45 Fun Things To Do On Weekends That Are Free

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things to do on weekends that are free

Fun things to do on weekends.

If you’re a working-class individual, I’m certain you always look forward to the weekend. It’s the only time you get a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself a little bit before you get back to work the following week.

Some people tend to spend a ton of cash during the weekend on recreational activities as a way of having fun and relaxing. But when you know the fun things to do on weekends that don’t cost money, you won’t break your budget or overspend.

In this post, I will briefly discuss dozens of the best free weekend activity ideas you can do with your friends, spouse, family, or just yourself at home, outdoors, or at night.


How Can I Have Fun On The Weekend Without Spending Money?

If you want to have fun on the weekend without spending money, you have to find some of the simplest creative activities you can do indoors or with your family that won’t cost you a cent. For example, watching a movie at night or riding a bike down your street on a Saturday morning is for fun, and it’s completely free to do.

fun things to do on weekends


45 Fun Things To Do On Weekends That Are Free

Finding creative ways to save money is very important, especially when you have some serious financial goals to accomplish in the near future. You can’t afford to squander your income or break your monthly budget all the time. Hence, whenever you feel like having fun during the weekend, focus on any of these 45 free fun weekend activities listed below:


Fun Things To Do On The Weekend By Yourself

fun things to do on the weekend by yourself

If you are alone by yourself during the weekend. There are various things you can do to k#ll boredom and have fun. Here are some ideas for you:


1. Check Out The Community Calendar

Have you ever looked at your town’s website and checked out other cities nearby? The first time doing this can be interesting. You can go ahead and visit the city hall to find a list of forthcoming events in the community. Besides, you might be interested in one of the events or activities coming up.


2. Check Out Your Local Library

You don’t have to be a bookwarm to visit the library. Ideally, your local library should also have extensive CD and DVD collections. You can get some of these CDs to watch over the weekend.


3. Listen To Podcasts

Podcast is becoming more interesting like every other content you find online. During the weekend, you can listen to insightful podcasts about finances, personal development, or relationships. This is actually a great learning opportunity if you’re bored.

Need a list of interesting podcasts to listen to? Check out this amazing list below:

10 Best personal finance podcasts you should listen to ASAP.

10 Best money podcasts to level up your money game.

10 Best frugal podcasts to level up your savings game.


4. Teach Yourself How To Bake

Did you bake with Nana as a kid? If you didn’t, you still can learn to bake that delicious apple pie you love eating while growing up. Use a good weekend to teach yourself how to bake. Watch helpful tutorials on YouTube and follow the steps accurately.


5. Learn How To Change Your Car’s Oil

Does this even look like fun? Yes, it is, especially if you find it difficult to take your car to the mechanic every single time there’s a little issue. This coming Saturday, don’t fumble your chance of learning how to change your car’s oil.


6. Greet Your Neighbors

In some neighborhoods, everyone loves to keep quiet and mind their businesses. But you might have heard the saying “A tree doesn’t make a forest”, which means you need to sometimes collaborate with other humans to achieve your goals.

This coming weekend, say “Hi” to your neighbors. You never know what kind of relationship would spring up from there.


Fun Things To Do On The Weekend With Friends

fun things to do on weekends at home

You shouldn’t be bored when you’re with friends. Here are free fun things to do on weekends when spending time with your buddies:


7. Create A Bucket List

Do you have a list of things you want to do before you retire or even pass on? That’s why there’s something called a bucket list.

Creating a bucket list with your friends can be exciting. You’ll realize how much you didn’t know about yourself and your friends when you start penning down those crazy ideas.


8. Go On A Walking Tour

Sometimes, I take a walk around my town during the weekend, especially in the evening. Aside from it being a form of exercise, it gives me the opportunity to be more familiar with my environment and all the exciting things around me.


9. Watch Knitting Tutorials

I used to learn how to knit with my sister when I was 12. It was fun. You and your friends can learn how to knit by watching interesting tutorials on YouTube. In the next few weeks, you could make beautiful crochet pieces.


10. Take Photos

How often do you take photos with your pals? It’s one of the fun things to do on the weekends with your friends. You don’t even need a professional camera. Take your smartphone, visit a picturesque location, and take as many pictures as you want. Besides, this is a great way to create beautiful memories with people you care about.


11. Play Board Games

If we don’t mention games on the list of fun things to do on weekends with friends, then we definitely missed something. You can all stay in your sitting room playing a board game while talking about your favorite experiences with each other. This can be a great way to have fun.


12. Create A Song Playlist

Everyone loves music, including your friends. After all, they say music is a universal language.

You can use a good weekend to create a great playlist of your favorite summer songs. It can be an individual playlist or you could combine your songs to create one big playlist that you can all listen to.


