28 Easy Creative Ways To Make Money Right Now

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 creative ways to make money on the side

The rising cost of living is one thing that reminds us that our salary may not be enough. As the price of goods and services gradually increases over time, our income level must also grow to match the ratio. This is why we have to often devise other creative ways to make money while we retain our main job.

At the time I completed my college education, I earned around $2,500 a month. That was not enough income for me to live the kind of life I desired. But fortunately, my finances skyrocketed when I explored other money-making opportunities as a creative person. Even though it took a while, my financial situation became pretty stable.

Be rest assured you’re not the only one journeying on this path. So many other people are also looking for creative ideas to make money and quit their boring jobs. I’ve compiled a long list of side hustles, online businesses, and skills that will help you make more money than your current income level. You should be excited about this. There are a lot of amazing ideas here for you to grab!

creative ways to make money


28 Easy Creative Ways To Make Money Right Now

Increasing your income is one of the best things you can ever do to improve your quality of life.

Are you in debt? Do you want to pay off your mortgage? Are you worried about paying off your kid’s college tuition? These are financial obligations you can’t avoid, and if you’re unable to cover the expenses, it messes with your mental health. However, when you find a creative way to create value and exchange it for cash, you can have enough money to reach your goals. You can turn your situation around for the best.

You are about to discover some of the best creative ways to make money right now.


Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Millions of people across the world now make a decent amount of money using different online platforms and tools. Here are some legit creative ways to make money online:


1. Sell Photos

You can make up to $500 every month from the royalties you get selling photos online. The amazing part of this side hustle is that you don’t need to splurge a ton of money on an expensive camera. Many of the smartphones manufactured today have a clear and bright camera you can use to capture professional-looking photos. The iPhone 13 Pro is a perfect example.

Now when it comes to finding the right sites to sell your pictures, there are numerous options. However, you can begin with sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Adobe Stock.


2. Print On Demand

Print-on-demand is one of the lucrative online business ideas that many individuals are jumping on right now. It’s an amazing way to make money because you don’t need to have any physical product. All you need is the creative mind to design beautiful printables like T-shirts, Hats, Socks, Mugs, Shorts, and other related items.

Once you have your unique designs, you can display them on an online store using platforms like Shopify or Etsy. If a client decides to buy any of your printable items, the platform will handle the printing and shipping. You don’t need to lift a finger. This is one of the profitable creative ways to make money from home.


3. Teach Online

With the increasing number of independent online tutors we have now, there’s no denying that online tutoring is a profitable venture.

A few years ago, I held a paid training on Zoom, where I taught some young people (in their 20s) how to write an ebook with their smartphones. Dozens of participants paid. The training only lasted for a week, and I remember smiling to the bank.

If there’s something you know how to do remarkably well, others can learn from you. Organize an online training today and start making money.


4. Create And Host Online Courses

If you are too nervous to hold live training and teach online, then here’s another option for you. Package your knowledge into an online course and sell.

Your online course could be recorded videos, audio and PowerPoint slides, or written PDF files. You can host your courses on sites like Udemy and Coursera. Students from any part of the world can purchase your courses, and you’ll get paid immediately.


5. Sell Your Art

Since we are talking about creative ways to make money, you might want to dig out the inner Picasso in you and paint your first art.

Some rich folks are obsessed with weirdly beautiful art. If you are in the right exhibition with many “hungry” art collectors, you could make tens of thousands selling a single piece.


6. Test Websites And Apps

Another creative way to make money online is by participating in site and app testing. This is a simple online gig that requires you to assess a site or mobile app to see how responsive or functional it is. You can complete each test within 10 minutes. But if it’s a much more detailed gig, you may spend up to 40 minutes working.

Depending on the agency you work with, each test can pay you between $5 and $50. If you want to get started with this idea, here are 21 companies that pay to test websites and apps.


7. Answer Online Surveys

If you don’t mind answering a bunch of questions with your smartphone, then you can start making quick cash by completing online surveys.

This is not difficult since there are no wrong answers. The research companies conducting these surveys just need your honest response.

You can make between $0.50 and $10 answering surveys.


