32 Free Date Ideas For When You’re Broke

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fun free date ideas

Whether you have been in a relationship or just trying to kickstart a romantic journey with someone, it’s important you go on dates. That’s the opportunity for you to discuss vital things about your relationship and also rekindle the love you both share. As someone who wants to save money, you need several free date ideas that you can bank on at any time to spice things up with your partner.

This post covers over 30 creative date ideas that don’t cost money. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay indoors or spend the evening outside with your partner, you’ll find some very exciting things to do among the options discussed here.


What Is Free Dates?

A free date is relatively affordable or doesn’t cost any money at all. Not spending money on a date doesn’t mean it would be boring or less romantic. Sometimes inexpensive dates are the most fun and creative. You just have to use your imagination brilliantly when planning a date.


Why Should You Go On A Date When You’re Broke?

Being broke is not an excuse to be unhappy or live an uninteresting life. If you are lucky to have a partner who isn’t materialistic or money-conscious, you should regularly go on free dates. It’s a way of showing your partner that you can genuinely love each other regardless of what your financial situation looks like.

free date ideas


32 Free Date Ideas For When You’re Broke

Growing up as a teenager, I went on a few dates. Since I didn’t have money to spend on fancy restaurants and expensive events, I had to be very creative by finding meaning in the simplest things. This was how I went on to enjoy beautiful moments with my then-girlfriend without spending money.

Below are several free romantic date ideas you probably haven’t heard of.


Fun Free Date Ideas

Looking for ways to have fun with your partner? Here are some interesting ideas you may like:


1. Window Shopping

free romantic date ideas

Since we are talking about free date ideas, you should try shopping without actually buying anything.

Walk into a jewelry store with your partner and admire all the beautiful items you can put your eyes on. Ask for the price, jeweler, and the history behind every piece. At the end of the day, you aren’t purchasing any of the items. You are just having fun. That’s why it’s called window shopping.


2. Picnic On The Beach

outdoor date ideas that don't cost money

This is one of the common fun free date ideas for couples. It’s free because you can prepare a simple sandwich for the picnic at home. You probably have bread, cheese, milk, and any other basic ingredients you need. Grab a drink as well and head to the closest beach with your partner.


3. Make Milkshakes Or Sundaes

If you have never prepared milkshakes or sundaes on your own, then this should be fun.

Google the recipes and try to make yourself a delicious dessert. You may not end up with the best result, but at least you must have had fun experimenting in the kitchen beside your romantic partner.


4. Balloon Fight

Even if you don’t have balloons at home, they are very cheap to buy. Pump some of them and have a balloon fight. It’s almost like throwing snowballs at each other, which is a fun activity. Besides, here’s a chance to live like a child for a little while. So why not seize the opportunity?


5. Listen To Classic R&B Songs

Many R&B songs are centered on love and romance. If you are a fan of music, create a playlist of all the classic R&B records you can remember.

Listening to love songs has a way of rejuvenating the love you have for your partner. It makes you appreciate every moment they spend in your life.


Free Romantic Date Ideas

As long as you love your partner dearly, you’ll never want the romance to die or fade away. Here are some free romantic date ideas you should know today:


6. Offer Each Other Salsa Dance Lessons

This is a perfect free date for you and your partner. Teach each other some salsa dance moves. Since you are not a pro, you can go to YouTube to watch a bunch of videos from professional salsa dancers.


7. Write Love Letters

This isn’t you writing a letter and sending it to your partner living a hundred kilometers from your house. You both have to come together like every other proper date, get a pen and paper, and write a love letter while staring into each other’s eyes.

Read the letters out and express how you feel towards each other. It’s such a romantic experience every couple would love.


8. Revisit Old Memories

creative date ideas that are free

If you have been with your partner for a few years, then you must have shared some beautiful memories. Sometimes, it’s okay to travel down memory lane and revisit those times. You can do this by looking at old pictures, visiting certain locations you both have been to or even listening to old songs.

This is one of the best free date ideas ever.


9. Cook A Fancy Recipe

free date ideas at home

It’s time to be your own chef! Try to prepare a meal you’ve never made before and watch your partner wait to taste it. It’s very romantic when you cook for the person you love. It’s an act of service that is always appreciated.


10. Visit The Zoo Or Safari

Take a trip with your partner to the zoo or any underdeveloped area where you can see wild animals in their own habitat.

When going on safari, don’t forget to grab your camera or simply use your smartphone to take beautiful pictures of the wildlife.


Free Date Night Ideas

If you are looking for the best free date night ideas to have a good time with your sweetheart, here are some things you can do when the sun sets:


11. Go Bowling

free date night ideas

Bowling is an interesting game everyone enjoys at night. Fix a date and go to the bowling alley with your partner. Try to compete with each other and see who’s best at knocking over ten pins.


12. Backyard Movie Night

You don’t need a projector or outdoor screen to have a backyard movie night. Just get your laptop and look for an interesting film or TV show you both like. Don’t forget to prepare blankets and popcorn to have a “complete” movie night experience.


13. Go Roller Skating

Have you tried roller skating? Even though I’ve always been scared of hitting my back on the floor, I still think it’s a fun way to spend time with your partner. Besides, it’s inexpensive and you don’t need to have your own roller skate.