Fun Things To Do On Weekends At Home

Are you alone at home without ideas on how to have fun for free? Here are some fun things to do on weekends at home that won’t cost you any money:


13. Blogging

Blogging is a hobby for some people. They love to write and publish it for a wide audience to read their ideas.

If you have a flair for writing, create a blog and start writing on weekends. Mind you, you can create a blog for free using amazing website-building tools like WordPress.


14. YouTube Creation

YouTube creation looks like blogging. But in this case, you are not writing anything, instead, you are creating videos with your smartphone or camera. You can make videos about anything and publish them for free on the YouTube platform. Besides, you can monetize your YouTube channel when your audience is big enough.


15. Writing A Non-Fiction Story

When I was a teenager, I had a weird interest in writing stories of real events that took place around me. I wasn’t a journalist or anything of the sort. I just loved documenting real-life stories. This is an interesting activity you can spend time on during the weekend if you’re alone.


16. Watch The Latest Netflix Release

Are you a Netflix subscriber? If you are, you should be getting emails about new releases; films, TV shows, series, etc. Watching a new show on the streaming platform is one way to have fun this weekend without wasting money on movie tickets.


17. Prepare A Meal You’ve Never Had

Preparing a new meal for the first time can actually be one of the fun things to do on weekends. You’d definitely be curious to know how the cooking would turn out. Of course, the outcome may not be perfect, but the experience would be exciting.


18. Calculate Your Net Worth

Does this look strange as one of the fun things to do on the weekend by yourself? If you ask me, I’d say it isn’t. You have to constantly ensure you are making progress financially.

Build a net-worth calculator this weekend to keep track of your financial situation.


Fun Things To Do On The Weekend Outdoors

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, here is a list of exciting fun things to do on weekends as you step out:


19. Visit The Beach

Walking along the beach on a warm Saturday afternoon might be all you need to have a great weekend. You can go alone or take your friends along to make it more interesting.

Make sure you feel like a child again by making sand castles and playing ball.


20. Check Out Your Local Park

“What’s in the local park for me?”. That’s what you’re probably thinking. But it’s not always about what’s in the local park, it’s about what you can do there.

From reading an interesting novel to a small get-together with your buddies, there are several things you can do in the open space.


21. Go Fishing

I still remember going ice fishing with my father. It was always an exciting experience for me as a kid. Now that I’m grown, I still think it’s fun.

If you want to do something interesting, get your fishing line and other tools you need, and go get some fish in the nearest river. It’s one of the fun things to do on the weekend outdoors.


22. Play Soccer

America isn’t Brazil where you find people playing soccer in every street. But occasionally during a weekend, you can have fun playing the world’s favorite sport within your neighborhood. Besides, this can be a form of exercise to keep you in shape.


23. Attend A Free Concert

Is there a free music concert coming up in your town? Save the date in your calendar and go have fun when it’s time.

Occasionally, there can be free festivals and music events organized for the people of the community. You just have to know when such events are happening.


24. Do A Neighborhood Cleanup

If you love volunteering, this is something you might want to do. Of course, you can’t do it alone. Join an enthusiastic team interested in keeping the environment clean for everyone. This can be your little contribution to the betterment of your community.


Fun Things To Do On The Weekend At Night

You are bored at night, you might be thinking there aren’t a lot of things you can do to have fun. Well, you’re wrong. Check out these interesting things you can try during weekends at night:


25. Build Paper Airplanes

This isn’t childish. Remember, we are talking about having fun.

Building paper airplanes is definitely one way to keep your mind alive and have fun at home. Create several of these paper airplanes and see which one of them travels the farthest when you toss them into the air.


26. Rearrange The Furniture In Your Home

Keeping your home tidy seems like hard work sometimes. However, if you are trying to give your apartment a new look, then you may find it interesting.

Rearrange the furniture in your sitting and bedroom. You might actually like the new arrangement when you’re done.


27. Read A Romantic Novel

I’m not a fan of romantic novels, but I have friends who spend hundreds of dollars every year buying these novels. But since we are talking about free fun things to do on the weekend at night, you don’t have to think about buying any books.

You can read novels online for free or simply join Facebook groups where romantic fiction stories are posted for free.


28. Exercise

If you can’t think of anything to do at night, it might just be the perfect time to exercise your body.

Do some push-ups and any other simple physical exercise you know how to do. This is a healthy way to keep your body fit without going to the gym.


29. Dig Up Your Family Tree

How well do you know your family? Chances are you don’t know every single family member, especially if your parents grew up in a large household.

If you are bored at night, use that as an opportunity to learn about your extended family members.


30. Call A Loved One

Calling a loved one can be a great way to put a smile on their faces. When was the last time you spoke to your favorite cousin or close friend from high school? Put a call through and say hello.

To save money, you could call them via WhatsApp, talking for as long as you want for free.


