once you’ve done that successfully, you can create a profile and list your cuddling services.

Cuddle Companion allows you to set the hourly rate that you want. However, 15-40% commission is taken from each booking. The company then pays you in cash via PayPal or any other convenient payment option you prefer.

Join Cuddle Companion here!


Skills You Need As A Professional Cuddler

Although almost anyone can perform well in this job, there are certain skills that you must have in order to be considered a competent professional cuddler. These skills include:


  • Nurturing Personality

Professional cuddlers have one thing in common: nurturing personality. Your clients need to feel protected and cared for. You can only fulfill their desire when you are nurturing and empathetic around them.

Being a nurturer also means you are willing to see them get better. You need to understand their needs and put them before yours.


  • Love Of Touch

Cuddle therapy won’t be complete without physical contact. This job would require you to be in close contact with your clients almost throughout the session. Hence, before venturing into this job, you need to be certain that you like being touched by people you don’t personally know.

If you ever feel uncomfortable or irritated when strangers touch you, then professional cuddling is not the job for you.


  • Good Listening Ear

If you want to get paid to cuddle women or men, you have to be patient enough to listen attentively to what your clients are interested in talking about. Always listen to your clients before the session, during, and after the session. Listening to them will help you understand what they need, so you would know the level of touch and care to offer.

Another advantage of being a good listener is being able to earn the trust of your clients. When clients trust you, they will repeatedly book cuddle sessions just to spend time with you.


  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

To become a professional cuddler, you have to join a company or start your own business. If you decide to establish your own startup, you must develop an entrepreneurial perspective. You must be ready to grow your business by investing time and effort, money, and building profitable connections.

Besides, if you hope to grow the business into a big establishment employing others, you have to take your brand promotion seriously. Even if it doesn’t look feasible at the initial stage, you have to keep pushing. That’s what entrepreneurs do.


Pros And Cons Of Professional Cuddling

At this point, you are probably interested in taking a course on professional cuddling so you can get certified and find a job. However, this job is not perfect in all areas. You need to assess the pros and cons of this career.



  • Low Start-Up Cost

Starting a professional cuddling business isn’t capital-intensive. You only have to invest a small amount of money in getting trained, building a website, and promoting your business online to potential clients. You don’t need to spend money setting up an office. You can always go to your client’s residence or they can come to yours.


  • Freedom To Choose Preferred Clients

As a professional cuddler, you have the freedom to choose the kind of clients you want to work with. If after speaking with a client, you don’t think they are genuine, you can respectfully decline. This is how it works even when you are working for a company.

Apparently, this also means you can control your work hours. If you ever feel too choked up with booking sessions, you can decline new orders.


  • High Customer Retention Rates

Sometimes clients may be compelled to keep booking sessions with you, especially if they enjoy your company. The more cuddling sessions booked with you, the more money you would make.



  • Work Can Be Inconsistent

If you want to get paid to cuddle, you need to bear in mind that this job is not always available. When you work for a company, for example, the amount of work assigned to you may be inconsistent based on the number of booked sessions the company receives.

Sometimes before signing up as a member on any cuddling site, it’s important to be certain about the amount of work that would be given to you. This also means you’d be able to predict your income.


  • Taxes

Once you know how to make money cuddling, you are expected to pay self-employment taxes. These taxes can be quite high, too. This is why I would advise that you learn about the amount of money you have to pay every year in taxes.

Knowing how much tax you’re obligated to pay would help you determine the kind of cuddling jobs you want to accept. Basically, you would want to look for high-paying cuddling sessions.


  • Can Be Stressful

Depending on the kind of clients you attract, this job can be stressful. Most times, the expectations from your clients are high. They expect you to help them relieve the stress and anxiety they struggle with. Hence, if you are not satisfying your clients the job may be challenging.


Final Words On How To Become A Professional Cuddler

Finding ways to make money as a professional cuddler has its perks and drawbacks. The prerogative is yours to decide if you can overlook the drawbacks and go ahead with the job or simply look for another occupation. Ideally, I believe it’s best you focus on your strengths and work with them.

For example, if you derive pleasure in comforting people and helping them manage their emotions, then this job is almost perfect for you. When you begin to see it as your passion, you’d find yourself thriving despite the drawbacks.


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