14. Go Out For Dessert

After having dinner, you can go out to get ice cream or a milkshake. You don’t have to spend more than 10 bucks for dessert. It doesn’t have to be that serious. The main idea here is to spend time together outside the house as you enjoy the evening breeze.


Free Date Ideas At Home

Are you and your partner introverts? Do you prefer staying indoors? Here are some free date ideas at home, and free indoor date ideas you should know today:


15. Go Through Old Photos

I will always love to see old photos. It reminds me of the interesting things I did when I was much younger. Grab all the old pictures you can find and make them into a photo album. This way, you can flip through each page with your partner while holding a glass of juice.


16. Book Club For Two

This is one of the free date ideas for intellectuals. If you are a couple that has a fair for reading, set up a book club. Gather the books of your choice, read through, analyze each chapter, and learn from each other.


17. Watch Movies

Thousands of films are produced every year across different genres. Whether you like action or romantic comedy, find an interesting movie to watch with the love of your life.

Since it’s a date, you might actually want to pick a romantic film.


18. Sing Karaoke

You may not have a fantastic voice like John Legend or Celine Dion, but that shouldn’t stop you from singing your favorite songs out loud.

Arrange your sitting room, curate a playlist of your best songs, and have a little Karaoke party at home. This is one of the free date ideas for couples living together.


Outdoor Date Ideas That Don’t Cost Money

Do you want to spend some time with your partner outside the house, here are the top outdoor date ideas that are free.


19. Fun Photoshoot

Take your partner to a beautiful location for a photoshoot. Mind you, this is far from professional photography. You don’t even need a camera. You can use your smartphone to take as many pictures as you want without hassle.

In the future, you can look back on these photos to remind yourself of the fun you’ve had with your darling spouse.


20. Free Admission Museum Days

It will be nice to visit a museum without being charged a cent. That can be possible on free admission days. Mark your calendar and go see all the astonishing history artifacts you’ve never set your eyes on.


21. Test Drive An Expensive Car

This is a little bit daring yet one of the best free outdoor date ideas.

Go to the dealership near you, looking for one of the finest cars, and take it for a spin with your partner sitting in front. This is completely free since it’s just a test drive.


22. Hiking

Take a long walk for pleasure or exercise. Don’t forget it’s important you stay fit as a couple. So on a good Saturday morning, get your hiking outfits ready and walk a few kilometers.

Grab a bottle of soda or water to keep yourselves refreshed.


23. Rent A Bike

If you don’t want to hike, renting a bike and riding on a dirty road is another idea you may like.

It’s still about exercising your body while having fun at the same time with your partner. Besides, renting a bike is not the same as renting a car. It’ll cost only a couple of bucks.


Creative Date Ideas That Are Free

Sometimes you need to search the depth of your creativity and watch yourself do amazing things. Here are some of the free creative ideas for couples.


24. Decorate

Once or twice a year, I find ways to make my apartment look better. I always like the new look and it makes me feel more comfortable in my home.

As a married couple, you can choose to decorate your living room, the bedrooms, or the outside of your home. Work as a team to unlock your creativity as you decorate.


25. Make A Painting

Since we are talking about being creative as a couple, then let’s look at a painting.

You may not be a professional artiste, but you can definitely create a simple picture if given a paintbrush. You and your partner can either attend a “sip and paint” event or simply make your paintings at home.


26. Write A Poem

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare in order to express love to your partner with a literary work. Just look for some figurative expressions to describe how you feel, and your write-up will appear poetic.

You can also tell your partner to piece together a poem for you as well. It’s one of the free date ideas for couples that love literature.


27. Put Together A Puzzle

Fixing a puzzle is a creative and problem-solving activity that shows your level of smartness.

Get a wide table or spread a clean blanket on the floor with your puzzle pieces on top. When you do this together with your partner, it’s more interesting as you get to communicate and work together.


28. Board Game Night

This is one of the perfect free date ideas for double dates.

If you have another couple coming over to your house, find a few board games and get the competition started. Also, get some snacks and drinks to encourage participation.


Free Adventurous Date Ideas

Looking for free adventurous date ideas to get your blood pumping? Here are some decent options you and your partner would like:


29. Fly A Kite

Want to feel like an amateur pilot? Look for an open field with some wind to fly a kite. The beach will be perfect. If you can’t make your own kite, you can buy. They are very cheap and can be reused repeatedly.


30. Scavenger Hunt

This is an adventurous game where you and your partner would try to find a number of specific items on a given list. You never know what you will find, as this activity is filled with uncertainty.

It’s one of the free activities for couples that will keep you having fun for hours.


31. Go Water Skiing

Get a ski with your partner behind you and glide over snow or water.

If you have other couples around, you can make this activity more exciting by turning it into a competition. That is, everyone gets on a race like it’s a professional sport.


32. Berry Picking

During summer, this is one thing you can do with your sweetheart. Strawberries, mulberries, and blueberries can help make delicious fruit pops. This is a cheap way to enjoy the summer as a romantic couple.


Final Thoughts: Free Date Ideas For When You’re Broke

Hopefully, these free date ideas for married couples, and free creative date ideas will rejuvenate your romantic life and you get to know each other better as a couple. You can even combine many of the ideas here to create a fun-filled day for you and just your partner.

Moreover, going on free dates will help you save money. No doubt. But sometimes, saving money shouldn’t be the only motive. You can go on free or inexpensive dates with your spouse to prove that your love life can flourish whether you are rich or not.


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