31. Play Video Games

One of the ways you can have fun at night is by playing video games.

You don’t have to own a PlayStation 5 in your sitting room. There are numerous action games you can download for free on your smartphone. “Call of Duty” is a perfect example.


Fun Things To Do On The Weekend With Kids

Nothing makes me happier than spending some quality time with my kids. If you want to have fun with your children this weekend, here are some ideas for you:


32. Have A Yard Sale

Aside from the fact that this is fun, you will also make some money at the end of the day.

Assemble all the old items, toys, gadgets, and home equipment you don’t need anymore. Organize a garage sale with your kids and sell these items at a giveaway price. This can be an opportunity for your kids to learn relevant skills like sales and negotiation.


33. Turn On The Water Sprinkler

Bring out the hose in the backyard and attach it to a working sprinkler. On a warm afternoon, turn on the rushing water and have fun with your kids. You already know how much kids love to play with water, so they would definitely think of this as a great idea.


34. Teach Your Kids A Card Trick

Did you learn any card tricks in high school? It’s time to pass that knowledge down to your kids just for the fun of it. Since kids love to be surprised by little magic tricks, you can be certain that they would be interested in this.


35. Go Swimming

Swimming is one of the fun things to do on the weekend with kids. It’s another great way to have fun and teach your kids a few swimming lessons. You can have your spouse standing outside as a lifeguard, so the whole experience feels real.


36. Blow Bubbles

Children will always love blowing bubbles. They can spend hours doing this without getting bored or tired.

As a parent, consider blowing bubbles with your kids on a fateful Saturday morning. How else would you create beautiful memories with your children if you don’t indulge in fun activities like this?


37. Write A Letter Together

Bring your kids together and write a letter to your grandparents or a family member who lives far away. Kids usually have a lot to write down in this case. Embrace all their ideas and make them feel special by sending a letter to a loved one.


38. Watch Cartoons

I grew up watching cartoons like Pinky and the Brain, Tom and Jerry, and Mickey Mouse. I enjoyed them as a kid. Today, kids haven’t stopped watching cartoons. They love the figures, storylines, and how hilarious the scenes can get.

This coming Saturday, you can decide to spend a few hours watching cartoons with your children. It’s one of the free fun things to do on weekends with your kids.


Fun Weekend Activities To Do With Your Family

You don’t know how best to spend the weekend with your family? Here are some ideas you might find helpful:


39. Plan A Vacation For Next Year’s Summer

Begin your plan for your next or very first vacation. Allow everyone in the family to participate in this by encouraging them to contribute their ideas concerning lodging, shopping, and vacation packages. Remember, if everyone in the family arranges a vacation, it means the whole family will enjoy the experience without anyone feeling left out.

By the way, if you need ideas on what to include in your Summer bucket list, check out these 41 fun & free things to do this summer.


40. Create A Photo Album

You probably have photos of your kids when they were born. You have photos of your wedding. You have photos of yourself back then in high school. These are pictures that help you travel down memory lane once in a while.

So, why not create a photo album with these photos together with your family? It’s one of the fun things to do on the weekend with family.


41. Go On A Picnic

A family picnic is a great opportunity to spend time together. Make some sandwiches and prepare chilled lemonade. Visit the nearest beach or local park to have a good time. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.


42. Binge-Watch A Trendy Family-Friendly TV Series

A cold weekend is perfect for watching an interesting family-friendly TV show or series.

If you are subscribed to streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can find countless movies and series to watch. Turn off the lights, grab popcorn, and watch your TV like you’re in the movies. It’s one of the common fun things to do on weekends when you’re with your family.


43. Attend A Dress Rehearsal

Many performers usually have what we call a “dress rehearsal”, where they actually have their performance like they would on the day of the event. The dress rehearsals are free, allowing everyone to watch without paying. You and your family might want to visit the theatre to see a dress rehearsal soon.


44. Donate Unwanted Items To Charity

Showing a bit of kindness as a family is important. It’s a way of reminding yourself that certain people in the world need help, and you might be able to support in a little way.

Instead of having a yard sale, donating unwanted items to charity is a way to show how much you care for people with fewer resources.


45. Have A Snowball Fight

This is one of the amazing weekend activities to do with your family. Having a snowball fight doesn’t mean you have to use actual snow. You can squeeze sheets of white paper into tiny balls and throw them at each other as snowballs. It’s the experience that counts.


Recap: Free Fun Things To Do On Weekends

If you used to spend a lot of money to have fun during weekends, it’s time to turn a new leaf. You must protect your finances intentionally by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Thankfully, with these 45 ideas on fun things to do on weekends, you can now see how easy it is to enjoy a good time without bringing out a credit card from your wallet. It’s high time you started saving money by doing any of these free things every weekend.


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