Creative Ways To Make Money From Home

creative ways to make money passively

Gone are the days when you need to leave the comfort of your home in order to make a living. Let’s look at some creative ways to earn money from home:


8. Rent Unused Space

If you live in a flat and there’s a vacant room you don’t use at all, rent it out.

You can advertise it on Airbnb or other similar platforms for listing vacant apartments. This can help you save money on rent, utilities, and other basic things in the home.

But before you go ahead and rent your unused space, ensure your landlord is aware since some don’t allow it.


9. Sell Services

Selling services is one of the creative ways to make money at home.

Are you a voice-over artist? Do you know how to write video scripts? Are you good at graphic design? These are relevant services that many brands and small business owners need. Find them and pitch your services. Have a unique selling point. You could be making a lot of money on the side by doing this.


10. Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube Creation is one of the creative ventures that can make you money.

As of 2024, there are millions of active channels on YouTube, and many of them are monetized. You can start making hundreds of dollars or even a few thousand when your channel attracts enough views every month.

If you are too shy to appear on camera, don’t worry. You can run a faceless YouTube channel that has nothing to do with you or your face.

For example, there are YouTube channels that share motivational content, religious videos, or tech-related content. These niches don’t require you to stand before a camera.


11. Monetize A Blog

The main way to make money on YouTube is through Google Adsense. Now that’s the same way most bloggers make money too. When your blog has enough articles and attracts a significant number of visitors, you can get monetized and start earning every month.

Need a well-detailed guide on how to start a blog and make money? Check out these posts on how to start a blog in 10 easy steps, plus 10 legit ways to make money blogging.


12. Sell NFTs

How much do you know about Blockchain technology and the Crypto space? People have become millionaires by selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are digital assets you can create and sell to crypto enthusiasts on the internet even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

It’s one of the most profitable ways to make money online as a creative.


13. Work As A Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager is one of the easiest creative ways to make money.

Why is it easy? It’s easy because you don’t need any special skill set or high-tech tool to manage a social media page. Most times, what a social media manager does is create content, reply to comments, conduct hashtag research, and apply a bit of SEO. This is something you can figure out within a few weeks on the job.


14. Join Writing Contests

Are you an enthusiastic writer with a passion for creating engaging content? You can make thousands of dollars when you join writing contests and win.

For example, the Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans is a writing contest geared towards military content writers and storytellers. There are so many other writing contests you can participate in. It’s easily one of the creative ways to make money.


Creative Ways To Make Money On The Side

Sometimes you need an additional income stream to support your main job or business. Here are some of the best creative ways to make money on the side:


15. Flip Furniture

Some people are willing to buy old pieces of furniture that have been repaired and refurbished into new, beautiful, and useful items. This is where flipping furniture comes in.

You look for cheap or free old furniture. Find a creative way to repurpose it into a different item. This will require investing some amount of money in buying new materials and hiring a craftsman to give your furniture the perfect new look.

If you’re a good salesperson, you can flip an item of furniture for hundreds of dollars.


16. Work As A Fitness Instructor

The health and fitness industry in the US alone is worth billions of dollars, and it’s still a growing sector you can venture into now.

To become a fitness instructor, you need to get a few certifications. You may have to sit for some exams. But once you are certified, there’s nothing stopping you. You can start organizing gym classes and have people pay to sign up. It’s one of the creative ways to make money.


17. Become A Translator

Being fluent in more than one language means that you can earn money working as a translator. With millions of immigrants entering the United States, your translation services will be of value.

To get started, sign up on sites like Fiverr, Unbabel, and Translate.com. These are legit companies that can help you find paid gigs as a translator.


18. Become A Mystery Shopper

Another way to make money on the side is by working as a mystery shopper. This is a very important job because you are expected to examine the activities of a store and write a report at the end of the day.

Mystery shoppers are hired to check if certain stores are serving their customers right or not. This gig doesn’t have to replace your main job. Sites like Bestmark and IntelliShop can help you find your first mystery shopping gig.


19. Join Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a study where new dr#gs, treatments, or hypotheses are tested on volunteers.

