15 Jobs For Losers That Pay Really Well

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best jobs for losers

Everyone believes losers are people who have completely failed to achieve anything significant in life. But contrary to this popular notion, losers aren’t hopeless people. They can still pick up the pieces of their lives and make create a meaningful story for themselves.

For example, being tagged a loser doesn’t mean you have to be jobless. There are many jobs for losers that can help you get a roof over your head, pay your bills, and save some money towards important goals.

My major aim in this post is to list and briefly talk about the common jobs for talentless losers. What this means is the jobs you will be learning about require little or zero skill set. You don’t need a lot of work experience. You don’t even have to be too “smart” to be qualified for these job opportunities.

Apparently, if you were unable to attend college or acquire on-demand skills, your situation is not miserable. There are so many employment opportunities that can give you a very good start.


Are There Really Jobs For Losers?

There are good jobs for losers. These jobs are not the regular 9-5 or white-collar jobs for a typical Family in the US. However, someone who lacks useful skills or doesn’t have a college degree can pick up one of these jobs to make a living.


What Are The Best Jobs For Losers?

The best jobs for losers are jobs that are not technical, strenuous, or too demanding. “Losers” would be more comfortable working a job that is fun or creative instead. Jobs like content creation, dog walking, and vlogging are perfect for losers.

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15 Jobs For Losers That Pay Really Well

If you are looking for low-stress jobs that would allow you to have plenty of free hours and relaxation time, then you basically need to check out some of the jobs for losers. To help you find your dream job as a loser, I’ve put together a list of 15 good jobs for people like yourself.


Best Jobs For Losers

The best jobs for losers are not hard to find. Here are some options you should consider while job-hunting:


1. Professional Apologizer

Have you ever heard of professional apologizers? These people get paid to tender an apology on someone’s behalf. As funny as it may seem, this is a real job that can make you a ton of money if you take it seriously. In most cases, you aren’t physically meeting the person you are apologizing to. Instead, the apology could be presented in a simple text or written letter.

When it comes to how much you can earn doing this job, it’s totally dependent on your agreement with your client. You can also examine the severity of the case. If it’s between a husband and wife, that could mean more money for you.


2. Chicken S#xer

This is one of the high paying jobs for losers, as you stand to earn up to $60,000 per year. Your main responsibility is to identify the s#x of baby chickens. This job is perfect for you if you’re an introvert looking for an easy-going career. Mind you, training would be provided at the initial stage of the job. You don’t need to possess any experience to be eligible.

Working as a chicken s#xer can also be fun. You will spend several hours playing with cute-looking chicks.


3. Food Critic

This is one of the loser jobs that pay well. Food critics earn as much as $88,000 per year. Mind you, I’m not certain that you would earn this amount as soon as you start the job. But if you remain consistent and grow your career, you can earn even more 88 grand annually.

Besides, this job doesn’t require a certificate or college degree. You don’t even need to know how to cook. Food critics are not chefs. Your main role is to taste foods and give your honest review. The more people trust your opinions on food, the more relevant you become and the more money you make.


4. Dog Walker

This is one of the jobs for losers you might want to take seriously, especially if you love dogs. Some dog owners are usually too busy to walk their dogs. You can do this in their stead and get paid for it.

Dog walkers can earn up to $10 per hour, which makes it a very good part-time job. If you work just 5 hours a day, you earn about $50 or more. You still have time to have fun doing other interesting activities.

On the other hand, if you want to take up another job, it would be possible. Dog walking is not a rigorous job that consumes too much of your time.

Want to get started with this job? Start here!


5. Luxury House Sitter

If you’re very lazy, I would recommend you keep an eye on this job. You can make up to $45 per day. Your job is very simple: house-sit for clients whenever they go on holiday.

Some families love having someone around the house when they are away. You could be asked to water the garden, look after the lawn, and perform any other simple domestic activity to keep the house in good condition.

Mind you, the best part of being a luxury house sitter is that you’re working for rich folks. You will have a fully-stocked fridge to yourself for every hour you spend in the apartment. Who doesn’t want that? I bet you do.

Want to get started with this job? Start here!


Creative Jobs For Losers

Being tagged a “loser” doesn’t mean you can’t explore your creative ability. Here are some amazing creative jobs for losers:


6. Content Creation

good jobs for losers

The popularity of social media has inspired a lot of people to build a profitable career in content creation. If you are funny, good-looking, or have some interesting ideas you want to regularly share, become a content creator. Choose a specific platform you would use to grow your audience. It could be Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or even Snapchat.

There are millions of content creators on these platforms already. You won’t be the first. Your content creation career becomes profitable when you begin to have a large audience.

For example, if you have up to 10,000 followers on Instagram, you can start making money through Brand influencing. Small brands will reach out to you to get promoted on your page. That’s how you make money from being a content creator.


