Get Paid To Test Websites And Apps: 21 High Paying Companies

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There’s no denying that the internet has provided countless opportunities for people to earn money from the comfort of their homes. Even without a college degree or work experience, you can find a legitimate online-based job that pays your bills. For example, you can get paid to test websites. I’m not saying you have to be a programmer or some tech guru. This is a very easy job that even teenagers do to make money.

In this post, I’ll walk you through various legit companies that pay real money for you to test websites and apps. You don’t have to leave your home to work like every other person. It’s a completely remote role that you can conveniently handle.


What Exactly Does A Website Tester Do?

Website testers are responsible for assessing the user experience of a site, a web app, or an actual mobile application. They examine any of these products to see how interactive they are and how efficiently they run.


How Much Do Website Testers Get Paid?

The amount of money you earn as a website tester varies depending on several factors such as how big the company you work for is and the number of tasks you are able to complete. Notwithstanding, website testers earn as much as $4,560 per month testing apps and websites.


What Are The Requirements As A Website Tester

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to get paid to test websites. Anyone who’s smart and knows how to follow instructions can do this. However, there are some tools you need to do this job competently. You need a computer, keyboard, and mouse. Or you could just get a portable PC instead. You also need an internet connection since that’s the only way you can stay connected online doing this job.

Although this is not always required, you may need a microphone. It doesn’t have to be a high-performance condenser mic. As long as the mic allows you to speak clearly to your superiors, you have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, some companies hiring website testers require a webcam. This is because they occasionally hold virtual meetings and facial interactions is needed while communicating. But as I said, only “some” companies make this compulsory, not all.

get paid to test websites


21 Ways To Get Paid To Test Websites And Apps

If you have previously tried doing an online-based job that didn’t work out, you don’t have to give up yet. You can make money testing websites from home. Here are 21 legit ways you can start earning money as a website tester:


1. Userlytics

Userlytics is a company that tests websites, mobile apps, and prototypes. As a member of this platform, there is no fixed number of tests that you need to perform. This means you can work as much as you want; potentially increasing your overall earnings.

However, getting hired by Userlytics is not quite easy. The company sends out invitations to registered testers. These invitations are surveys that you are expected to fill out to show how competent you are for the job.

Each test takes about 20 – 40 minutes to complete, and you’re paid $10 via PayPal.


2. UserTesting

UserTesting has become one of the most popular sites that pay you to test websites. As a tester on this site, you can frequently have live video calls with your instructors, discussing your experience with the product you’re testing.

New tests are posted daily for every registered user on the platform. Within 5 – 20 minutes, you can complete a test and earn between $4 and $120. You tend to earn more money when the tests you carry out take longer time to complete.


3. Tester Work

Aside from websites, you can also test apps and make money. Tester Work is one of the big platforms that create opportunities for people to earn money online by testing both apps and websites.

Joining this company is not very difficult. All you have to do is visit the official website, sign up, and wait for an invitation to join the latest test cycles.

Before you are assigned to test an app or site, you have to complete an online assessment test. If you ace the test, you are good to go. Tester Work pays every two weeks after you must have completed your test cycle.


4. TestingTime

This is another amazing site where you get paid to test websites. TestingTime doesn’t only deal with websites. As a registered member of the platform, you can get paid for giving feedback on websites, apps, physical products, and gadgets. Your feedback is what helps to improve the quality of these products, hence, you’re quite important to the company.

You can test products from various industries such as banking & insurance, trade, retail, and travel. TestingTime pays up to €50 per each test you complete.


5. Enroll

Enroll is a site that provides testing services to tech companies manufacturing products like smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, etc. Of course, they test websites as well. You will be assigned to carry out these tests before the products are officially launched.

However, Enroll doesn’t pay as much as other companies. You earn around $0.10 – $1.5 for each test.


Get Paid To Test Websites

6. UserFeel

If you want to get paid to test websites, UserFeel is a legit company you can trust.

You can earn up to $10 for completing a test that lasts around 10-20 minutes. You don’t even need a computer to work with this company. With your smartphone, you can easily have access to available tests on the platform.

You won’t be having live video calls with anyone. But before you get started on this platform, you will take a qualification test to help the company decide if you can perform tasks quickly and efficiently.


7. IntelliZoomPanel

This is one of the companies that pay you to test apps and sites. It’s an online community by UserZoom where users are allowed to provide UX insights to improve the user experience of an app or website.

Before you get started, you’d need to pass a short assessment test. You will then download the UserZoom eCertified testing software. This is the tool you are expected to use to perform the tests.

During a test, your face, voice, and computer screen will be recorded. It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete each test and you’d earn up to $10 once the task is completed.


8. TryMyUI

TryMyUI has provided one of the ways to get paid to test websites. You earn money performing usability testing for websites and apps. Every issue you pinpoint will be considered by the designers and developers of the products. After completing the test, you are expected to submit a short survey to wrap up your experience with the product you tested.