In 2021, for example, almost 400,000 clinical trials were registered. Not everyone can participate in a clinical trial. Firstly, you must apply and then the medical examiners will determine if you are a qualified candidate for the study or not. But if you are chosen, you can be compensated with thousands of dollars after the study.

It’s one of the easy creative ways to make money without actually doing much work.


20. Babysitting

If you love little kids, you should be comfortable doing babysitting as a side hustle. You can either do this from home by having parents drop their kids with you for a few hours or a whole day. On the other hand, you can head to the parent’s house and look after the kids there.

Babysitting would often require you to be creative because kids love to have fun. You must find interesting ways to engage children while their parents are away.


21. Walk Dogs

Dog walking is one of the fun creative ways to make money daily.

When dog owners are too busy with other important activities, they need someone reliable to walk their pets. You can do this mostly on weekends and charge up to $12 per hour. But bear in mind that this gig is for people who love dogs. You can’t do this if you are going to be freaked out by a young husky.

Want to get started with dog walking? Check out these 12 ways to get paid to walk dogs.


Creative Ways To Make Money Passively

Passive income is money earned without putting in too much work or effort. It’s how most rich people make their money. Here are the top creative ways to make money passively:


22. Create A Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is a lucrative business model that entails finding hot-selling products on big marketplaces like AliExpress or Amazon, and then selling to customers within and outside the US.

To get started, you have to create an online store where your products will be displayed for prospects to see. You don’t need to physically have the products with you. When someone places an order, you can then get the product and sell it at your own price. This is one of the best creative ways to make passive income.


23. Publish Sponsored Posts On Instagram

If you go on Instagram, you’ll find so many brand influencers with a large following. These people get paid to publish sponsored posts on the platform. It’s an amazing way to make money passively.

However, you must invest a lot of time in creating content and growing the visibility of your Instagram theme page. Once you have at least 10,000 active followers, companies can approach you for paid promotions. The amount you charge for a post depends on how big your following is on the platform.


24. Create An App

There’s an app for almost anything right now. If you want to save money, there’s an app for it. If you want to exercise and stay fit, there’s an app for it. If you want to learn how to cook, there’s an app for it. What this means is that you can find a problem to solve by creating a mobile app for it.

Now how does this transform into a passive income stream? It’s simple. There are two ways to make money with your app. The first option is to make it a premium service: people have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use it. The second option is to monetize the app with ads.


25. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing has become one of the common passive income streams right now. The best thing about this venture is that anyone can do it. You don’t need a lot of experience in online marketing or sales. You just have to focus on finding the right product to promote.

Pick a product that millions of people around are interested in buying. This way, it will be easier to locate your target and sell to them. Don’t forget you earn a commission when you make any sale. To make more money, you just have to make more sales.


26. Sell Your Videos

Selling videos is one of the creative ways to make money passively. It’s similar to selling photos.

If you love capturing creative visuals, you can partner with sites that sell premium video content to YouTube creators, advertisers, and even content creators. Your videos will be licensed and you will get paid a specific amount when premium users use the visuals.

Before trying to sell your videos, you need to pick a niche. For example, your videos can be about nature, couples, kids, animals, etc. This presents you as a more professional and serious creator.


27. Buy And Flip Websites

Most website designers feel the only way to make money is by getting hired to develop new sites for new brands. But sometimes you don’t have to wait until a brand hires you. You can build a professional website and look for people ready to purchase a site for their business immediately. It could be an e-commerce website or a normal simple site that displays the services and objectives of an organization.


28. Write An Ebook

Amazon KDP is a very large platform that supports authors and allows them to earn money from their published books. You can write a low-content ebook and publish it using Amazon KDP. People can then check out your book and decide to buy it, especially if it’s addressing a major problem.

For example, writing a cookbook will make a lot of money. There are so many lousy cooks out there looking for who to teach them the right recipes. If your ebook solves this problem, it will sell. This is one of the creative ways to make money passively.


Final Thoughts On Creative Ways To Make Money

Finding extra ways to make money as a creative can really strengthen your finances. It means you don’t have to completely rely on your 9-to-5 job anymore. Over time, you might even earn enough money from your side hustles and then quit your job. By earning enough money every month, you can conveniently pursue your financial goals, save money consistently, and have peace of mind.


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