40 Free Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend

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fun things to do on a no spend weekend

If you look forward to enjoying the weekend, you are not wrong. You have worked all week and you need to rest a little bit. You need to unwind and free your mind off work-related activities. However, just because you want to enjoy the weekend doesn’t mean you have to be financially wasteful. There are certain things to do on a no spend weekend that won’t cost you any money.

Besides, if you want to embark on a no-spend challenge at the end of the week, you need all the ideas you can get to cut down on costs and save money. This post is going to explore numerous activities for frugal people: things that are exciting yet free to do.

things to do on a no spend weekend


40 Free Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend

Over time, I’ve learned to have a good time on weekends without doing anything flamboyant or costly. In fact, I don’t spend any money at all. This is because I have a long list of free activities for a no-spend weekend.

Whether you want to spend the weekend out with your friends or remain indoors with your family, there are a bunch of ideas waiting for you to jump on them. Let’s get right into it!


Fun Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend

Do you want to avoid unnecessary expenses and then save money on a no-spend weekend? Here are some interesting ideas for you:


1. List Stuff For Sale Online

If you painstakingly search your home, you may find some items that can be sold. Although some of the household may be broken, some people would buy them at giveaway prices and repurpose them into new properties.

Go on eBay and other similar sites to list stuff for sale. It’s a really cool thing to do on weekends and it’s an opportunity to make quick bucks.


2. Get Free Coffee At A Local Auction

If you go to open homes and auctions for property viewers, you will probably find coffee vans. This is free for everyone that comes around.

If someone’s trying to sell a property or anything valuable on your street, go check it out and grab a free cup of coffee.


3. Pack Up A Picnic

things to do on a no spend weekend outdoors

There’s no need to always go to restaurants if you want to eat out on weekends. Have a picnic in the park instead. Whether it’s a whipped pot of pasta or cheeseburgers, you can’t go wrong packing up a simple picnic.


4. Check Out An Art Gallery

Have you planned to visit an art gallery but later changed your mind? Well, this is the perfect time to return to that idea. Go check out amazing works (for free).


5. Have A Bike Ride

Sometimes the best way to spend your weekend is by exercising. Going outside for a bike ride is a great exercise and fun activity. As a local, this is an opportunity to explore nature on wheels.


6. Take A Nap

things to do on a no spend weekend at home

This obviously doesn’t seem like one of the fun things to do on a no spend weekend. But if you have been working tirelessly all week, you should consider this. It’s super healthy.

Have a nice bath, turn on very relaxing music, and sleep for a few hours.


Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend At Home

You don’t want to leave the confines of your home at the end of the week? No problem. Here are some things to do on a no spend weekend at home:


7. Cook Something Delicious

Try a nice recipe using the ingredients you find in your freezer. Turn on the TV and enjoy your meal in your sitting room. Besides, remember you don’t want to be eating out on a “no spend weekend”.


8. Declutter And Clear Out

If you are going to spend the weekend indoors, then maybe you should do something productive. Start decluttering!

Look at your wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, or garage. Clear out your space. There’s a sweet feeling of satisfaction you get when you work hard to tidy your home.


9. Watch Movies

no spend weekend activities

There are thousands of breathtaking movies on Netflix. Sometimes this is a very interesting way to spend the weekend. Grab some snacks and sit in front of your TV or laptop. You’d be thankful you did.


10. Bring Out Those Board Games

Do you have some company with you at home? Look for those board games you haven’t played in a while, and have a tournament.

To make this more interesting, you can create a reward for the winner. It could be a candy bar or anything simple to encourage participation in the game.


11. Potter At Home

This is one of the amazing ideas for a no-spend weekend. Many people have their own ideas for what it means to “potter”, but usually, this simply means taking the day as it comes.

Don’t do anything overwhelming that stresses you out. Take pride in doing simple activities like reading a book, watering your plants, or making pancakes.


12. Learn Something New On YouTube

Learning is so much fun, especially when you are getting information on something you’re enthusiastic about.

Amazingly, YouTube has made learning quite easy, accessible, and absolutely free. Spend your weekend watching several videos that will give you insight into a skill you want to learn.


Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend Outdoors

Do you want to have some fun outdoors without wasting money? Here are several ideas you need to explore:


13. Swimming

Going for a swim occasionally, especially during summer, is a great way to cope with the heat. Swimming can actually be a fun outdoor activity while you endure the hottest days of the year.


14. Attend Free Local Events

This is one of the exciting things to do on a no spend weekend outdoors.

Do you know about any social event happening soon in your neighborhood or city? If it’s on a weekend, save the date!


15. Go For A Hike

Following old hiking trails is an interesting thing to do on a weekend. Aside from the thrill or excitement you get from this, it’s also an effective way to stay fit. Hiking is good exercise.


16. Go To Church

If you are not a religious person, it’s okay to pass on this. Otherwise, attending a service, concert, or game night among members of your local church is a great way to spend the weekend.


17. Do Some Landscaping

From raking leaves to mowing the lawn, there are different things to do to look after your yard. Instead of hiring someone to do this, get the job done yourself. Consider it a DIY project.


18. Locals’ Day At An Art Museum Or Gallery

One of the things to do on a no spend weekend is to check for free-admission days at your local gallery or museum. No need to spend any money to see the latest exhibitions.


19. Volunteer In Your Community

One good way to give back to society is by volunteering in your community. Whether it’s in an animal shelter or a nursing home, your assistance to get the organization running will be appreciated.

Don’t forget you may have fun doing this as well.