9. uTest

uTest often has different projects going on. They need testers to examine a bunch of products. From app testing to payment testing, there are several projects you will be assigned to complete.

As a registered member of the platform, you will receive invitations to complete tests that are relevant to your profile. This company also has an educational platform where you can learn the basics of bug reporting, API testing, and other related jobs.


Get Paid To Test Apps

10. Ferpection

Ferception is one of the credible paid user testing websites and mobile applications on the internet. Most of the tasks assigned to users are quite easy. You’d usually have to explore websites and provide concise feedback. The feedback can be presented as a screenshot or a video screencast.

Registering to join this platform takes a few minutes but you won’t be assigned a task immediately. The company pays between $10 and $20 per test.


11. UserCrowd

UserCrownd is a company that pays when you participate in quick design surveys and provide feedback. You don’t need to be a usability expert. Like most user testing websites that pay, you simply have to examine the performance of a website by trying to use it as every other person would. You are to write down your experience briefly and send it as feedback to UserCrowd.

This company, however, doesn’t pay directly in cash. You earn at least 100 credits for each task you complete. That’s equivalent to $10.


12. TestIO

Well known for offering QA testing as a service, you can sign up on this site to get paid to test websites and the latest apps. You are paid according to the number of issues you find while testing a product. For instance, you can earn as much as $5 for finding a bug on a website.

All your earnings are paid once a month through PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank transfer.


13. Loop11

Loop11 is another amazing opportunity for you to get paid to test websites. There are so many tasks available for you to complete and earn money. The company also offers bonuses for impressive work.

To become a paid tester on this platform, you must first complete a 5-minute qualification test. This test is not usually difficult, and once you ace it, you are eligible to start getting paid to test websites.


How To Get Paid To Test Websites

14. Ubertesters

If you are a fan of mobile games, you might want to join this platform. It’s one of the ways to get paid to test apps for video game developers. You will be reviewing unreleased mobile games using your laptop or smartphone. After carrying out each test, you get paid immediately.

Your earnings are calculated according to the complexity of the app or mobile game you test. But to become a qualified member of this site, you have to first complete a short form, after which you’d get certified by the company.


15. UserPeek

Although UserPeek is still a new company in this industry, they have already started paying website testers.

The site pays at least $10 for 10-15 minutes of work, and all payments are sent via PayPal. While following a simple set of instructions, you are often directed to test apps and websites. While assessing the site, you would also need to communicate your thoughts via a live call. This is why you need a mic connected to your PC so you can be heard clearly.


16. Validately

Validately is one legit site where you can make money testing websites and apps. Unlike most sites, this one supports aloud tests and moderated live tests. For the moderated live tests, you need a webcam and a microphone. Your voice must be heard and your face must be seen while carrying out the test.

For a task that lasts for 30 minutes, you will be paid a minimum of $25.


17. UserBrain

UserBrain allows you to make money testing websites online. You don’t necessarily have to own a PC. You can use your iPhone or an iPad. During each test, the site records your screen for reference purposes. Once your test has been approved by the company, you will be paid around $5 or more.

One good thing about this platform is that the tests are usually short. They don’t last more than 10 minutes.


Sites That Pay You To Test Websites

18. TestBirds

TestBirds is a software testing app that has conducted over 1,500 tests and found over 110,000 bugs. You can easily get paid to test apps and websites once you become an official member of the platform.

One amazing thing about this app testing company is the pay. You will earn around $25 for completing a usability test within minutes. If you find bugs, you will earn much more.


19. User Interviews

User Interviews is quite different from other companies that help you learn how to get paid to test websites.

The company is different because you don’t earn money directly from them. Instead, they have a great selection of website testing jobs for applicants. The best part is that they usually post high-paying gigs. You can find jobs paying as much as $125 for a 60-minute test.

You can get paid in the form of an Amazon gift card or you can receive your cash through a PayPal account.


20. PlaytestCloud

As long as you’re above 18 years and you can speak English fluently, you can get paid to test websites via this platform. You earn around $15 for each test you complete using your Android phone or PC. Mind you, it takes about 7 days for you to get paid after demanding your earnings.

Another downside to using this platform is that you can’t always get enough tasks. There are only a few opportunities every month.


21. Tryber

Although Tryber is not very popular, it’s another trusted platform that helps you get paid to test websites and apps. From bug-finding tests to usability tests, you can find different types of tests to carry out. But just like most sites, Tryber pays more for finding bugs.

If you want to increase your earnings, don’t just focus on usability testing. Find bugs and earn $30 – $50.


Recap: Getting Paid To Test Websites And Apps

The sites mentioned above are dedicated to providing website testing jobs that you can do to make money from home. However, before you get paid to test websites, be ready to meet the requirements of the company. Get a PC, webcam, and microphone if they are required to get your job done. If payments are made only through PayPal, you’d need to create and verify your PayPal account.

More importantly, for live testings where you are being asked to speak about your user experience, you must have good communication skills. Learn to concisely express ideas without stuttering or deviating from the main point.


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