7. Video Game Tester

loser jobs that pay well

One of the jobs for losers that is always fun to do is game testing. Thousands of mobile game apps are being developed. But before these video games are officially made accessible to the public, they have to be tested for quality. This is where video game testers come in.

They are paid to play certain games and provide honest reviews concerning the games’ performance. Imagine getting paid just to play games. This is certainly a fun way to make money when you’re a loser.

Want to get started with this job? Start here!


8. Painting

You may not become the next Pablo Picasso, but you could build a successful career as a painter. Painting is a fun and interesting job. You mainly have to rely on your creative imagination to paint beautiful pictures that people wouldn’t mind paying for.

Although there are professional ethics to consider while painting, you don’t need formal training to become a painter. You only have to be passionate about it. As you continue to fuel your passion by painting more pictures, you will naturally get better at the job.

With time, you can take some of your best works to exhibitions near you. You never know when you’d find an art collector who’s ready to invest thousands of dollars in your paintings.


9. Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the top jobs for losers who want to be spontaneously creative. Vlogging is all about documenting your day-to-day life experiences and publishing them on streaming platforms like YouTube. If you have interesting stories to share or you think the world should know about the things going on in your life, grab a camera and shoot.

If you want your content to be more entertaining, you could learn some basic editing skills from other creators on YouTube. You don’t have to buy a professional camera. You can begin with your smartphone.

Monetizing your vlogs is very easy through the YouTube Partner Program. Once you gain 1000 subscribers and hit 4000 watch hours, you can apply for monetization.


10. Tattoo Artistry

Tattoo artistry is one of the losers’ jobs that exhibits creativity. Besides, Tattoo artists can make a lot of money too, especially when start working with celebrities.

But unlike other jobs for losers, being a tattoo artist doesn’t come easy. You have to practically acquire the skill and become a pro. Hence, I would recommend you apply for an apprenticeship and learn from an expert within 6 months to 1 year, you can start making tattoos like a pro.


Fun Jobs For Losers

You can’t deny the fact that losers just want to have fun. However, it would be more sensible to have fun and still make money with the fun things you do. Here are some fun jobs for losers:


11. Hotel Tester

loser jobs

People spend thousands of dollars to stay in fancy hotels. But can you take a second and think of a situation where you get paid to enjoy the facilities of a luxury hotel?

You can make money legitimately by testing hotel rooms and inspecting furniture and appliances in the apartment. After your stay, you are expected to provide a detailed report about the quality of your experience in the hotel.

This fun job pays up to $120 per day. It’s one of the top jobs for losers that pay well.

Want to get started with this job? Start here!


12. Breath Odor Evaluator

If you don’t mind doing something a little weird with your good sense of smell, find a job as a breath odor evaluator. Manufacturers of chewing gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash hire freelancers to examine how effective their products are by smelling participants’ breaths. There is a category of people responsible for testing these products.

As a breath odor evaluator, it’s your job to perceive their breaths and let the manufacturers know if their products are effective or not. You can earn up to $64,000 per year doing this job.


13. Beer Taster

Drinking beer is fun, but getting paid to do it is even more exciting. Companies that manufacture brews can pay you to examine their drinks by tasting them. You will literally get paid to drink beer.

You don’t have to get drunk. You only need a taste to sample the drink. However, having this job means you could be given access to free bottles of beer. Most beer manufacturers would allow you to drink as much as you want, provided you don’t take the drinks outside the company’s property. You are expected to only consume it within the company.


14. Sleep Study Participant

Occasionally, experts in universities or laboratories need people to participate in a sleep study. They are called sleep study participants. Since this job pays you to literally sleep, there’s no better way to make money from having fun.

You might also want this job if you love being lazy. All you have to do is take a few tests and sleep in a lab. Sleep study participants earn up to $88,0000 per year. Some white-collar jobs won’t even pay that much.

Want to get started with this job? Start here!


15. Truck Driver

If you enjoy driving for long periods, truck driving may be the perfect fun job for you. Large companies in the retail industry have to regularly transport goods from one location to another. Sometimes it’s an inter-state journey. Truck drivers are usually needed to move goods around the country.

To be able to do this job efficiently, it’s advisable to have some experience driving large industrial trucks. Moving a 25-foot truck is not as easy as being behind the wheel of a Toyota Corolla.


Jobs For Losers That Pay Well: Recap

The jobs for losers discussed in this post are definitely out of the box. They are not your typical career choices. But since you are looking for something that is fun, creative, and requires no college degree, why not choose one of these occupations?

Contrary to popular belief, most of these jobs pay well. You can live a comfortable life in the US if you earn a minimum of $60,000 yearly, and some of the jobs I listed here apparently pay more than $60k per year.


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