Things To Do On A No Spend Weekend With Friends

Time spent with friends you care about matters a lot. You can always look back on it and cherish the sweet memories you’ve created together. Here are things to do on a no spend weekend with friends:


20. Read A Book

things to do on a no spend weekend with friends

Creating a casual book club with your friends would be amazing. Find a book that resonates with every one of you, schedule a time for a meeting, and then spend a couple of hours dissecting the information between those pages.


21. Attend Free Local Art Classes

I used to attend a lot of Sip N Paint events when I was in college. It was fun even though I couldn’t hold a brush properly.

If you know of any free art class happening soon close to you, go have a good time there with your friends.


22. Binge-Watch A TV Show

This is one of the best no spend activities on weekends for a group of friends.

There must be some popular TV shows you all are a fan of. Invite your friends over, prepare popcorn and drinks, and watch your favorite TV show on a weekend.


23. Work On A Puzzle

If you have brainy friends who are interested in solving puzzles, then include this on your list of things to do on a no spend weekend when your buddies come over.


24. Map Out Your Future Goals

Having friends who are focused on creating a better future for themselves is super important. That’s how you stay motivated to win.

On a good weekend, get busy with your friends discussing future goals. From getting married to starting a business, write down the important things you hope to achieve.


25. Bake Something

Did you grow up baking with your mom? You sure have an amazing story to tell if you did. But it’s time to do it with your best friends.

Find the ingredients you need in your kitchen, invite your buddies over, and try to bake something delicious: maybe an apple pie.


26. Watch A Concert

You can’t afford to buy tickets to a music concert? That’s totally fine! Hundreds of artists upload full videos of their concerts on YouTube for the fans to watch for free. Check it out with your friends.


Things To Do With Your Family On A No Spend Weekend

No matter how busy you are with your career or business, spending quality time with family should be a priority. Here are some fun things to do with your family on a no spend weekend:


27. Meal Prep

As a family, eating out would be quite expensive. You don’t want to keep wasting all that money. Having a meal plan for the entire family is an amazing way forward.

So on a weekend, everyone in the house should participate in prepping a meal plan that will last the following week or the next couple of days.


28. Go Geocaching

This is a fun activity where participants use a GPS receiver to find a hidden container at a specific angular distance. The whole family can participate in this.


29. Play Video Games

things to do with your family on a no spend weekend

Sometimes this is the best pastime you need to survive the weekend without spending any money. If you don’t have a PlayStation or an Xbox at home, then use your smartphone. Call of Duty (COD) is one of the most popular mobile games played by millions of people across the world.


30. Have A Garage Sale

This is one of the fun things to do on a no spend weekend that could make the family some money.

Assemble all the household items, appliances, or toys you are ready to replace. Hold a garage sale and allow your neighbors or anyone passing by to buy at a cheap price.


31. Rearrange Your Home Furniture

Saturday is probably the best time to tidy up your home. Household items or furniture that seem to be positioned in the wrong places can be moved elsewhere. You may like the new look of your home at the end of the day.


32. Plan Your Family Vacation

Planning a vacation is definitely one of the interesting things to do on a money-free weekend. Every family hopes to go on vacation, including yours.

Gather everyone around to share ideas on what an ideal family vacation should look like. Talk about accommodation, the local food, bizarre activities to keep yourselves engaged, and so much more.


33. Paint Your Walls

Are you thinking about hiring someone to repaint your bedroom or sitting room? Discard that idea and do it yourself with your family. This will be fun and most importantly, you will save a significant amount of money.


Fun Activities For A No Spend Weekend With Kids

Kids have interesting ways to determine what’s fun and what isn’t. But here is a cool list of fun activities for a no spend weekend with kids:


34. Teach Your Dog A New Trick

Kids love pets and are even more excited when they see the animals do something fascinating.

Gather your kids and allow them to teach the family dog how to do something really cool.


35. Tour Your Town

fun activities for a no spend weekend with kids

Except you were born in the town where you currently live, there are several interesting places you haven’t seen. Take the kids on a journey. Visit all the landmarks, historic sites and buildings you have never been to.


36. Go Through Old Pictures

As a kid, I did this all the time with my siblings. Looking at pictures of my parents getting married or pictures of myself as a toddler was intriguing. It made me wonder how time moves so fast. Your kids would certainly love to do this with you.


37. Make Amateur Artworks

This is one of the best no spend weekend activities for kids who want to be creative. Try to make your own art.

From creating a necklace with beads or drawing a picture of the family’s pet, kids could do anything artistic to pass the time.


38. Build A Snowman Or Sandcastle

Kids love to use their imaginations, especially when forming an image. Allow the kids in your care to create a sandcastle or snowman, depending on which season of the year it is.

You can take pictures of them while doing this. Photos are a great reminder of the fun stories we may forget.


39. Help Your Kids Learn A New Instrument

Most kids are interested in learning to play an instrument whether they are being taught in school or not. If your kids show interest in the keyboard, drums, flute, Saxophone, or Guitar, don’t fail to encourage them.

On weekends, you can hire a teacher or find simple videos on YouTube that explain how to play the instrument your kids are interested in.

This is one of the things to do on a no spend weekend when you have little ones around.


40. Visit Your Local Library

Not every kid loves to read. Some see it as a boring activity. But if you have a kid who’s an avid reader, ensure you follow up.

Check out the local library on weekends and flip through pages of some of the best books you can find there.


Final Thoughts On Free Things To Do On A No-Spend Weekend

Now that you know a bunch of fun things to do on a no spend weekend, there won’t be any reason for you to waste money unnecessarily when you want to have a good time either with friends or family.

The no-spend weekend ideas listed here are not only free but quite interesting. You may probably adopt some as habits after getting used to them, and that’s fine.

Many of these no-spend weekend activities listed above are healthy habits that can improve your mind and fitness.


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free things to do on a no spend weekend

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